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eluZl/ly CrC t OAxL CrC cUAseX&CrXA* 

There is never a "good" time for 

an extraordinary person such as 

President Muhlenfeld to retire. 

Largely due to her leadership, 

however, the college is as strong as 

it has been in many years, with new 

or updated facilities, outstanding 

academic programs, nationally 

known faculty, highly effective, 

cohesive senior administrators, and 

sound finances. 

Dear Sweet Briar Alumnae and Friends, 

I know that you recently received a letter from President Elisabeth Muhlenfeld. announcing 
that she plans to retire at the end of the next academic year, in June 2009. Betsy made this 
announcement to the Board of Directors at our April meeting and discussed her decision with 
the Alumnae Board later that day. There is never a "good" time for an extraordinary person 
such as President Muhlenfeld to retire. Largely due to her leadership, however, the College is 
as strong as it has been in many years, with new or updated facilities, outstanding academic 
programs, nationally known faculty, highly effective, cohesive senior administrators, and 
sound finances. Her tireless efforts ensured our successful Sill million capital campaign, 
and her vision has led to the steadily increasing enrollment of vibrant, engaged students. As a 
result, the College is well positioned to meet the challenges of the future. 

The most immediate of those challenges is to find a worthy successor to President 
Muhlenfeld. This is the single most important responsibility of a Board of Directors; we 
pledge to you that we will do everything in our power to do so. The Board is currently in the 
process of appointing a search committee, and as soon as it is finalized, we will let you know 
by email. Its membership will consist of representatives from important constituencies of the 
College, including the Board faculty, students, and alumnae. 

During the search we will be eager to solicit your views on the qualities you would like to 
see in the tenth president of the College. We want you to feel that you are an important part of 
the process, and we welcome all of your nominations. Of course, we are seeking exceptional 
individuals whom you feel would be suitable replacements for President Muhlenfeld. Even 
at this early point in the search, we have developed an email address for your comments. Be 
assured that any thoughts you send, or any nominations you make, will remain confidential. I 
Please send your ideas to 

In keeping with our philosophy of transparency, we will be giving members of the Sweet 
Briar constituency periodic updates on our progress. We do ask, however, that you not inquire 
about specific candidates since the majority will need their candidacies to remain confidential. 

Our goal as a Board of Directors is to choose a president who will continue Sweet Briar's 
upward trajectory toward being one of the very top liberal arts colleges and the premier 
woman's college in the country. Fortunately, because of Betsy's brilliant contributions, that 
vision is now closer to becoming a reality. I look forward to working with many of you to 
choose a new president who will take us the rest of the way. 


1/Li^y. &tiu. 

G'mgefUpchurch Collier '72 

Chair, Sweet Briar College Board of Directors 


Focus on Research 

One of the objectives of the magazine is to 
present interesting, thought-provoking material. 
Publication of material does not indicate 
endorsement of the author's viewpoint by the 
magazine, the Alumnae Association, or Sweet 
Briar College. The Sweet Briar Alumnae 
Magazine reserves the right to edit and, when 
necessary, revise all material thai it accepts for 
publication. Contact us any time! 

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Honors Research • 4 The Dialogue between Teaching and Research, Bringing Students in on the 
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COVER: Athletics faculty and student athletes stand in the foundation area of the new Fitness and Athletics Center 
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Sweet Briar Coilege Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Sumer 2008 • 




A radish seedling. 

Kimberly Shrader '09 measures 
a radish seedling. 

Ever wonder whether that 
fancy fertilizer is really better 
for your garden? Or what 
varieties grow best in your 
soil? In Biology 107, students 
are using the scientific method 
to find out. Biology 107 is 
the laboratory for Plants and 
Human Affairs, a biology 
course for non-majors; students 
in the course are answering 
gardening questions by 
conducting experiments in 
the Sweet Briar Community 
Garden. By combining 
everyday questions with a 
rigorous scientific approach, 
the class obtains precise 
answers to their own gardening 
questions and practices science 
in a context that is relevant for 
non-science majors. 

This semester, students in 
the 15-person class are running 
experiments on lettuce, peas, 

Katie Segreto '1 1 and Sarah 
Strapp ' 1 transplanting peas. 

and radishes to find out what 
varieties grow the best in the 
garden, how soil composition 
and different kinds of compost 
affect plant growth, and the 
best material for trellising peas. 
Students planned experiments 
and started lettuce from seed in 

2 • Spring/Summei 2008 

late February and then set up 
experiments in the garden in 
mid-March. The experiments 
involve control plants that 
receive no special treatment 
as well as plants that receive 
a particular fertilizer or are 
growing in different garden 
locations. The students are 
collecting data on plant growth 
and success by measuring and 
counting leaves on lettuce and 
weighing radishes when they 
are harvested. The project will 
run until the last day of class, 
when students will make final 
presentations on their findings 
and eat salad made from the 
plants they've grown. 

Providing space for student 
research in the Sweet Briar 
Community Garden has been 
a natural complement to its 
mission. The garden was 
founded in 2002 to provide 
garden space for campus 
residents and increase the 
community's access to and 
awareness of local organic 
agriculture. Anyone associated 
with Sweet Briar is welcome 
to join, and every member 
gardens in a plot of their own 
and also helps to maintain 
community crops like 
asparagus and blackberries. 
The Community Garden uses 
organic gardening practices and 
has served as an environment 
for informal experiments in 
gardening. Its members use 
a diversity of approaches in 
their own plots and have tried 
organic pest control techniques 
and methods for growing 
vegetables throughout the 
winter. The garden also has a 
small community-supported 
agriculture program in which 
members harvest biweekly 

Sweet Briar College 

baskets of vegetables for 
subscribers and has served 
as a model for other local 
community gardens. 

Conducting formal 
experiments within the garden 
benefits both the students 
and the garden members. 
Biology students get access to 
the resources and gardening 
knowledge that the community 
garden members provide, and 
the gardeners in turn gain a 
better understanding of their 
garden. The results of this 
spring's student experiments 
will be of particular interest to 
the community gardeners, who 
are invited to the students' final 
presentations. For example, 
the garden gets composted 
paper mill waste for use as an 
organic fertilizer, and gardeners 
have debated its relative merits 
for years. This spring, the 
students are growing lettuce 
and radishes in soil amended 
with the paper mill compost, 
soil fertilized with worm 
castings, and soil amended 
with compost from the pile the 
garden maintains. The results 
from their experiment will give 
everyone a better understanding 
of how the paper mill compost 
stacks up against other sources 
of nutrients and may settle 
some long-running debates 
among gardeners. 

Students in future classes 
will continue to conduct 
experiments in the garden and 
provide practical information 
for the community. In addition, 
these experiments might pave 
the way for student research 
projects and collaborations with 
other gardening organizations 
beyond Sweet Briar's campus. 

Alumnae Magazine • 




A Good War is Hard to Find 


Despite the catchy title of Dave 
Griffith's most recent book, 
some reviews about A Good 
War is Hard to Find: The Art of 
Violence in America have made 
it sound like a dry, scholarly 
discourse. But that's not the 
case: "It was my conscious 
goal to write in a natural and 
engaging manner," said Dave, 
whose book has been selling 
consistently since its release 
in October 2006 — a sign that 
it has found appeal beyond 

Both The New York Times 
and The New Yorker were 
crucial sources of information 
for Dave when he began his 
research in 2005. "You can use 
them as guides when it comes 
to news because they pay the 
most attention to the Middle 
East and other countries," he 
explained. His interest was 
sparked with the release of the 
scandalous torture photos from 
Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. 
Dave was deeply disturbed by 
these images, and he decided to 
get to the bottom of how they 
made him feel and why. One 
of his first steps was to read as 
many news reports about the 
incident as possible, including 
international sources, for a 
well-rounded perspective. 

Apart from news stories and 
reports about state-sponsored 
torture, Dave read several 
books that came out shortly 
after the Abu Ghraib incident. 
Because of the Freedom of 
Information Act, he managed 
to gain insight from Donald 
Rumsfeld's memos from the 
Department of Defense. 

Despite all the research 
that informed the book, Dave 
described it as "a conversation 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

with myself." Choosing to 
write in the genre of the 
personal essay, he decided that 
it was important to trace his 
reaction to the Abu Ghraib 
pictures back to several teenage 
encounters with violent images. 
Consequently, part of the 
research was to go back and 
read books he'd read in high 
school, like John Hersey's 
Hiroshima, and watch movies 
he'd seen years ago, such as A 
Clockwork Orange and Pulp 

"We are more often 
consumers of art than 
producers," Dave explained. 
When he was younger, violence 

in films and literature did not 
seem problematic to him, but 
merely entertaining. While 
Dave's personal reaction to 
such images has become 
more critical, he agreed that 
entertainment is a big factor in 
the way media covers war. 

Besides drawing on personal 
experience, news stories, and 
official documents, Dave's 
book was also influenced by 
writer Flannery O'Connor 
and her view on violence in 
art and literature. Re-reading 
O'Connor's work helped 
him to create the intellectual 
framework for his book, and it 
also inspired the title. 

A Good War is Hard to Find 
took nine months to write, 
and about 10 percent of the 
research material made it into 
the book. This was a conscious 
decision, according to Dave, 
who claims that he was aiming 
for a personal tone that caused 
readers to reflect on how their 
own experiences have shaped 
their attitudes toward violence. 
To him, including more 
research would have shifted 
the focus too much toward the 

Besides teaching three 
creative writing classes at 
Sweet Briar this semester, Dave 
is engaged in a new project: 
"My next book is a series of 
personal essays concerning 
the divide between poverty 
and privilege," he said. "Much 
of the book draws on my 
experience growing up in, 
living in, and spending time in 
Midwestern cities that used to 
be thriving industrial centers 
and now are economically 
depressed," he added. 

Just three blocks away 

Summer 2008 

Eleven students have been 
awarded fellowships for 
the 2008 Honors Summer 
Research Program and will 
be spending their summer 
here on campus. These stu- 
dents will have the oppor- 
tunity to engage in focused 
research projects under the 
mentorship of a faculty advi- 
sor who will provide guid- 
ance in researching their 
particular discipline. The stu- 
dents' names and research 
projects are listed below. 

Carolanne Bonanno '09, studio art 
major, will research the photographic 
bromoil process, in which prints are 
made from 35mm film, hleached, and 
then inked. She hopes to experiment 
with the process and produce a portfolio 
of prints. 

Faculty sponsor: Paige Critcher, assistant 
professor of studio art 

Petra Dacheva '09, economics 
mojor, will investigate how implement- 
ing microfinance might defeat global 
poverty and empower women. She will 
also study the effect of microfinance on 
the Human Development Index and the 
new ways microfinonce may expand in 
the future. 

Faculty sponsor: Dr. Eugene Gofwalr, 
assistant professor of economics and 

Maxine Emerich '10, engineering 
major, will work with Dr. Pierce on build- 
ing a robot to develop Nano-technology 
films for Dr. Hank Yochum's research. 
Faculty sponsor: Dr. Scott Pierce, assis- 
tant professor of physics ond engineering 

from his apartment in South 
Bend, Indiana, four homeless 
men were murdered. "The 
proximity of the murders, 
along with many other strange 
occurrences, trials and 
tribulations, lead me to see 
this awful crime as somehow 
illustrative of a larger problem, 
one that I'm chasing after in 
this book," Dave explained. 

"Good writing 
takes hard work, 
and it takes 
a willingness 
to take 
risks and an 
that failure 
is part of the 



This time. Dave's research 
methods are slightly different; 
he plans to travel to some of the 
places that have undergone such 
economic transformations. In 
these cities Dave will be able 
to talk directly to residents. 
"For me, research can be many 
different things," he noted. "I 
really like to take an immersion 
approach when I write." 

Although English was not 
his favorite subject in high 
school, Dave said he always had 
a weak spot for humor writers 
and investigative journalism. 
But when his attempts to 
become a successful columnist 
for the college paper failed, 

4 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Dave enrolled in a creative 
writing class and found his 
vocation. "I had a great teacher 
in that class who was a writer 
himself, which made all the 
difference to me. He spoke 
about literature in a way that 
made it seem alive and vital," 
Dave recalled. 

Now a teacher himself, 
Dave wants his students to 
get involved in their academic 
experience. "I'm not a writer 
and a teacher because I think 
it's neat or fun — although it 
is those things — but because 
I think literacy and an 
appreciation for the arts is 
fundamental to leading a more 
examined, introspective, and 
productive life," he explained. 
"Good writing takes hard work, 
and it takes a willingness to 
take risks and an understanding 
that failure is part of the 

At 32, the writer and 
professor has not only found the 
perfect professions, he's also 
lucky enough to practice them 
in a great environment: "This is 
a writer's paradise," said Dave. 
"Sweet Briar is perfect for me 
and my family. It's quiet and 
beautiful and is very close to 
the VCCA, which makes for a 
vibrant arts community." 

Lucky for us, it comes as no 
surprise that Dave plans to stay 
at Sweet Briar: "In my opinion, 
this is the best gig out there," 
he said. 


The Dialogue 
between Teaching 
and Research. 


ne of the staple 
questions in 
an academic 
interview is: 
"How has 
your research 
influenced your teaching?" 
Planning to teach at a liberal 
arts college, this question was 
meaningful to me in ways 
that it was not for my friends 
who dreamed of a research 
job that included little to no 
teaching duties. It was a topic I 
considered regularly as I taught 
my first classes, and it remains 
a recurring question as I am 
constantly reminded of the value 
that teaching and research bring 
to one another. Being active 
in research not only keeps one 
up to date on current work in 
particular fields of study, it also 
reminds one of the enduring 
relevance of the fundamental 
questions regularly explored in 
the classroom. Additionally, it 
opens up possibilities to share 
parts of the research process 
with students and to demonstrate 
how the seemingly abstract 
concepts they read about apply 
to real life. 

My research in environmental 
sociology, for instance, has taken 

me in a number of interesting 
directions — both physically 
and intellectually. My curiosity 
about the processes by which 
social groups develop particular 
environmental sensibilities 
has thus far led me into two 
areas of study: ecovillages 
(ecologically-focused intentional 
communities) and environmental 
behavior. In one recent project I 
studied the ecovillage movement 
and conducted field research 
at a number of ecovillages 
in the eastern United States. 
Also, I am currently examining 
environmental behavior research 
methods and developing an 
alternative and novel approach. 
Finding ways to bring students 
into the research process in 
both of these projects has been 
exciting and rewarding. Two 
examples that come to mind 
include the courses Community 
(SOCI 220) and Environmental 
Sociology (SOCI 370). 

In Community we explore: 
the meaning of "community," 
its change over time, debates 
about whether or not community 
is disappearing in the United 
States, the phenomenon of 
intentional community, and 
the prospect of sustainable 

Testing water in the Pedlar River, Environmental Sociology students 
assess water quality and interview experts to learn about changes in 
the watershed over time. 





in on the Conversation 

communities. Being able to share 
my own data, findings, pictures, 
and experiences with the class 
has enriched our studies and 
has brought the subject matter 
to life for the students. One 
of the most important lessons 
they learned was that ecological 
sustainability is not the only- 
necessary condition for creating 
a community that is sustainable 
over the long term. As my 
research demonstrates, there are 
a number of social and cultural 
factors to consider. 

With that in mind, the 
students undertook an analysis 
of the Sweet Briar College 
Community using a measure 
called the "Community 
Sustainability Assessment," 
which looks at three main 
aspects of sustainability: 
ecological, social, and spiritual/ 
cultural. The class was divided 
into three groups, each of which 
focused on one of these areas. 
Their findings were derived 
from careful investigation and 
observation, interviews with 
relevant people in each area, and 
their inside knowledge of SBC. 
The final report compiled by the 
students addressed the College's 
strengths and weaknesses in 

Touring an ecovillage: as part 
of her field research Assistant 
Professor of Sociology Debbie 
Kasper visited a number of U.S. 
ecovillages during summer 2006. 

each area and concluded that 
Sweet Briar has "made a good 
start toward sustainability," but 
that specific measures could 
be taken to improve its overall 
status. I plan to refine the 
measurement tool based on what 
we learned in this pilot study 
and repeat the study in the next 
class. One of our goals will be 
to produce information that the 
College would find useful in 
certain planning and decision- 
making processes. 

Another project emerged as a 
result of my involvement in the 
DuPont funded PACE program 
(Promoting Academic and 
Community Engagement). My 
Environmental Sociology course 
partnered with the Pedlar River 
Institute (PRI). a local watershed 
preservation organization. The 
PRI's goal was to learn more 
about the Pedlar River watershed 
residents in order to more 
effectively provide information 
about watershed health and 
maintenance. Ultimately, they 
hope to influence decisions 
and behaviors that impact 
the Pedlar River watershed. 
Students worked together on 
the following tasks: formulating 
and administering surveys to 

Environmental Sociology students enter respondent data from the Pedlar 
River Watershed survey. 

watershed residents; entering 
and analyzing the response 
data; testing water and learning 
about the historical and present 
health status of the river; and 
ultimately providing the PRI 
with a report which includes 
our findings, conclusions from 
relevant environmental sociology 
research, and recommendations 
for future strategies. 

As my research agenda 
continues to develop, I am 
looking forward to involving 
students in additional ways, 
both in the classroom and as 
formal research assistants. 
The Ecofloor (a new housing 
option for students who want to 
learn more about ecologically 
conscious living) will, no 
doubt, stimulate a variety of 
questions about student life at 
SBC as well as provide a core 
group of students interested in 
undertaking such research. I feel 
fortunate to be at a college that 
not only encourages but supports 
this synthesis in important ways. 
Here's to better understanding 
our world! . . . and to the many 
ways that students can help. 

Lauro Honoid '10, chemistry major, 
will synthesize 3(2H)-furanones and 
study their photochemical properties. 
The idea is based on the recent discov- 
ery of inotilone, o chemical that hos 
been found to be a selective inhibitor 
of the enzymes, cyclooxygenase (COX) 
and xanthine oxidase (XO), which are 
responsible for inflommatory responses 
in rheumotoid arthritis ond gouty arthri- 
tis, respectively. 

Faculty sponsor: Dr. Abraham Yousef, 
ossistont professor of chemistry 

Katelyn James '11, engineering 
major, will work on a new method for 
increasing the performance and effi- 
ciency of turbo-machineries. The method 
involves the use of an electrostatic boost 
that is mediated by an electric field 
internal to the compressor system. 
Faculty sponsor: Dr. Dorsa Sanodgol, 
assistant professor of engineering 

Brittany Patterson '09, anthropol- 
ogy major, will research several of the 
pieces of African art that are intended 
for display in a 2008 African art exhibit 
in the Anne Gary Pannell Gallery. Her 
research will focus on the interpretation 
and representation of the religious and 
mythological significance behind the 
pieces that were created by the Dogon 
people of Mali. 

Faculty sponsor: Dr. Kimberly Dukes, vis- 
iting ossistont professor of anthropology 

Cynthia Roden '10, economics 
major, will use empirical data and eco- 
nomic theory to examine the economics 
of suicide. The project will need data 
from different countries or U.S. counties 
to determine variables that influence 
the suicide rate. Economic theory will 
be used to supplement the data and 
explain relationships. 
Faculty sponsor: Dr. Eugene Gotwalr, 
assistant professor of economics and 


SBC Professo 



Associate Professor of Biology 
John Morrissey at his tank full of 
catshark eggs in the Connie Guion 
Science Center. 

Tucked away in a corner of Sweet 
Briar College, 250 miles from the 
nearest ocean, now lives a colony 
of sharks. Not the toothy, scary, 
flesh-hungry stereotype of every 
vacationer's worst nightmare. 
Think smaller. Cuter, even. 

"She's smiling, she likes 
you," said John Morrissey, as he 
fished a 6-inch juvenile from a 
tank and held her up. A marine 
biologist and associate professor 
at the College, Morrissey hopes 
to unlock the mysteries of these 
little sharks, which arrived at the 
College in January. 

Scientists call them chain 
catsharks — so named for a 
pattern of chain-like designs on 
their bodies and cat-like slits for 
eyes. It was a relatively unknown 
species until recent years. That's 
when commercial fishermen 
began catching more of the 
species in their nets, possibly 
from probing deeper waters in 
search of a depleting supply of 
fish, Morrissey said. 

Catsharks live in 50-degree 
Atlantic waters from Nova Scotia 
to Nicaragua. In the colder north, 
they live in waters about 150 feet 
deep. Near the equator, they're 
found at depths of 1,200 feet 
or so. 

"Previously, they just lived 
too deep to be of any interest," 
Morrissey said. "Suddenly, 
they're being impacted by us. So 
should we do anything 
about that?" 

Morrissey began collecting the 
sharks about four years ago from 
fishermen who would bring them 
back to shore along with the rest 
of their catch. Now, he has a live 
colony of catsharks. along with 
another couple hundred that died 
in the nets and are being kept 
frozen until they can be dissected. 

For the next few months 
the live adults, which measure 
up to 2 feet long, will remain 
at Hofstra University on Long 
Island. New York, where 
Morrissey previously taught. But 
25 juveniles and another 21 eggs 
in varying stages of development 
made the journey to Sweet Briar 
January 13. 

The eggs occupy a tank while 
their older siblings curl around 
each other as they swim along 
the floor in two neighboring 

"This is the one that's 
going to be born any day 
now," Morrissey said, shining 
a flashlight into the tank to 
illuminate an egg with a baby 
wiggling inside. "That will be 
the first one hatched here at 
Sweet Briar." 

His research this semester 
will center on projects conducted 
by students Dawn Slekis and 
Sam Clark, both seniors in 

Clark plans to dissect the 
frozen specimens to research 
how large the sharks are when 
they reach maturity. 

Morrissey said, "So she's 
going to be dissecting about a 
hundred of these. Then we can 
tell the fisherman, if you get 
one of these, and it's smaller 
than this, throw it back.' 
That's the best way to keep 
a population going." 

Slekis will work with both 
Morrissey and environmental 
studies professor Dave Orvos to 
research whether catsharks have 
mercury or other heavy metals in 
their bodies. 

"Heavy metals are poisonous, 
so you don't want them 
accumulating in any species," she 
said. "We're just looking to see 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 



Raising Shark Colony 

what's going on. 1 have no idea 
what I'm going to find, so it will 
be very interesting." 

A significant amount of 
heavy metals present could 
indicate if the sharks are getting 
it from a food source or from the 
environment, she said. 

Orvos said the scientific 
community has conducted 
much research on how fish 
get mercury, and how that can 
be controlled. He hopes data 
collected from the catsharks can 
contribute to the larger study. 

Morrissey can then apply the 
research on catsharks to other, 
less-researched shark species. 

"They're sharks, and 
everything they do is probably 
similar to other sharks," he said. 
"So they are a great flagship for 
shark biology." 

Since most other shark species 
aren't as hardy as catsharks and 
are much larger, he said, they are 
more difficult to study. 

"Just taking this catshark 
out of the water, handling 
it. they don't care," he said, 
demonstrating how he holds and 
measures the sharks. Other shark 
species would likely die from 
the shock of being removed from 
water, he said. 

"These guys are great. 
They're really rugged." 

That's good for Morrissey, 
who wants to conduct research at 
each stage of the species' life. 

"Each semester, there will be 
someone new bringing something 
different." he said. "Come back 
in seven years — I'll have all 
kinds of answers." 

Article courtesy of The News and 

Biology of Marine Life 

Professor John Morissey, along with co-author Jim Sumich, recently 
published the ninth edition of the textbook, Introduction to the Biology 
of Marine Life. This textbook introduces undergraduate students to 
life in the sea. First, the ocean as a habitat is introduced with special 
emphasis on how different the sea is from more familiar, terrestrial 
habitats. Second, all life in the sea is summarized including seals, 
dolphins, and whales. Finally, this information is synthesized during a 
survey of the primary marine habitats, such as coral reefs, intertidal 
shorelines, the open ocean, the deep sea, and polar waters. The 
text concludes with a summary of our history of harvesting marine 
resources and the current plight of our over-exploited oceans. 

courtesy of Jones and Barllett Publishers 

Lara Slough '10, biology major, 
will study the histology of the deep-sea 

dwelling elasmobroch, Scyliorhinus teti- 
fet — or chain catshark — focusing on 
the digestive system. She will compare 
the shark's digestive system tissues to 
the results of the few studies published 
regarding the spiny dogfish. 
Faculty sponsor: Dr. John Morrissey, 
associate professor of biology 

Jessie Waitt '09, biology major, 
will compare ond analyze plocoid scales 
from different areas of o shark's body, 
to determine if predicted variation is 
present. She will examine scales from 
several Scylhohinus retifer of different 
ages (neonate through odult) and both 

Faculty sponsor: Dr. John Morrissey, 
associate professor of biology 

Laurel Watts '09, sociology major, 
will complete a sociological study of 
fundamentalist Christian conservatives 
and evangelicals as a subculture. 
Faculty sponsor: Dr. Debbie Kasper, 
assistant professor of sociology 

Elizabeth Zuckerman '09, theater 
and English and creative writing double 
major, intends to write and revise a 
novel about Ophelia, the heroine of 
Hamlet, told as an autobiography from 
childhood through the events of the 

Faculty sponsor: Professor Carrie Brown, 
Banister Writer in Residence 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


/EET BRIAR DAYS, set forth by 
the Alumnae Association in 1922, were 
traditionally held on December 28th. They 
are a special day for all members of the 
Sweet Briar family to gather and celebrate 
the relationships they have with one another 
and with the College. In recent years, 
clubs have been encouraged to hold their 
gatherings during the holiday season when . 
current students are at home and to invite 
prospective students and their families to 
join in the festivities. It is wonderful to see 
the magic when current and prospective 
students and their families have an 
opportunity to engage with area alumnae 
and with members of the College faculty 
and staff who travel to attend the events. 
This year, the Regional Committee of 
the Alumnae Board selected 'Athletics at 
Sweet Briar" as a focus for Sweet Briar 
Days. Members of the Sweet Briar College 
faculty and staff along with student athletes 
presented brief speeches and personal 
stories about Sweet Briar athletics at most 
events. Thirty-five events were held in all, 
up from 29 in 2006-07. Total attendance 
increased by over 300, topping 1,000 
attendees! While we appreciate the many 
notes of thanks we received, the kudos go 
to you, our wonderful volunteers who make 
it all happen. Sweet Briar Days were a 
great success because of you. The proof is 
in the pictures! Enjoy. 

We extend 
heartfelt thanks 
to the many 
individuals who 
planned, hosted, 
and assisted 
with the events. 

8 • Spring/Summer 2008 




L-R: Stephanie Belk Loter '98, prospective student mothers Susy 
Guilford and Nicki Fischer, prospective students Erika Fischer and Lizzie 
Guilford at the Raleigh, North Carolina, Sweet Briar Day gathering. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

L-R: Associate director of the Alumnae Association Melissa Coffey '98 with students Kathryn Bird 
'09 and Jasmine Jones '10 at the Baltimore luncheon. 

L-R: Marian Harrison '48, Ethel Burwell 
Dowling '82, Virginia Robinson Harris '59 at 
the Asheville afternoon tea. 

Alumnae, friends, and representatives of the College gather in the home of Diane Dale Reiling 
'73 at the Seattle, Washington, Sweet Briar Day. 

L-R: Victoria Rangel '04, Amanda Atkinson 
'00, and Noah Smith at the Beverley Hills, 
California, Sweet Briar Day gathering. 

The annual holiday luncheon in honor of Sweet Briar Days in San Francisco, California. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 9 

Sweet Briar Days 

December 2007-January 2008 

A special thanks to alumnae and friends who helped organize and host 
events in the following club regions. 

Region 1 

Boston, MA 

Lauren MacMannis Huyett '79 

Region 2 

New Jersey 

Gertrude "Gigi" Collins '84, 

Elizabeth Wyatt '69 

Baltimore/Annapolis. MD 
Ann Perkins Gonya '85 

Philadelphia, PA 

Cannie Crysler Shafer '78 

Region 3 

Roanoke/Lexington, VA 
Michelle Badger '06 

Charlottesville, VA 
Joan Broman Wright '56 

Hampton Roads, VA 
Sarah Kingsley Foley '99 

Hunt Country, VA 

Julie Hildebrand Nelson '96 

Richmond, VA 
Olevia Neary Carothers '03, 
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Tripp III 

Washington, D.C. 

Arney Walker '02, 

Ellen Clare Gillespie Dreyer '83 

Region 4 

Asheville, NC 
Gregor Lee '00 

Charlotte. NC 

Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith White 


Triangle. NC 

Catherine "Cady" Thomas '98 

Wilmington, NC 
Scarlett Swain '98 

Charleston, SC 
Amy Waite Riley '93 

Greenville, SC 

Melanie Chriscoe Peters '97 

Region 5 

Atlanta, GA 

Kelly Meredith Iacobelli '88, 

Elvira McMillan Tate '65 

Jacksonville, FL 

Rushton Haskell Callaghan '86 

Region 6 

Indianapolis, IN 

Jane Tatman Walker '60 

Nashville, TN 

Dayna Avery Hulme '86 

Knoxville, TN 
Meredith Tillery '99 

Cleveland, OH 
Kristy Judson '77 

Louisville/Lexington, KY 
Mason Bennett Rummel '83 

Region 7 

Minnesota State 
Catherine Flaherty '80 


Allison Roberts Greene '81 

Region 9 

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 
Ann Stuart McKie Kling '74, 
Cathy Rasmussen Packard '73 

Houston, TX 

Carol Cody Herder '72 

Region 10 


Diane Dale Reiling '73 


San Francisco 
Penn Fullerton '66 


Mary Beth Miller Orson '86 


Kate Rinehart Eskew '98 

Los Angeles (2 Events!) 

San Diego 

L-R: Assistant director of admissions Sheena Belcher Hubbard 'OS, Erin 
Rogers '08 and her mother, Sara Rogers, attended the Sweet Briar Day 
gathering in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Michelle Church '03 and Kathleen Wilson '06 at the Louisville cocktail 

L-R: Ann Perkins Gonya '85, Karen Roof Nickles '86, Katie Hearn '85 at 
the Baltimore Sweet Briar Day Luncheon. 

Sweet Briar Day in Chicago was held at The Union League Club. 

L-R: Sarah Elkins Ince '99, associate director of admissions; Anne Farrell 

'87; and Mary Kelley '70. 

10 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


Sweet Briar Day in Cleveland, Ohio, was held 
in a true winter wonderland at The Club at 

Alumnae of the Indianapolis, Indiana area celebrated Sweet Briar Day at Woodstock Country 

My wife, our daughter Stacey (Class of 
201 2!], and I wanted to thank you and the 
Sweet Briar Alumnae Association for inviting 
us to attend our first Philadelphia Sweet Briar 
Day on Saturday, January 1 2, at the Merion 
Cricket Club. We all had a wonderful time 
and it was an excellent opportunity for 
Stacey to meet a current freshman scholar 
and athlete, Isabella Formento, along with an 
incoming early decision freshman, Charlotte, 
and a current junior. I was most impressed 
with Isabella's talk on behalf of the planned 
athletic building expansion — very poised 
and clearly a young woman who loves 
her Sweet Briar choice and experience 
so far. Dean Green and your staff along 
with Grace Farnsworth conducted a very 
professional and informative meeting. My 
wife and I continue to be impressed with 
Sweet Briar. We are thrilled at our daughter's 
selection of Sweet Briar College to continue 
her academic and equestrian education. I 
thought you would appreciate the feedback 
from a true "third-party" perspective. 
Thanks again. 

— Thomas J. Kerr, Jr. 

On January 6, 2008, local Sweet Briar 
prospective and current students and 
parents, alumnae and representatives 
from the College gathered for lunch at the 
Riverside Golf and Country Club in Portland, 
Oregon. Although I am currently a junior, 
this was the first time that I had attended a 
Sweet Briar Day. My mom and I were both 
impressed with the hospitality of our host, 
Kate Rinebart Eskew '98. The event started 
with unstructured time to mingle. I enjoyed 
talking with other students from my home 
state that were interested in coming to Sweet 
Briar. Several of them had already decided 
to join Sweet Briar's Class of 201 2, while 
others were at the event to learn more about 
the College. As the event progressed, we 
were seated and served lunch while looking 
out at the rainy golf course and talking about 
our Sweet Briar experiences with neighbors. 
Representatives from the College gave a brief 
presentation about the new gym and dorm 
building projects and answered questions. 
I thought the day was a great chance to 
connect with the College community located 
in the Pacific Northwest. 

-Kate Beach '09 

Kate Beach '09 is 
a member of the 
Student Relations 
Committee (SRC) 
as a part of the 
publications team. 
The SRC promotes 
networking between 
alumnae and current 

The Amherst, Nelson, Lynchburg, Roanoke, 
Lexington Sweet Briar Day was absolutely 
wonderful! It was held Sunday, January 1 3, 
at Sweet Briar House, and we had a great 
turn-out. Many prospectives came to show 
their interest, as well as current students, 
alumnae, and parents. Meagan Bell '09 
gave a terrific speech about our new Fitness 
and Athletic Center to be built in the near 
future. She definitely pumped up the crowd 
and encouraged alumnae and parents to 
donate in order to help boost the start of our 
new project. I think this Sweet Briar Day was 
very successful in attracting prospectives, 
parents, alumnae, and current students to 
come together and get to know one another. 
I hope that everyone else who attended feels 
the same way I do! 

-Allison Garrison '10 

Allison Garrison '10 
is a member of the 
Student Relations 
publications team. 

Breaking Ground for the Fitness and 


Where the grass next to Sweet Briar's 77-year-old 
Daisy Williams Gymnasium stretches away into 
fields and trees, a crowd gathered on the evening 
of Friday, April 25. Pink hard hats handed out 
for the occasion bobbed against verdant green. 
Perched atop the heads of giddy Vixens and their 
supporters, the hats had exactly the desired color- 
coordinated effect. 

Sweet Briar athletes past and present, board 
members, faculty, staff and administrators were 
there to break ground on a long-awaited fitness 
and athletics facility. Many held green gardening 
trowels, which also were distributed so guests 
could participate in the ceremony when the time 
came to start digging. 

Actual construction on the 53,000-square- 
foot structure began in May, with an estimated 
completion date in August 2009. It will adjoin 
the existing gymnasium which, it was pointed 
out in one of several short speeches, is one of the 
oldest and smallest in the NCAA. 

In addition to providing athletes a modern 
facility that equals or surpasses those at peer 
institutions, the building will serve as a social 
and wellness center for the entire Sweet Briar 

"We are standing on what will become one 

of the hearts of the campus," President Elisabeth 
Muhlenfeld told the gathering, referring to plans 
for the facility to also include a restaurant, a 
venue for campus events and other amenities. 

Dr. Virginia Upchurch Collier '72, chair of 
the board of directors which gave the go ahead 
for the new construction last February, took a 
turn at the podium. To those who wear pink and 
green Vixen uniforms today, she noted that she 
had played freshman basketball in the Williams 

"And I thought it was outdated in 1968," she 

She said being able to move forward on 
the project — which has been talked about and 
planned for years — is an affirmation of the 
College's accomplishments over the past few 
years and shows commitment to everyone on 
campus. Collier, a medical doctor, noted the 
center will cultivate holistic wellness habits that 
last a lifetime. 

Collier's sister, Katherine Upchurch 
Takvorian '72, who heads the committee raising 
money to pay for the $10 million building, also 
spoke briefly. The fundraising is not over, she 

"So don't be surprised if I call you again." 

L-R: President of the Alumnae Association Jennifer Crossland '86, Athletics Director and Coach Kelly 
Morrison, Board Member Sally Old Kitchin '76, Secretary for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee/Facilities 
Committee Member for the FAC Jennifer Milby '08, President Elisabeth Muhlenfeld, Chair of the Board of 
Directors Ginger Upchurch Collier '72, Board of Trustees Emerita Kathy Upchurch Takvorian '72, Senior Class 
President and SGA President Kristin Barnes '08, VP for Finance and Administration Paul Davies, and Board of 
Trustees Emerita Bee Newman Thayer '61. 

Associate Professor of Physical 
Education and Head Hockey 
Coach Jennifer Crispen and Board 
of Directors Member Jane Eastin 
Hager '67. 


1 2 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine 

L-R: Board members, administrative 
staff, faculty, and students celebrated 
the new fitness and athletic center 

Athletics Center 

L-R: Alumnae Association Board members, Kathryn Taylor Paine '99, Nancy Mortensen Piper 
'74, Linda Mae Visocan Gabriel '87, Jennifer E. Crossland '86, English Griffith Koonrz '95, Louise 
Swiecki Zingoro '80, Diane Dalton '67, and Linda DeVogt '86. 


Board of Trustees Emerta Mildred "Bee" 
Newman Thayer '61 and niece Meredith 
Newman '09. 

"We are 
what wi I 
become one of 
the hearts of the 

President Elisabeth Muhlenfeld 

L-R: Chair of the Board Ginger Upchurch Collier '72, Board Member 
Sally Old Kitchin '76, Board of Trustees Emeriti Mildred "Bee" Newman 
Thayer '61 and Kathy Upchurch Takvorian '72 don their pink hardhats, 
ready to break ground for the new Fitness and Athletics Center. 

Gray clouds didn't dim the excite- 
ment shared by the crowd at the 
groundbreaking of the FAC. 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 1 3 


American Philological Association 
Recognizes Sweet Briar Classics Professor 
Eric Casey 


For the second time in as many years, 
Eric Casey, associate professor of classics 
at Sweet Briar, has been recognized for 
"Excellence in Teaching." 

The first time, the honor was bestowed 
by the Class of 2006. Voted on by the 
student body, the 'Excellence in Teaching" 
and "Excellence in Service" awards are 
presented each spring at Commencement. 

The most recent distinction was made 
by the American Philological Association 
(APA). On January 5, 2008, the APA 
presented Casey with its "Excellence in 
Teaching" award at its annual convention in 

The award is presented each year to 
one to three U.S. and/or Canadian college 
teachers. Winners receive a cash prize, an 
invitation to the group's annual meeting, and 
a plaque, appropriately inscribed in Latin. 

According to its Web site, the APA, 
"founded in 1869 by 'professors, friends, 
and patrons of linguistic science,' is now the 
principal learned society in North America 

Eric Casey, associate professor of classics. 

for the study of ancient Greek and Roman 
languages, literatures, and civilizations." 

Casey, who has taught at Sweet Briar 
for more than eight years, was nominated 
by Jonathan Green, dean of the College. 
In his letter of recommendation, Green 
wrote in part, "Eric has revitalized classics 
at the College. Enrollments in all of the 
department's classes have steadily grown 
since he arrived on campus, especially his 

Although Green wrote the initial letter 
to the APA, Mindy Wolfrom '05, a former 
student of Casey's, started the ball rolling. 
Last spring, Wolfrom, now a graduate 
student in Greek and Latin at Boston 
College, contacted Sweet Briar's dean's 
office, suggesting Casey be nominated for 
the award. 

"To me, it seemed pretty obvious that 
Eric would stand a really good chance of 
winning the award," she said. "He's such 
a well-known presence on campus and has 
really revived enthusiasm among students 
for classical studies." 

On a personal note. Wolfrom said Casey 
was influential in her decision to study 
classics at the graduate level. "I think I 
started asking him about grad school my 
second year [of] taking ancient Greek with 
him," she said. "He's spent countless hours 
offering advice about grad school and 
helping me with Greek grammar." 

Wolfrom said the "Greek hotline" — 
Casey's home phone number — still comes in 
handy. "I'm just happy he got the recognition 
he deserves," she said. "I've been at Boston 
College now almost three years, and I 
haven't met another Eric Casey yet!" 

After receiving the award, Casey said, 
"I feel very honored to have received this 
award, and I know it would never have 
happened without the wonderful students 
at Sweet Briar, both those who specifically 
wrote recommendations for me and all the 
students over the years who have contributed 
to making all our classes here a success." 


. J 




s M 

• . *j 






mi J 





"•* »*»^ 

ij&fry ' 

Shelby French, associate professor and Cronin 
Chair of the Riding Program, is named the 
USHJA 2007 Volunteer of the Year. 

Sweet Briar 
Riding Director 
Wins Coveted 


Sweet Briar director of riding Shelby 
French received a big surprise from the 
U.S. Hunter Jumper Association. She was 
named the USHJA's 2007 Volunteer of the 
Year at its Evening of Equestrians Dinner 
awards ceremony on December 1 3 at the 
Hilton Pointe Tapatio Cliffs Resort in 

According to an announcement in the 
December 19 issue of the association's 

14 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 



E-Updatc newsletter. "Of all the awards 
USHJA otters, it is the Volunteer of 
the Year Award that we deem the most 

Earlier this year. French displayed her 
dogged dedication both to Sweet Briar 
and the USHJA when the association 
launched a new membership category for 
competitors who ride in its local affiliates' 
medal classes. Needing a suitable name 
for the category, the USHJA held a naming 
contest, offering a full-page spread in its //; 
Stride magazine as first prize. 

French wanted that prize for Sweet 
Briar's riding program, but she also wanted 
the right name for the membership level 
she helped to develop. She flooded the 
field with entries and won with the name 

Her involvement with such grass- 
roots outreach efforts helped her earn 
the award. In addition to advancing the 
new membership level, she "made it her 
mission to develop the Affiliate Equitation 
Aw ards program and to see it implemented 
for 2008," according to the E-Update 

French, who serves on the USHJA board 
of directors, worked on these projects as 
co-chair of the Affiliates Council. She 
also chairs the Community Horse Show 

"Shelby is honestly the best committee 
chair I have worked with in all of my years 
in the industry," said Christine Kennedy, 
the USHJA' s competition and special 
project coordinator. "Of course, her passion 
for the sport speaks for itself, but it goes 
beyond that. She truly cares about and 
believes in the committees and projects she 
is working on." 

Sweet Briar Riding Instructor Jon Conyers. 

Sweet Briar Riding Coach Recognized for 
Achievements in Collegiate Riding 


During the Intercollegiate Horse Show 
Association (IHSA) Zone 4, Region 2 
finals at Sweet Briar College on Friday, 
February 29, riders and judges paused 
while SBC's IHSA head coach Jon Conyers 
was presented with the association's most 
distinguished honor. 

Before a sizable crowd, including 
Conyers' friends, family, and colleagues, he 
accepted the IHSA's Lifetime Achievement 
Award from last year's recipient, Hollins 
University riding director Nancy Peterson. 
Flanking Conyers during the ceremony 
in the Robin S. Cramer arena was Bob 
Cacchione, executive director and founder 
of the IHSA. 

The award is one of the most prestigious 
in collegiate riding. Past winners select 
each year's recipient. "Jon was chosen this 
year based on his lifetime of service and 
success in the IHSA," said Jim Arrigon. a 

previous winner and IHSA officer. 

Conyers, a coach and riding instructor 
at Sweet Briar since 2003, has been an 
active director and committee chairman 
for the IHSA board of directors for more 
than a decade. He has been an advocate 
of several affiliated programs, including 
the IHSA Alumni Association. Recently 
he has served as chair of the association's 
marketing committee, which promotes 
collegiate riding and the IHSA to the horse 

"For such a young man. Jon's influence 
has been amazingly far reaching because 
of the number of programs, coaches, 
and riders with whom he has had the 
opportunity to share his passion for 
horses, quality riding, and the IHSA," said 
Shelby French. Cronin Chair of the Riding 
Program at Sweet Briar. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 1 5 

A Personal and Professional Journey into Black Catholic History 


* <* 




¥ 1 

¥ 1 
¥ 1 


Tigs of Our Hearts, 
fitatioTis of Our Souls 


ip 9S 



by C«I(U A. Moore, MO., C Vjnnu While, d.wn., 

and P»ul M. M«hiH, s.m. 

Cecilia Moore '88 and her mother, Hazel Moore, in summer 2007. 

Dr. Cecilia Moore '88, professor 
of religion at the University of 
Dayton, has been researching 
the history of black Catholics in 
the United States for nearly two 
decades. "Black Catholics have 
been a part of the American 
story since the Spanish 
came over and started their 
explorations of the new world," 
says Cecilia. "It's only in the 
past 20 years that good attention 
has been paid [to them]." 

It was while working toward 
her doctorate at the University of 
Virginia that Cecilia picked up 
The History of Black Catholics 
in the U.S. by Father Cyprian 
Davis, and she hasn't stopped 
ferreting out new parts to the 
story since. "It's been a great 18 
years," she says. 

"Most African Americans are 
not Catholic," says Cecilia. "If 
you study Catholic history of the 
United States, the books don't 
recognize the black Catholic 
story. It's only now that, not just 
people like me, but people who 
are interested in other aspects of 
Catholic history, are getting into 
it [and] adding a new dimension 
of understanding to Catholic 
presence in the United States." 

In much of her research, 
Cecilia addresses the painful 
experiences that black Catholics 

16 • Spring/Summer 2008 

have faced. "Black Catholic 
slaves were brought over to help 
with the exploration of the new 
world," says Cecilia. "For a 
significant part of their history, 
they were not given the respect 
they deserved, even in the 
Catholic Church." She remarked 
that many would tell of racism 
within the Church and that she, 
as a historian, deals with this 

"In many ways," she went 
on to say, "a white and a black 
Catholic are not different at all. 
All see themselves as Catholic. 
When I think about what it 
means to be a black Catholic, it 
means to be a full Catholic, to 
know what the Church teaches, 
to know who you are as an 
African American with your 
history and your culture, and 
to say to your church that you 
believe that who you are as an 
African American is essential to 
your being Catholic." 

In a chapter that Cecilia 
wrote for U.S. Catholic 
Historian, (Vol. 24, No. 1), she 
concentrates specifically on the 
history of black Catholics in the 
town in which she was born and 
raised, not too far from Sweet 
Briar, in Danville, Virginia. 

Cecilia interviewed Sister Leona 
of the Society of Christ Our 
King from Danville, someone 
who Cecilia remembers from 
her childhood and admires for 
the impact she had on her life. 
Sister Leona and her Mother 
Superior took part in civil 
rights demonstrations, and their 
participation generated support 
from the bishop in their cause 
and raised awareness for civil 
rights in an area where African 
Americans were historically 
discriminated. "The Catholic 
sisters of Danville were 
instrumental. They stood up and 
people were astonished. They 
supported Martin Luther King, 
Jr. because they believed it was 
right. Sister Leona thinks that 
all kinds of Catholics felt proud 
[of the Danville sisters]," said 

Cecilia's interest in the black 
Catholic community stems from 
deep personal ties. The daughter 
of two Roman Catholic converts 
and one of six children, she 
has many memories and strong 
bonds that link her to the Church 
and to the American history of 
black Catholics. "One of my 
greatest memories growing 
up was going with my mother 


The caterpillar slows down, stops 
moving about, knowing it must make a 
change: Metamorphoses, 
out of the cocoon comes the 
butterfly: God's liberation of beauty, 
sit still so that God can make the 
change in you, then fly and share 
God's beauty. 

from. Songs of Our Hearts, Meditations of Our Souls 
courtesy of St. Anthony Messenger Press 

M V. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 




to Mass after dinner every 
week. My mother was a daily 
communicant. [Each day] from 
about grade two through grade 
five, I went with my mom to 
Mass. I remember losing being 
in the church, loving being with 
my mother. [Daily Mass] was 
a true spiritual anchor for her. 
My father had died when I was 
five ... most of the memories 
I have of my Dad . . . arc of 
[him] getting ready to usher at 
Mass on Sunday mornings." 
Even Cecilia's college decision 
involved her faith. When she 
went to a college fair and 
stopped at the Sweet Briar table. 
Cecilia remembers her mother's 
first question of admissions 
director Nancy Church. "Will 
Cecilia be able to go to Mass?" 

Perhaps it was Cecilia's own 
history coupled with the story 
of a long heritage of trials and 
renewals that inspired her to 
co-author Songs of Our Hearts, 
Meditations of Our Souls, a 
prayer book for black Catholics 
and for anyone seeking spiritual 
strength. Each section of the 
book uses an African American 
spiritual as a theme under 
which related prayers fall. / 
Know there's a God Somewhere 
is the spiritual for the first 
section, which is full of prayers 
for choirs, ministry workers, 
addicts, vocations, and other 
"need" prayers. 

Cecilia never thought she'd 
write a prayer book. "I'm 
trained in church history," she 
commented, "but 1 didn't want 
to pass up an opportunity to 
make a contribution to the black 
Catholic community." 

Cecilia has been working 
on a book about the conversion 
of African Americans to 
Catholicism in the 20 tn Century, 
a growing segment in the U.S. 
Church. In the meantime, she 
continues to teach and write 
articles for scholarly journals. 
— C. Murray, editor 

Courtney Amott 
Silverthom '03 

Courtney Amott Silverthorn, 
Class of 2003, received the 
2007 Joanna M. Nicolay 
Melanoma Foundation Research 
Award, established by Bob- 
Nicolay in 2003 in memory of 
his wife. Courtney's award- 
winning research focuses on 
the impact of a low-oxygen 
environment in the development 
and progressions of melanoma, 
and how that environment 
contributes to radiation therapy 
and chemotherapy failures. 
She is currently looking at 
DNA damage repair pathways 
as a potential preventative or 
therapeutic target. Courtney 
is in the doctoral program in 
pharmacology and molecular 
sciences at the Johns Hopkins 
School of Medicine, in the lab 
of Dr. Rhoda Alani. 

Evangeline Easterly Anne Sheffield 
Taylor '00 Hale '54 

Evangeline Easterly Taylor, 
Class of 2000, received the 
Double Helix Award for first 
place on her oncology research 
poster at Technician Poster 
Day, Johns Hopkins School of 
Medicine. She also received a 
second Double Helix Award 
for first place Peoples' Choice 

Evangeline is currently 
a senior research technician 
in Dr. Sara Sukumar's lab at 
the Johns Hopkins School of 
Medicine. Her research focuses 
on breast cancer, and this year, 
Evangeline is co-authoring two 
research papers. She currently 
writes the "At the Bench" 
section for the cancer, oncology 
research technician newsletter, 
The Promoter. 

The Georgia Trust for Historic 
Preservation presented 16 
preservation awards at its 
annual meeting in Columbus. 
Anne Sheffield Hale '54 
received the Chairman's Award, 
which is particularly special 
since it is not given each year. 
According to The Georgia 
Trust press release, "this award 
is reserved to be presented to 
individuals who the board feels 
are truly deserving of being 
recognized with top honors 
from The Georgia Trust for a 
lifetime of work and dedication 
to the field of historic 

Anne and her husband. 
Bradley Hale, were leadership 
donors to Our Campaign For 
Her World. She is a member 
of the Silver Rose Society and 
the Indiana Fletcher Williams 
Associates. Anne has served 
as the Atlanta alumnae club 
president and was on her 
reunion gifts committee in 
2004 for her 50th reunion. 

Sweet Brior College Alumnoe Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 1 7 


Nicki helps feed a puffin at the Alaska SeaLife 

Nicki Brandt '06, an aviculturist for the 
Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) in Seward, 
Alaska, has started her career at one of the 
top marine research facilities in the nation. 
Nicki says that it is rare to find a center that 
offers wildlife rehabilitation, education, 
conservation, and research under one roof. 
As an aviculturist, her main duties lie with 
the birds — feeding, cleaning, helping with 
the Center's breeding program, and most 
of all. with public education. Nicki takes 
Alaskan bird species to classrooms to educate 
young children about the birds and their 
environment. "My favorite moments," said 
Nicki, "are when I get to introduce the birds 
to little children and see their eyes light up." 

The Seward Association for Advancement 
of Marine Science opened the doors to the 
ASLC in 1998, founded as a non-profit 
marine research and rehabilitation facility. 
The vision of a cold-water research facility 
began in 1988, but the Exxon Valdez oil 
spill one year later spotlighted the dire need 
for increased North Pacific research and 
a permanent rehabilitation facility. Due to 
the limited research on the North Pacific 
environment and its species available at 
the time, the full impact of the oil spill 
was difficult to quantify. While Exxon's 
fine still stands as the largest fine ever 
issued for an environmental crime, if the 

Alaskan Adventures 

same spill happened today, they would be 
liable for much more due to our increased 
knowledge of the species and ecosystem of 
the North Pacific, Nicki explained. Today, 
the outcome might not be as disastrous 
to the marine wildlife due in part to the 
ASLC and the establishment of a strong 
rehabilitation network. Even now, many 
species are struggling to recover from the oil 
spill and additional contaminants combined 
with fisheries competition. New pressures, 
like global climate change, make recovery 
difficult for historically plentiful species. 
Though Nicki largely deals with birds, the 
Center looks at any species living in the 
North Pacific to the Arctic Ocean. "Some 
of our researchers head all the way over to 
Russia," Nicki said, "and down to Antarctica 
since some of the ecosystems -and problems 
are comparable." 

Aside from leading educational outreach 
programs, Nicki also gets the chance to 
help with wildlife research. "I help out with 
observations, taking fecal samples, and 
maintaining special diets for diet studies," 
she said. "Since we have captive animals, 
we are able to change their diets and see 
how the changes affect factors like fat 
storage. Eventually this can lead to valuable 
comparisons between the captive birds and 
the wild ones. I've learned a lot about not 
just gathering data, but also about how the 
methods of gathering it might affect the 
animals. For instance, taking blood samples 
can be very stressful on some animals, but 
animal training can help minimize that 
stress. Finding the best way to collect data is 
very important." 

A native of Yorktown, Virginia, Nicki 
didn't end up in Alaska by coincidence alone. 
"I interned at ASLC between my junior and 
senior year at Sweet Briar," said Nicki. "I 
tried to shove a foot in anywhere they'd let 
me. I volunteered in the bird department 

and the rehab department; I helped out with 
events. At Sweet Briar, I was enrolled in the 
B.S. program for Environmental Science, 
which is really interdisciplinary." Nicki went 
on to say that "the science world is no longer 
a place where you can study a single aspect. 
An understanding of how various sciences, 
and even economics and law, work together is 
essential. Research experiences my freshman 
and sophomore years were invaluable." As 
was her senior research project in Mexico. 

Nicki clarified what life in Alaska is really 
like: "I don't live in an igloo. It's not dark 
all the time. And believe it or not, it actually 
gets warm. Seward is a small town, but has 
wine tastings, intramural sports, auctions and 
events, and volunteer opportunities." And 
on the flip side, "It's exciting when you're 
walking to the post office and you have to 
change your route because a huge moose is 
blocking your way. Bears can get a little more 

To anyone interested in studying marine 
life, Nicki says to "get as much experience 
as you can, any way that you can! If there's 
not an ocean nearby, volunteer at a zoo or at 
an aquarium. You'll have to pay some dues 
before you get to do the cool stuff. You might 
have to take an unpaid internship and do a 
lot of scrubbing fishy, scaly buckets!" she 
commented. "My job is not a regular nine 
to five. You may have to go in at midnight 
to take care of a chick or an injured seal. If 
you're doing field research, you definitely 
don't have a stop time of five p.m. Experience 
is the most valuable in discerning whether 
you're passionate enough to accomplish this 
kind of work." 

One of the rewards about living in Alaska 
and working for the ASLC for Nicki is the 
knowledge that "there's still a lot of wild out 
there." — C. Murray, editor 

Capers is a baby sea otter in the reha- 
bilitation center. 

This is a juvenile rhino auklet, one of 
the bird species undergoing research 
at the center. 

A semi-palmated plover 
pauses in its Alaskan habitat. 


Pamela Weekes '83 Bakes Manhattan's Best Cookies 

"Ht came about by accident, 
tally," said Pamela Weekes '83 
»-owner of Levain Bakery, 
tome to delicious scones, 
breads, pizzas, brioches, and 
Manhattan's favorite cookies. 
TJter Sweet Briar, I thought I 
would go for my MBA. I took 
the GRE, but never went," said 
Pam. "I thought my parents 
were going to murder me when I 
started the bakery!" 

After working in NYC's 
fashion industry, Pam's vision 
of someday starting her own 
business fell into place. Good 
friend Connie McDonald, a 
graduate of the Institute of 
Culinary Education, worked 
as a chef for a NYC restaurant 
that closed its doors. The 
restaurant kitchen opened up a 
coveted, essential space for the 
two to begin a bakery of their 
own. They began by baking 
quality, wholesale bread for 
restaurants and exchanging 

goods for the space. At the 
same time, Pam still held her 
day job with designer Norma 
Kamali. When the time came to 
expand, Pam and Connie found 
a neighborhood spot for all of 
their new recipes. Their location 
in the Upper West Side is quite 
cozy and features an open 
kitchen; customers can watch 
the delightful goods being made 
start to finish. 

"We wanted to do something 
that gave back to the community 
and society," Pam said. "We 
needed a location on a great 
block; we're a neighborhood 
place. This is the first place a lot 
of kids are allowed to come to 
on their own. And what we don't 
sell at the end of the day, we 
donate to charity." 

The work is much harder 
than most imagine. "It's a lot of 
physical work," said Pam. "You 
don't have any product until 
you make it. One of the biggest 
challenges is to find and keep 
good people for a long period of 
time. Everyone always thinks 
they want to work in a bakery, 
but they don't realize that . . . it's 
a labor of love." 

Though Levain Bakery sells 
a variety of delicious baked 
goods, its chunky cookies have 
received the most press. They 

sell four kinds: dark chocolate 
chip, oatmeal raisin, chocolate 
chip walnut, and dark chocolate 
peanut butter chip. Recently, 
Pam and Connie were guests 
on the popular Food Network 
show, Throwdown with iron 
chef Bobby Flay. "That was the 
fifth or sixth time we've done 
something for Food Network, 
but that was the first time it was 
all about us!" said Pam. This 
time, Pam and Connie thought 
that they were going to be part 
of a show called "Creative 
Classics." While giving what 
they thought was a charity 
baking show at a bicycling 
shop, Bobby Flay and his team 
walked in and the spontaneous 
competition began. "What you 
saw was not edited!" said Pam. 
In the end, Bobby Flay's thin, 
buttery chocolate chip cookies 
didn't hold a candle to Levain's 
six-ounce, chocolate-chip 
mountain-size cookies. 

Most of Pam's training as 
a baker came from her family. 
"I've always loved to bake," 
she said. "My mom was a great 
cook; she was ahead of her time! 
We ate very well, and I always 
really loved it, I had a natural 
affinity for baking and a very 
large sweet tooth." 

Pam's experience at Sweet 

Briar made her believe that 
women can do anything they 
want to do. "It's wonderful 
that it's still all women; [this] 
gives you a chance to focus 
on your learning experience." 
Sweet Briar gave her the self- 
confidence she needed to start 
her own business. 

"Don't be afraid to try 
anything," advised Pam. "Follow 
your dreams. Even if you're 
doing something you love, there 
are days when it's still just work. 
Nothing is ever perfect. Find a 
way to make it fun and learn 
from your experience." 
— C. Murray, editor 
Find out more about Levain Bakery at 

Levain Bakery Oatmeal Raisin Scones 

courtesy of Levain Bakery 


3 cups all-purpose flour, 
plus more for the counter 

2 Vi cups rolled oots 

3 A cup white sugar 

2 tablespoons baking powder 

1 teaspoon kosher salt 

1 2 ounces sweet butter 
— cold and diced small 

I cup golden raisins 

1 Vi cups half-and-half 

The four famous indulgent cook 
ies, top to bottom: Oatmeal 
Raisin, Dark Chocolate Chip, 
Chocolate Chip Walnut, Dark 
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip. 

Preheot the oven to 350 degrees F. 

Combine everything except the half-and-half until just combined. Do not 
over mix. Mixture will not be creamed, just mixed together. 

Quickly pour in 1 'A cups of the holf-ond-half while mixing quickly. If the 
dough appears ot oil dry odd the remaining Va cup of half-and-half until 
just combined. Again, do not over mix. 

Turn the dough out onto o very well floured surface. If the dough is very 
sticky, flour the top of the dough also. Pat the mixture into o layer 3 /< to 
1 inch thick. Using o 2-inch diameter round cutter, cut out the scones, 
dipping the cutter into flour each time between cuts. Place each scone, 
os cut, onto o parchment paper covered sheet pon leaving 2 to 3 inches 
between each scone. This should make 1 2 round scones. (You can also 
form dough into rectangular shape and cut with o knife into 1 2 square or 
triangle scones.) 

Bake for obout 18 minutes or until golden brown on both the top and 
bottom of scones. 


Anita Poleski 

Dinah H. Watson 

Debra Stinnett 

Stephen Edwards 

Dawn Gatewood 

Anita Poleski 


Anita Poleski moved from the Development 
Office to the Office of the Dean, where she 
is now an administrative assistant. 

Anita came to the department in 
November of 2000 as a direct mail specialist 
and has occupied several chairs in her 
time there including that of the major 
and planned gifts secretary, development 
secretary, and most recently executive 
secretary to the vice president. She has 
been an extraordinary and accomplished 
colleague in every one of those positions. 
Her positive attitude, boundless energy, 
and commitment to getting the work done 
are unmatched. We wish her the best as 
she pursues new adventures in the Dean's 

Debra Stinnett 


Debra Stinnett is the new part-time secretary 
to vice president for communications and 
strategic initiatives Linda Shank. 

She lives in Amherst with her husband, 
Chris, and their six daughters, ages 13 
months to 14 years. Prior to coming to 
Sweet Briar, she was a stay-at-home mom. 

Stinnett grew up in Lynchburg, but went 
to high school in Keller, Texas, near Fort 
Worth. She is a certified emergency medical 
technician, volunteers with Relay For Life 
and enjoys shopping. 

Dinah H. Watson 


I am pleased to announce the appointment 
of Dinah Ft. Watson to the position of 
Stewardship Coordinator. Dinah graduated 
Summa Cum Laude from Lynchburg 
College in 2007 with a B.A. in European 
History and a minor in Business 

She received the Mary C. Scudder Award 
for best senior thesis in the Humanities and 
Social Sciences Departments at Lynchburg 
College, and she was recognized for her 
excellent presentation skills at the 2007 
Phi Alpha Theta Virginia Conference. Her 
extensive business and event planning 
experience, outstanding communication 
skills, and professionalism make her a 
wonderful addition to the Donor Relations 
and Development Operations team and to 
the Office of Development. Dinah's first 
day will be Thursday, May 1, 2008. Please 
join me in congratulating Dinah on her new 
position and welcoming her to Sweet Briar. 

Stephen Edwards 


Stephen Edwards was recently hired as 
director of auxiliary services. He reports to 
Paul Davies, vice president of finance and 
administration, and oversees the managers 
of the Book Shop, Florence Elston Inn & 
Conference Center, dining services and 

He brings more than 20 years of 
experience in public and private higher 

education settings involving high- 
level catering events, special programs, 
conference planning, contract administration 
and strategic planning. 

He is a member of the National 
Association of College and University Food 
Services, where he has held offices on the 
regional and national level. In July 2007, 
he was named NACUFS 201 1 National 
Conference chair. 

Edwards has a bachelor's degree in 
business economics from Wofford College. 
He and his family relocated to the area from 
Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Dawn Gatewood 


Dawn Gatewood is the new executive 
secretary to development vice president 
Heidi McCrory. She is a former employee 
of Sweet Briar, having worked as an annual 
fund secretary from 2002-2004. 

Before coming back to the College, 
Dawn operated her own business, The 
Personal Assistant. She provided services — 
shopping, bill paying, office help, etc. — to 
small businesses and individuals, mostly in 
the Charlottesville area. 

Dawn lives in western Amherst County 
with her husband, John, and two dogs. She 
also has three grandchildren. When she's 
not working, she enjoys volunteer work, 
gardening, reading and renovating her house. 

20 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Rebecca Massie Lane 

Director of museums and art galleries and 
director of the arts management program 

The College wishes all the best to director of museums and art 
galleries and director of the arts management program Rebecca 
Massie Lane who will be leaving at the end of this academic year. 
Rebecca will become the new director of the Washington County 
Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown, Maryland. 

Rebecca has given 1 8 years of service to Sweet Briar as a 
professor and manager of the galleries. She leaves a remarkable 
legacy of engaged alumnae, an invigorated Friends of Art 
organization, numerous inventive exhibitions, informative and 
beautiful exhibition catalogues, and a host of innovative programs 
for local school children as well as our neighboring adult population. 

The College is very grateful for her dedication and enthusiasm 
for the arts that she has brought to this campus. 

Whistle Key Ring S15.00 

■ (lop] European Style Pen .. $25.00 
Magnifying Glass $25.75 I I (bottom) Slim line Pen.. .522. 95 

For nearly 100 years the Fletcher Oak stood watch over the College and when it crashed to the ground 
in August 2005 we grieved. To honor this important link between the College founders and those 

who grew to love the great tree, we commissioned artisan Pamela Rucker to make these handcrafted 
keepsakes. A Certificate of Authenticity will be included with each Fletcher Oak item purchased. 

To order go to and click the "Fletcher Oak Collection" link. 

The Book Shop 

at Sweet Briar College • 1.800.381 .6106 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 21 


- JnlS 2007-G.ossePo*,; U«'^^, 7 .;J totefl ,homo^ 
a Tristan HweH • *f*"' ^ Rollenhagen Is* f ta , emoSon ol. We 4 W 


Meg Caulk '90 and Karl Stephens September 
15, 2007* St. Michaels, Maryland. 
Photo © Fotobriceno 

Colleen Karaffa '06 and Brandon Murray 

26, 2007 • St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church • Stounton, 

Photo ©Joy AAarinelli 

Stephanie A. Scherer '06 and William R. McCallister I 

September 2, 2007 • Stoneridge Inn • Lexington, Virginia. 

Christine Vazquez '07 and Sean Kearney 

lune 16, 2007 • United States Naval Academy Chapel < 
Annapolis, Maryland. 

Pholo © Vivian Smith, Sapphire Studios 

Casey Knapp '05 and John-Michael Fleming • May 1 9, 2007 • House Mountain Inn • Lexington, Virginia • Bridesmaids, 
l-R: Liz Eager Marvel '05, Mary Godwin, Kristin Palbicke '06, Erin Gibbs '05, Mandy Fleming, Katie Lucas, and Lauren Sherman. 

22 • Spring/Summer 2008 


Tobitha Dixon '06 and Andrew Ward • March 

10, 2007 • Sweet Biim Memorial Chapel, Sweet Briar, 


Photo by Sara Emsi 

Christine Pamela Bump '00 and Elias Papasavvas • March 8, 2008 • St. Sophia's Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Washington D.C. • L-R: 
Dr. Jonathan Green, dean of the College; Lucy Brooks Thomas '00, Kim Hatden Fella '00, Virginia Smith Gilbert '00, Christine Bump Papasavvas '01 
Lindsay Perkins '00, Devon Voscomellos Bijansky '99, Evangeline fosterft/Toylor '00. 

Hilary Cooper '05 and Matthew Cook • August 25, 2007 • Deryshire 
Baptist Church Chapel • Richmond, Virginia • SBC alumnae attending: Ashley 
Forehand '05, Kimberly Gibson '05, Lori Giguere. 
Photo ©John and Kimberly Sanderson 

Erica Thomson '92 and her father, David Thomson, just before 
her wedding ceremony. Erica married Nathaniel Lynch on St. Potrick's 

Day of 2007. 

Photo by Leo Lam 

Imogen Slade '96 married Chip Rex 
(VMI '95) on December 1, 2007. • Photo © 

Sonshine Pictures 

Michelle Clark '06 and Thomas Bowe • 

November 17, 2007 • Sand Key Park • Clearwater, 

Virginia Uchello and Daniel Lyon ' 

April 26, 2008 • Alexandria, Virginia. 

Holly Trent '97 and Jason James 
June 2, 2007 • The Boat House • Sweet Briar, 

Photo © Pamela Goodwin Harvey 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 23 

from v\eds {^jLa/a/ sbc student litereary magazine 

Walking to Books in the Cold The Violinist 


At the corner of evening I walk 

To the edge of the concrete and stand just 

Where the sky touches the grass. 

They stand in a row, trees like phoenix, 

Bursting into flames just before the moment of death. 

They have a quiet sort of indifference, 

Shooting saffron and cinnamon into the blue November sky. 

I mention this and you tell me I am a visual person, 

As if this was an affliction, something I should be taking 

Sticky sweet syrup to cure. 

I devour beauty as if it had a flavor, 

Sampling each image, leaving nothing on the table. 

I am on a constant binge. 

My hunger is insatiable. On the days when I am pretty 

I sit for hours, indulging my vanity. 

I examine myself from every angle. 

My skin is stretched taut over bones 

And my cheeks are red. I am a phoenix. 

I am a tree just before the moment of death 

And these apples on my face will fall any day now. 

When the beauty is gone I think my appetite will cease. 


The violinist, 
he squints 
his eyes, 
his arm, 
and places 
his chin 
on the rest, 
the hair 
of the bow 
at the string 
of his instrument 

men sit in bars and drink lager with shots of silence 
the oil from their fingers spells names on the counter- 
tops and birds stop the flap of their wings mid flight 
and landlandland on the electric wires lining quieted 
streets lit by a humming glow from lamps that flicker 
and fade like clouds after sunset and mothers are 
upset and screaming names of children with eyes 
that dilate after lighting a second blunt that is passed 
around oh reciprocity oh cat sitting in the win- 
dow and yawning at the moon after a day outside 
among impatiens and violets that die without diag- 
nosis among sidewalks where men play chess and 
spit exaggerations until dinner is ready is it spaghetti 
or dogs on the grill yes chopped up onions and 
mustard dripping onto the chin and all the wives ask 
how the day has been as if time was something that 
happened behind their back like children and blunts 
parched impatiens and violets mustard stains on col- 
lars fights between men dim streets of violence way- 
ward bullets vomiting cats that smell like dead birds 
that perch on power lines and singsingsing louder 
than men in bars drinking lager with shots of silence 
because they are just waiting for... 

the violinist, 
he plays. 

24 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Megan by Melissa Hardison '08 

' rS 

fol Mi-- 

^^^H 111 

1 - • 

■ f 

^H ^| 

11 1 


^^K -«fllHIHH 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Night Hunting 

by John Casteen, Sweet Briar instructor of English 

Because we wanted things the way they were 
in our minds' black eyes we waited. The beaver 
raising ripples in a vee behind his head 
the thing we wanted. A weed is what might grow 
where you don't want it; a dahlia could be a weed, 
or love, or other notions. The heart can't choose 
to find itself enchanted; the hand can't choose 
to change the shape of water. How strange, to hope 
to see the signs of motion, to make an end 
to Peter's old refrain: He 'II be along, son of a bitch, 
and then you best be ready. So sure, and so sure 
that when he shines the light the thing will show 
along the other shore. What next? Well, 
you've killed animals before. Invited here 
for company in the cold night, and because 
ever handy with rifles. What next is wait 
and see, what next may be the lone report, the ever- 
widening circles, blood-blossom, the spirit rising slow 
like oily smoke above still waters. We wanted 
a pond to look like a pond: standing poplars, 
shallows unsullied, fish and frogs and salamanders. 
The gleaming back of fur and fat may not belong, 
or may: God of varmints, God of will, forgive us 
our trespasses. We know precisely what we do. 

Copyrighl € John Casteen 

First printed in Ploughshares. 

the literary journal at Emerson College 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 25 





A Soul on Trial. Robin R. 
Cutler '66, Rowan & 
Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 

Marine Lieutenant 
James N. Sutton died on 
the grounds of the Naval 
Academy on October 13, 1907, and the 
Marine Corps would never be the same. A 
Soul on Trial is the true story of an Oregon 
mother's crusade to save her son's soul 
from the stigma of suicide. Her spiritual 
battle soon became a political one. Part 
murder mystery, part ghost story, and part 
courtroom drama, the book follows the 
stories of Rosa Sutton, her daughter Rose, 
and three Marine Corps lieutenants whose 
futures were at stake as a second naval 
investigation unfolded in 1909. Splashed 
across the front pages of newspapers nation- 
wide, the Sutton case intrigued members of 
Congress, high-ranking military officials, 
renowned attorneys, the Cardinal of the 
American Catholic Church, and America's 
foremost psychical researcher. Touching 
on lives great and small, A Soul on Trial is 
a rich portrait of Progressive Era America 
and of the lives of young officers whose 
private battles were often as difficult as their 
professional ones. 

courtesy of Rowan & Littlefield Publishers 


Good Girls and Wicked 
Witches, Dr. Amy M. Davis 
'94, Indiana University Press 
2007. In Good Girls and 
Wicked Witches, Amy M. 
Davis re-examines the notion 
that Disney heroines are 
rewarded for passivity. Davis proceeds from 
the assumption that, in their representations 
of femininity, Disney films both reflected 
and helped shape the attitudes of the wider 
society, both at the time of their first release 
and subsequently. Analyzing the 
construction of (mainly human) female 
characters in the animated films of the Walt 

26 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Disney Studio between 1937 and 2001, she 
attempts to establish the extent to which 
these characterizations were shaped by 
wider popular stereotypes. Davis argues that 
it is within the most constructed of all 
moving images of the female form — the 
heroine of the animated film — that the most 
telling aspects of Woman as the subject of 
Hollywood iconography and cultural ideas 
of American womanhood are to be found. 

courtesy of Indiana University Press, www.iupress.indiana. 

Grape Man of Texas: Thomas 
Volney Munson and the 
Origins of American 
Viticulture. Sherrie S. 
McLeroy '74 and Dr. Roy E. 
Renfro, Wine Appreciation 
Guild, San Francisco 2008. 
The first edition was named "Best Wine 
History Book in the World for 2004" by 
Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 
Madrid, Spain, and is currently in 
competition in that same category for "Best 
of the Best" category winners from the past 
12 years. 

E On the Altar of Greece, 
Donna J. Gelagotis Lee '78, 
Gival Press, LLC 2006. 
Donna Lee's book is the 
winner of the Seventh 
Annual Gival Press Poetry 
Award. The collection received a 2007 Eric 
Hoffer Book Award: Notable for Art 
Category and was nominated for the Los 
Angeles Times Book Prize for Poetry and 
other awards. Donna lived in Athens, 
Greece, for many years. 

The book received advance praise from 
President Emeritus of the Poetry Society of 
America and author of Cornucopia: New 
and Selected Poems Molly Peacock: 

"The poetry of Donna J. Gelagotis Lee 
combines the sharp resourcefulness of the 
observer with the powers of the visionary. 
Her poems travel both in time and in 
memory to Greek villages and to Athens, 
bringing with them the spiky sensibility of 

Sweet B 

a contemporary American woman. Never 
surrendering her complicated view of this 
complex world, she writes with vigor and 
a rapt, focused insight into the culture that 
spreads itself before her. Memory is a full- 
blooded character in her poetry, conjuring 
up each situation with a body-quickening 
pulse. . . ." 

courtesy of Gival Press, LLC, 


Passport to Abundance, 
Allison Midler Chambers 
'81, Dahlquist Printing & 
Graphics 2006. Passport to 
Abundance is intended to 
inspire, challenge, motivate 
and affirm the reader in a 
lifelong journey of generosity. The book is a 
collection of quotes that reflect the simple, 
yet miraculous truths of giving and 
receiving. The abundance (health, love, 
happiness, wealth) that we receive is far 
more than that which we gave and shared! 
When we apply these principles of giving 
and sharing freely, unconditionally and with 
a cheerful heart, the giving returns to us in 
blessings and prosperity — multiplied! 

Lynchburg 100: An 
Illustrated Guide to 
Lynchburg Landmarks 
S. Allen Chambers, Jr. 
& Nancy B. Marion '74, 
instructor of studio art. 
Lynchburg 100 is a 
beautifully rendered little 
guidebook. With text by S. Allen Chambers 
and photographs by Nancy Blachvell 
Marion you can follow Lynchburg history 
from the Langley Fountain to the Quaker 
Meeting House. In between you have 
directions to drive or walk through the pages 
of this City's history. The landmarks chosen 
are all described with dates and names, 
and the reason for their significance. The 
photographs are so vivid and clear, many 
look to have been shot on the most beautiful 
sunny Virginia day. The sepia toned chapter 
dividers offer additional history along with 
some interesting old photos that help to link 

rior College Alumnae Magazine • 

one section of town to another. The front and 
back covers open to reveal comprehensive 
maps giving the location of all 100 
landmarks. Excellent maps are becoming a 
trademark of Blackvvell Press. 

There are guidebooks that do just that, 
guide you around a place. But the text in the 
Lynchburg 100 elevates the reader to another 
level. It is really a mini history of Lynchburg 
and its architecture. 

Lynchburg 100 is the perfect book for 
both residents and visitors. 

courtesy of Blackwell Press, 

Cool Road Trips in Central 
Florida, Kim Cool '62, 
Historic Venice Press 2007. 
Long-time travel writer and 
award-winning journalist 
Kim Cool did the road work, 
clocking thousands of miles 
on Central Florida's highways and byways. 
She rode the rails and soared up. up, and 
away, walked the beaches and visited the 
state's largest collection of alligators. Fully 
indexed and illustrated. Cool Road Trips in 
Central Florida includes lists of sport and 
live entertainment venues in each of five 
sections of Central Florida. Directions from 
the interstates, phone numbers and Web sites 
are included, making the book a useful tool 
for residents and visitors. 

Like Trees Walking: In the 
Second Half of Life, Reverend 
Jane Sigloh '56, Rowman & 
Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 
2007. Many of us are fast 
approaching the "golden 
years" of retirement, 
wondering with fear — and hope — what the 
future holds for us. And you won't find a 
better companion for the journey of aging 
than Jane Sigloh. She's witty, perceptive, 
and wise. A retired Episcopal priest, she is 
possessed of both reverent awe and 
irreverent honesty about the facts and 
fantasies of growing old. She interweaves 
the insights of Scripture, poetry, fiction, and 

philosophy into her memories and 
reflections on the challenges and 
opportunities that maturity brings. Dip into 
any of these chapters and find a refreshing 
perspective, a humorous anecdote, or an 
intimate confession that will ring true to 
your own experience. 

courtesy of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 

Faculty Publications 

Andrea Palladio: Villa 
Comoro in Piombino Dese, 
professor of mathematical 
sciences at Sweet Briar 
College Steve R. Wassell and 
Branko Mitrovi, editors, 
Acanthus Press 2007. This 
book presents a full measured survey of one 
of Andrea Palladio's most influential works, 
accompanied by essays which discuss the 
design of the villa, the size of the piede 
(foot) used in creating the villa, and the 
elements of the villa such as doors and 
staircases. The survey is presented through 
14 gatefold drawings, approx. 16.5 * 23.4 
inches each, comprising a complete set of 
plans, elevations, sections, and window 
schedules (scale 1:100). The plans and 
window schedules are thoroughly 
dimensioned, and the elevations and sections 
include 5-meter grid lines and window 
labels for cross reference. 

courtesy of Acanthus Press 

An Invitation to 
Biomathematics, Academic 
Press 2007. Authors: Raina 
Robeva. associate professor 
of mathematical sciences; 
James Kirkwood. professor 
of mathematical sciences; 
Robin Davies, professor of biology; Leon 
Farhy, Boris Kovatchev. Michael Johnson. 

Essential for all biology and 
biomathematics courses, this textbook 
provides students with a fresh perspective 
of quantitative techniques in biology in 
a field where virtually any advance in 


■ . ■ 

f. " 

the life sciences requires a sophisticated 
mathematical approach. An Invitation to 
Biomathematics, expertly written by a team 
of experienced educators, offers students a 
solid understanding of solving biological 
problems with mathematical applications. 
This text succeeds in enabling students 
to truly experience advancements made 
in biology through mathematical models 
by containing computer-based, hands-on 
laboratory projects with emphasis on model 
development, model validation, and model 
refinement. The supplementary work. 
Laboratory Manual of Biomathematics is 
available separately. 

courtesy of Academic Press 

A Conductor s Guide to 

Choral-Orchestral Works, 
Dr. Jonathan D. Green, 
dean of Sweet Briar 
College, Scarecrow Press, 
Inc. 2008. A Conductor's 
Guide to Nineteenth-Centwy Choral- 
Orchestral Works, the fifth in the ongoing 
series of books, addresses works of the 
Romantic era, from composers such as 
Beach, Beethoven, Brahms. Dvorak. Faure. 
Mendelssohn, Puccini, Rossini, Saint-Saens, 
Schubert, Scriabin, and Verdi. Jonathan D. 
Green has amassed a varied collection of 
significant choral-orchestral works, arranged 
by composer. 

Each section begins with a brief 
biographical sketch, including a selected 
bibliography, then lists the composer's 
works. Green presents important details 
of each work, including the approximate 
duration, text sources, the voices and 
instruments required for the performance, 
editions currently available, and locations of 
manuscript materials. Green also provides 
notes and comments on performance issues, 
and he evaluates the solo roles and the level 
of difficulty of each piece. The sections 
conclude with a selective discography and 
bibliography. The information is vital for 
aiding conductors in choosing repertoire 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


Spring/Summer 2008 • 27 

appropriate to their needs and the abilities of 
their ensembles and can help scholars with 
further research. 

courtesy of Scarecrow Press, Inc. www.scarecrowpress. 

Generations and 
Globalization: Youth, Age, 
and Family in the New World 
Economy, Deborah Durham, 
associate professor of 
anthropology and Jennifer 
Cole, editors, Indiana 
University Press 2006. Globalization is not 
only a large-scale phenomenon: it is also 
inextricably bound up with intimate aspects 
of personhood, care, and the daily decisions 
through which we make our lives. Looking 
at sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, Mexico, 
the United States, Europe, India, and China, 
Generations and Globalization investigates 
the impact of globalization in the context of 
families, age groups, and intergenerational 
relations. The contributors offer an 
innovative approach that focuses on the 
changing dynamics between generations, 
rather than treating changes in childhood, 
youth, or old age as discrete categories. 
They argue that new economies and global 
flows do not just transform contemporary 
family life, but are in important ways shaped 
and constituted by it. 

courtesy of Indiana University Press, 


Buying and Selling the 
Istrian Goat: Istrian 
Regionalism, Croatian 
Nationalism and EU 
Enlargement, John 
Ashbrook, assistant professor 
of history. Presses 
Interuniversitaires Europeennes-Peter Lang, 
2008. The majority of scholarly works on 
the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the 
establishment of its successor states focus 
almost exclusively on the national question. 
There is no major study of the subnational 
regional dimension, which had significant 
effects on the politics and political structures 

of these newly independent states. This book 
addresses this deficit by examining the 
struggle of Istrian regionalists in the Istrian 
Democratic Assembly (IDS) against the 
nearly hegemonic nationalists of the 
Croatian ruling party, the Croatian 
Democratic Alliance (HDZ). 

courtesy of PI. E. -Peter Lang 


w#l k 

The Rope Walk, Carrie 
Brown, Banister Writer in 
Residence, Pantheon 2007. 
The Rope Walk brings us the 
dazzling story of a pivotal 
summer in the life of Alice, a 
redheaded tomboy and 
motherless girl who is beloved and protected 
by her five older brothers and her widower 
father, a professor of Shakespeare. On 
Memorial Day, at her tenth birthday party in 
the garden of her Vermont village home, 
Alice meets two people unlike any she's 
known before. Theo is a mixed-race New 
York City kid visiting his white grandparents 
for the summer. Kenneth is a cosmopolitan 
artist with AIDS who has come home to 
convalesce with his middle-aged sister. Alice 
and Theo form an instant bond and, almost 
as quickly, find themselves drawn into the 
orbit of the magisterial Kenneth. When the 
children begin a daily routine of reading 
aloud to the artist, who is losing his 
eyesight, they discover the journals of Lewis 
and Clark and decide to embark on their 
own wilderness adventure: they plan and 
secretly build a "rope walk" through the 
woods for Kenneth and in the process learn 
the first of many hard truths about the way 
adults see the world, no matter that they are 
often wrong. 

The great gift of The Rope Walk is its 
exquisitely poised writing. Alice's narrative 
is a profound experience of innocence, of 
perception balanced between childhood 
and adulthood. The flying spark of new 
friendship, the first intimation of adult 
love, the consolation of devotion, which 
allow Alice and Theo to shed light in the 
midst of darkness and to find joy in mutual 

understanding: these glistening threads are 
drawn together in a timeless story-profound, 
seductive, wise, and moving, from first to 

courtesy of Random House Publishers, 

Gothic Returns in Collins, 
Dickins, Zola, and 
Hitchcock, associate 
professor of English, Eleanor 
Salotto, Ph.D., Palgrave 
MacMillan 2006. Taking a 
new approach to the study of 
the gothic in Victorian fiction, the 
development of the cinema, and Alfred 
Hitchcock's Vertigo, Salotto explores the 
contained or repressed desires of characters 
and plots that defy direct representation. 
Gothic Returns is "a timely and tonic 
account," writes John Bown of the 
University of York, "of the weird mutations 
of gothic matter and form in 1 9 -century 
fiction and modern film." 

courtesy of Palgrave MacMillan, www.palgravemac- 

To have your recently 

published books included 

in our files, please send 

details and a review copy 



Boxwood Alumnae House, 

P.O. Box E, 

Sweet Briar, VA 24595 

28 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


IPn)w@redl s>y 

Talented senior staff serves lunch in Prothro. 

Sweet Briar is 


Ellie Donahue '08, Meghan Kaminski '09, 
Sarah Goldstein '09, and Murphy Home '09 
send thank you emails to young alumnae 
who had given to the Annual Fund before the 
beginning of the Community Campaign. 

During the week of February 18-22, 
the campus was aflutter with posters on 
wire stands. These brightly colored flyers 
touted Annual Fund statistics, offered 
philanthropy quotes, and shared the benefits 
and rewards of giving where your passion 
lies. Working hard behind the scenes on all 
things Philanthropy Week were a number 
of students led by Aimee Savage '10 and 
Mariah Hoelz ' 1 1 and assisted by Megan 
Behrle '09, Melissa Carron '10, and Britt 
Schneider '10. 

This was the beginning of the first SBC 
Community Campaign: Philanthropy Week. 
The campaign was created by the Annual 
Fund to educate the campus family about 
the joy and vital importance of giving. The 
College relies on gifts to help offset 40 
percent of the cost of education for each 
student, and the Annual Fund is a large 
component of that support system. 

The third week of February marks the 
critical transition point in the year when 
tuition dollars are exhausted and gifts to 
the College take over to power the campus 
community. Completing a whole academic 
year would not be possible without the 
generous support from alumnae, families, 
students, faculty, and staff. 

Philanthropy Week included a number of 
special events providing thought-provoking 
entertainment for all. Candy and a poem 
kicked off the week as each student was 
invited to attend the diverse events. Faculty, 
staff, and students were encouraged to 
participate throughout the week and to show 
their support of the College with a gift to the 
Annual Fund. 

On Monday, a current of enthusiasm 
flowed through campus as students attended 
a career panel event. Panelists included an 
active group of alumnae and community 
members who volunteered to answer 
questions and share insight about their love 
of working and volunteering in non-profit 
and philanthropy-based organizations. 

Tuesday and Wednesday kept the vibe as 
students sent email thank-you messages to 

recently graduated alumnae who had given 
to the Annual Fund. The students enjoyed 
the opportunity to thank these outstanding 
members of the young alumnae community 
who help support their Sweet Briar 

On Wednesday night students, faculty, 
and staff came to the Tyson Auditorium, 
which had been turned into a movie theater 
complete with candy, brownies, and a 
popcorn machine. Everyone enjoyed seeing 
Pay ft Forward and students continued to 
write thank-you notes to those who had 
given, this time to the Fitness and Athletics 
Center or Tusculum. 

The voltage spiked on Thursday night 
with another fun event. The Vixen Den was 
the site for Community Karaoke, and was it 
a sight! Faculty, staff, and students crooned 
and lampooned popular tunes and enjoyed a 
few hours of singing together. 

By Philanthropy Week's end the SBC 
Community was fully charged and events 
culminated with members of senior staff 
putting their time and talents to work by 
serving lunch in Prothro. Students were 
delighted to see President Muhlenfeld 
and Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80 posted 
at the sandwich station and Linda Shank 
and Cheryl Steele cleaning and restocking 
Prothro. Heidi McCrory and Ken Huus 
flipped burgers and Dean Green and Paul 
Davies made specialty quesadillas. 

Many students mentioned that you 
wouldn't find this at most other colleges, 
and the close relationship with faculty and 
staff is why they chose to attend Sweet 
Briar. They see how it takes all members 
of the community to make our College a 

Philanthropy Week is a great new 
tradition in keeping with the history of the 
College since Sweet Briar began as a gift to 
all community members. Today we invite 
all community members, both local and far 
away, to stay "plugged in" and be rewarded 
by the joy of giving. 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


Spring/Summer 2008 • 29 

MINI Xse/lA/(^L/L/CrtsL/$y 

Members of the Class of 1964 met for a Mini Reunion. Pictured from 
L-R: Nancy, Lynn, Harriet, Ann, Susan, Jane, Mimi in October 2007. 

Caption: Living Room Learning participants, front row, L-R: Camille Williams Yow '55, Lys 
Burdette Paulhus '01, Ann Pegram Howington '59. 

Middle row, L-R: Anne Corbitt Little '34, Mary Elizabeth Barge Schroeder '39, Sue Lawton Mobley 
'55, Mia Hecht Owens '45, Anne Sheffield Hale '54, Newell Bryan Tozzer '55. 

Back row, L-R: Leila Burnett Felker '45, Sally Beanie Sinkler '59, Lamar Ellis Oglesby '54, Ann 
Crowe// Lemmon '60, Nina Wilkerson Bugg '60, and Weesie Mandeville Grant '56. 

Continuing a tradition that Anne Sheffield Hale '54 began 38 years ago. the Sweet Briar 
Alumnae Club of Atlanta once again sponsored Living Room Learning during January and 
February of 2008. Fifty participants met in the living rooms of Anne Hale and Ann Pegram 
Howington '59. Participants include friends of Sweet Briar and alumnae. The course, which 
focused on southern women writers, was led by Dr. Thomas McHaney, a retired professor of 
southern literature at Georgia State University and friend of Sweet Briar President Elisabeth 
Muhlenfeld. Though Living Room Learning is not a fundraiser, the Atlanta club donated 
$2,500 last year from profits to the Atlanta scholarship fund for Sweet Briar students. 

At a mini-reunion of sorts, Judy Wilson Grant 
'66 and Newell bought a reserve champion 
hog at the National Western Stock Show 
Auction of Junior Livestock Champions on 
January 25, 2008. They were accompanied 
by three young alumnae living in the Denver, 
Colorado, area. A portion of all auction pro- 
ceeds was donated to support the Western 
Scholarship Trust. L-R, back row: Scott Mitchell, 
Margaret Grant Mitchell, Melissa Massey '06, 
Blythe Lloyd '07, Newell Grant, and Judy 
Wilson Grant '66. Front row: Cameron Aaron 
and Kerri Faust '06. 

30 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine 



What You've Wondered about Classical 
Architecture but Were Afraid to Ask 

The Tusculum Institute of Sweet Briar 
College and the Virginia Department of 
Historic Resources will jointly present an 
introductory course on classical architecture 
in the Tyson Auditorium of Benedict Hall 
on Saturday, November 15, 2008. In 
four extensively illustrated lectures, Colder 
Loth, senior architectural historian for the 
Virginia Department of Historic Resources, 
will discuss the essence of the classical 
language of architecture and show how 
it has enriched our cultural landscape. 
Learn how to "read" our visually rich 
surroundings just like a book. The course 
is intended for those who know little 
about architecture but love buildings and 
want to learn the special meaning of their 
many details, and is open to Sweet Briar 
College alumnae, students, and faculty, as 
well as to interested members of the public. 

For registration information, contact 
Bob Carter: bob.carter@dhr.virginia. 
gov; 434-381-6321. 

Dear Alumnae Authors: 

The Helen Cochran Library keeps a 
collection of alumnae publications. Each 

tear during Reunion Weekend, the reuning 
lasses' books from the collection are on 
display for all attendees. If you'd like to be 
a part of this collection, your books may 
be donated directly to: The Helen Cochran 

Iibrary, c/o Joyce Kramar, P.O. Box 1200, 
meet Briar, VA 24595. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 31 

Friends of Art 

Meet in New York City 


Every November, The Friends of Art (FOA) 
Board combines their fall meeting with an 
art-buying trip to New York City. We scour 
the galleries and the International Federated 
Print Dealers Association (IFPDA) New 
York Print Fair for works of art to add to 
Sweet Briar's collection. FOA provides the 
only funding for Gallery art purchases, 
which are important educational resources 
for students, faculty, and the greater 

We were welcomed with a social and 
educational evening at the loft apartment 
of Magda Salvesen '65, celebrating the 
relationship between The Virginia Center for 
the Creative Arts ( VCCA) and Sweet Briar. 
The evening's feature exhibit. Public Art 
Works, sponsored by the New York Transit 
Authority, showcased the artwork of two 
prominent artists and VCCA fellows, Andra 
Samelson and Danny Haueben, whose work 
has been inspired by Sweet Briar's campus. 

The next morning, the FOA board voted 
to purchase a large scale photograph by 
Moroccan-born artist Lalla Essaydi (born 
1956), Les Femmes du Maroc #17, 2005. 
Essaydi 's art historical influences are 
Delacroix and other nineteenth-century 
Orientalizing painters, mostly of French 
descent. Our collection has a painting by 
Delacroix from the women of Algiers series; 
the Essaydi photography will be a serve as 
an excellent complement to it for student 
and faculty study. We also discussed the 
accreditation process for the Sweet Briar 
Collection and the Anne Gary Pannell Art 
Gallery. Such accreditation will attract 
important exhibitions to SBC and ensure 
continuing care of the College's collection. 
Allyson Napier '08 reported on the activities 
of the junior FOA. At present, students 
are raising money to return the dormitory 
parlors to a more pleasant state. 

From start to finish, the fall meeting 
in New York was productive, educational 
and inspiring. It yielded wonderful fruits in 

The SBC Friends of Art Board in NYC. 

friendships renewed or begun and offered 
us the chance to meet artists and view many 
works of art. It also gave us much needed 
time to purchase a new thought-provoking 
photograph for our students and faculty to 
use in their studies. 

L-R: FOA board members 
Jane Knox and Nancy 
Blackwell Marion '74, 
student FOA board member 
Sarah Strapp '10, galleries 
director Rebecca Massie 
Lane, and FOA president 
Mary Jane Schroder Oliver 
Hubbard '62 in NYC. 

32 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Special Thanks 

The Admissions Office would like to thank the following Alumnae 
Admission Representatives for taking the time to represent Sweet Briar at 
one or more college fairs in their local area and for those who contacted 
prospective students during the 2007-2008 academic year: 

Mary Ann Albright '83 

Joelle Andrews '06 

Michelle Badger '06 

Chantel Bartlett '98 

Kristen Bergquist '06 

Kimberly Bolz-Andolshek '99 

Elizabeth Rogers Boyd '84 

Sarah Betz Bucciero '97 

Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

Victoria Campo Byrd '91 

Cara Cherry '06 

Erin Coleman '04 

Gertrude Collins '84 

Shannon Callison Cotsoradis '95 

Carolyn Eney '03 

Beth Farnsworth '05 

V.M. Del Greco Galgano '64 

Courtney Yerdon Gleason '03 

Patsy Roby Gotfredson '84 

Meghan Gregory '02 

Mary Healy '96 

Pamela McDonnell Hindsley '76 

Jessica Hiveley '97 

Karen Hott '91 

Sara Hoverson '06 

Kelly Meredith Iacobelli '88 

Salley OWKitchin '76 

Ann Stuart McKie Kling '74 

Nancy Kleinhans '06 

Amy Campbell Lamphere '80 

Dick Leslie ( Board of Directors) 

Elizabeth Lindsey '86 

Gillian Long '03 

Diana Marshall '04 

Dawn Martin '01 

Gwen McKinney '03 

Carson Freemon Meinen '80 
Julie Hildebrand Nelson '96 
Natasha Nickodem '01 
Elizabeth Conner Pace '86 
Amanda Palmore '05 
Emma Kate Payne '03 
Kathryn Taylor Paine '99 
Darelle Pfeiffer '98 
Nancy Mortensen Piper '74 
Ann Faircloth Porter '86 
Michelle Poore '04 
Serena Putegnat '98 
Tara Putegnat '00 
Victoria Rangel '04 
Alicia Renfrew '06 
Gwen Reyes '06 
Katie Clarkson Robertson '97 
Ashley Rogers '05 
Catherine Callender Sauls '86 
Vikki Schroeder '87 
Julia Schmitz '03 
Jessica Shannon '03 
Andrea Sharretts '99 
Courtney Arnott Silverthorn '03 
Stacy McKimm Stevens '97 
Jessica Brandrup Smith '98 
Katie Leeming Sparkman '99 
Genie Stark Thomas '95 
Evangeline Easterly Taylor '00 
Meredith Tillery '99 
Erin Keck Walsh '03 
Amanda Watts '05 
Lynsie Watkins '05 
Ariana Wolynec-Werner '01 
Katie Vauahan '06 

Because of the effort of the people listed above, Sweet Briar was able to have a 
recruiting presence at 43 events that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to attend. 
AARs represented the College in 18 states and covered seven more events than last year. 
With this momentum, we are hopeful that the AAR program will continue to provide 
much-needed support of our recruitment efforts, ultimately growing back to our record 
high for AAR-covered events of 74 during the 2003-2004 academic year. If you are 
not an AAR and would like to learn more about how you can help, please contact Paula 
Kirkland Ledbetter '06 in the Admissions Office ( or 800.381 .6142). 
Thank you all for your continued support! 

—Ken Huus, Dean of Admissions 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 33 

Financial Update and General Comments on the Fiscal Year Ending 
June 30, 2007 


After review of the fiscal year ending 
June 30, 2007, the Sweet Briar Board 
of Directors was pleased to note that the 
College continues to improve its financial 
position. For the second year in a row, the 
College has finished favorable to budget. 
Our endowment finished with an 18.3% 
return. Thanks to the generous support of 
our alumnae, board, parents, faculty, staff, 
and friends of the College, the Annual Fund 
set a record of $2.4 million. The College 
continued to reduce its tuition discount rate 
and finished the year at 44%. The discount 
rate is a percentage produced by dividing 
institutional financial aid grants by total 
tuition and fees, exclusive of room and 
board. Our reliance on the endowment has 
been reduced from a high of $12.1 million 
in FY 2003 to $7.7 million in FY 2007 
for a decrease of $4.4 million or 36%. 
A combination of increasing enrollment. 

reducing our discount rate, implementing 
cost containment, and increasing income 
from the Annual Fund and auxiliaries 
has helped us to achieve this goal. Next 
year's budget reflects an additional drop in 
reliance of our endowment by $900,000 as 
the College works to reduce endowment 
spending to a rate of 5%. 

Looking to the future, the morale of the 
College remains high. The entering class 
of 2011 was the largest since 1983 and 
included 202 first-year students and 15 
transfers. In addition, our graduate program 
enrolled 15 students. For the second year 
in a row our entering class will be admitted 
at a 40% tuition discount rate. By the time 
you read this, the College will have started 
construction on the new Fitness and Athletic 
Center with a scheduled completion date of 
August 2009. We are working on plans to 
add new apartment-style housing, available 

in fall 2009. for our students and to renovate 
and add to the Mary Helen Cochran Library. 
To ensure Sweet Briar remains affordable 
and strong for the generations to come we 
must continue to increase our enrollment, 
grow our endowment, and be prudent in our 
financial decisions. Our success depends 
upon the collective support of our alumnae. 
Board, parents, faculty, staff, and students. 
The College thanks you for your continued 
support whether it be recruiting prospective 
students and promoting Sweet Briar to 
friends and family, giving to the Annual 
Fund or Endowment. Your financial support 
is critical as the College works to increase 
faculty salary, financial aid, and fund such 
critical projects as the Library and Fitness 
and Athletic Center. Working together we 
can make a difference and continue to 
provide an excellent education and facilities 
for our students. 

Sweet Briar Institute Statements of Activities 

Fiscal Years Ended June 30, 2007 and 2006 

2007 Total 


2006 Total 



Net Tution and Fees 



1 1 ,706,444 


Investment Income ( 1 ) 










Auxiliary Sales and Services 





Sales & Services Educational 






Federal Grants & Contracts 


1 .70% 


1 .69% 

State Grants & Contracts 


1 .67% 


1 .73% 

Other Sources 



364, 1 77 

















1 .75% 

Academic Support 





Student Services 





Institutional Support 





Scholarship and Fellowship 





Auxiliary Enterprises 





Total Expenses and Losses 





Change in Net Assets before 


i of FASB 1 58 



Effect of adoption of FASB 1 58 


Net Assets at the beginning c 

)f the Yea 




Net Assets at end of Year 



(1 ) Includes Investment income and Realized gain and Unrealized loss on long & short term investments 
34 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Sweet Briar Institute Consolidated Statements of Financial Position 

as of 30 June 2007 

as of 6/30/07 as of 6/30/06 

Cash and Cash Equivalents 3,784,768 2,525,009 

Accounts Receivable 714,856 603,469 

Loans to Students 1 ,5 1 8,607 1 ,488,088 

Dividends & Interest Receivable 326,466 379,528 

Contributions Receivable 1,594,594 1,959,718 

Pledges Receivable 4,148,338 4,604,099 

Inventories 315,850 338,754 

Prepaid Expenses and Deferred Chgs 160,516 145,106 

Investments 103,178,568 94,834,933 

Beneficial Int Perpetual Trust 7,847,024 7, 1 28,492 

Assets restricted to investment in land, buliding and equipment 8,255,464 7,955, 1 63 

Land, Buildings and Equipment 47,238,338 48,765,763 

Deferred Bond Issuance Costs 365,964 388,767 

Funds held by trustee under bond indenture 18,055,364 19,491,982 

Total assets 197,504,717 190,608,871 


Accounts and Other Payables 1,147,123 1,511,219 

Accrued Interest 610,885 656,433 

Student Deposits and Advance Fees 1,226,106 970,862 

U.S. Government Grants Refundable 1,138,818 1,135,303 

Annuity Obligations 733,364 895,112 

Asset Retirement Obligation 55,795 53,088 

Post Retirement Benefit Obligations 254,341 2,994,065 

Self Insurance Liability 1 1 3,000 164,887 

Bonds Payable 38,350,622 40,170,234 

Total liabilities 43,630,054 48,551,203 


Unrestricted 94,128 84,915 

Unrestricted-designated 76,784,304 67,851,636 

Temporarily Restricted 21,356,847 20,672,708 

Permanently Restricted 55,639,384 53,448,409 

Total net Assets 153,874,663 142,057,668 

Total liabilities and net assets 197,504,717 190,608,871 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • Spring/Summer 2008 • 35 

t/e/oe/mA/ cVe/<2/{ylny$s 


you wish to wr 

h to' 

ite to a member of the family of someone recently deceased, please contact the Alumnae Office for name and address. 

1924 1937 1945 1953 

Mary Rich Margaret Kirk Harriet Hazen Caroline Moody 

Mrs. Robert E. Robertson Jr. Mrs. J. L. Virden Mrs. E. Reed Harnack Mrs. William D. Roberts 

Date unknown March 24, 2008 December 26, 2007 March 2 1 , 2008 

Sara Callison 

Mrs. John R.Jamison 

May 3, 2008 


Margaret Weisiger 
Mrs. Harry E. Proctor 
February 27, 2008 


Mary Carroll 

Miss Mary A. Carroll 

Date unknown 


Jean Hathaway 
Mrs. Allan B. Temple 
Date unknown 


Lillian Allison 

Mrs. John L. Redman Jr. 

Date unknown 

Doris Crane 

Mrs. Samuel C. Loveland, Jr. 

December 29, 2007 


Mary Higgins 

Mrs. Gilbert L. Porsche 

December 20, 2007 


Ethel Hauber 

Mrs. Joseph J. Crowe, Jr. 

April 1 2, 2008 


Helen Patton 

Mrs. J. Skelly Wright 

December 9, 2007 


Patricia Potter 

Mrs. Patricia P. Duncan 

April 14, 2008 


Mary Geyer 

Mrs. John P. Sawyer 

August 8, 2007 


Nancy Bean 

Mrs. Louis J. Hector 

August 24, 2007 

Elaine Brimberg 
Ms. Elaine Dundy 
May 1 , 2008 

Judith Agnes Colcord 
Mrs. Henry D. Jeffries 
March 1 , 2008 


Margaret Carmichael 
Mrs. Robert M. Lester Jr. 
March 3, 2008 

Elizabeth Ryland 
Mrs. Donald Cecil 
March 10, 2008 


Katharine Weisiger 

Mrs. Katharine W. Osborne 

April 3, 2008 


Betty Leffel 

Mrs. Walter M. Wingate 

January 5, 2008 

Virginia "Jackie" Skeppstrom 
Mrs. John W. Cline 
January 29, 2008 


Eugenia Rose 

Mrs. Joel T. Cheatham 

April 18, 2005 


Susan Otis 

Dr. Susan Otis Thompson 

March 5, 2008 


Faith Aldrich 

Mrs. Faith A. Wykoff 

March 28, 2008 


Barbara McClancy 
Miss Barbara McClancy 
Date unknown 


Mary Louise Kelley 
Mrs. Mary Louise Dame 
December 8, 2007 


Julia Carter 

Ms. Julia Carter Baker 

March 29, 2008 


Heather Reynolds 
Mrs. Heather L. Cecil 
February 1 8, 2008 


Stephanie Ladd 

Miss Stephanie Eugenia Ladd 

November 2 1 , 2006 

Elizabeth Mayfield 

Mrs. Peter R. W. Roughton 

January 22, 2008 

Sara Merritt 

Mrs. Sara M. Brentnall 

April 28, 2008 


Suzanne Wilson 

Mrs. Evan M. Rutherford 

January 14, 2008 

Dorothy Young 

Mrs. Robert A. Patneau 

October 1 , 1 993 


Adela Elizabeth "Betty" Cocke 
Mrs. Peyton B. Winfree, Jr. 
February 1 4, 2008 

Dorothy Friday 

Miss Dorothy M. Friday 

Date unknown 

Rozelia Hazard 

Mrs. E. Sheldon Potter 

February 24, 2008 

Virginia Knowlton 
Mrs. Robert Fife 
October 1 0, 2005 

Elizabeth Schmeisser 
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Nelson 
January 1 , 2008 


Mary King 

Mrs. L. W. Oehmig 

January 1 1 , 2008 

The Sweet Briar Alumnae Association 
appreciates notifications of deaths. 
Please relay information to the Alumnae 
Office, P.O. Box E, Sweet Briar, VA 
24595 or 

36 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Martha Lemmon Stohlman 
Pennswood Village D-212 
1382 Newtown-Langhorne Rd 
Newtown PA 18940 

Sadly, I report the death of Sara Merritt 
Brentnall who passed away, 4/28/08. She 
was very proud to be a graduate of SBC. 
—C.Murray '06 


Juliet Halliburton Davis 
4100 Well Spring Dr 
No. 2305 
Greensboro, NC 27410 


Frances Bailey Brooke 
405 Jackson Ave 
Lexington, VA 24450 


Ruth M. Schwartz 
2242 Langley Circle 
Orlando, FL 32835 


Ann M. Reams 
771 Bon Air Circle 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 


Dr. Catherine Silverman 

5118 Monroe Vlg 

Monroe Township, NJ 08831 

Dolores "Dodi" Cheatham James is a 

first-rate watercolorist who shows and sells 
her work. Her visits to NY are a shot in the 
arm for those interested in the art scene 
as there is no one more knowledgeable 
or vocal in her opinions, which are always 
illuminating. Her arrival this winter was an 
occasion for us to get together with Peggy 
Roudin Weinberger who looks as marvel- 
ous as ever, maybe because she goes to 
the gym every week where she hangs by 
her knees. 

We're all amused by a New York Times 
full page article about Tracy Tynan McBride, 
daughter of classmate Elaine Brimberg 
Dundee Tynan. Tracy and her husband, 
successful theater and movie people, have 
built an unusual house in the desert outside 


of Joshua Tree National Park. By looking El- 
lie up on the internet we learned that her 1st 
novel, The Dud Avocado, written in the 60s, 
has been reissued becoming something of 
a cult item. Elaine who was once married 
to the brilliant British critic, Kenneth Tynan, 
has written a number of successful books 
and plays. - •• 

A sad note was struck at the memo- 
rial service for Nancy Bean Hector who 
passed away several months ago. Nancy 
led an enviable life filled with the music she 
always loved. She held prestigious jobs, had 
3 interesting husbands, and had countless 
notable and devoted friends. She was 
always witty, very smart, and full of fun. 

As for me, Annabelle Forsch Prager 
I still work hard to improve the unfortunate 
state of music education in the schools of 
NYC. Happily the InterSchool Orchestras of 
NY, which I founded in 1972, has been very 
satisfying for all concerned, especially me. 
Our 6 orchestras and chamber players for 
children of all ages and skills present more 
than 30 first-rate music events each season 
and have won numerous prizes. Did anyone 
catch me on NY's channel 1 3 when ISO was 
inducted into their Hall of Fame? For some 
reason the 1 min. scene was repeated over 
and over. 


sCti^iB. 3oo?i .vr.j (/ aa-a<?, aooi 
Alice Lancaster Buck 
9357 Covenant Hill Lane 
Marshall, VA 201 15 

Last Oct Harriett "Hatty" Tavenner Ow- 
ens and Bob moved from Smith Mt. Lake 
to 1 1 8 Grand Summit Drive, Lynchburg, VA 
24502. They love their life there in a cottage 
on a tiny lake "which is home to all kinds of 
birds and growing things." Her Easter card 
said she was recovering from pneumonia. 

Paulett Long Taggart lost her 
husband Ganson last summer. Ganson was 
a faithful attendee at our class reunions 
and rarely missed a tennis match when we 
organized a game. On 1/5/08 Paulett and 
Gene Patton Odell co-hosted an SB Day 
luncheon in Concord, MA, at the home of 
Lauren MacMannis Huyett 79. 

Peggy Gordon Seiler had several 
mini reunions this year. She and Bob saw 
Peggy's SB roommate Sydney Holmes 
Bales while visiting their daughter Margaret 
and her family in Brooklyn, NY. They were in 
Savannah in spring and saw Anita Lippitt 
Clay. Later Peggy and daughter Margaret 
attended a national meeting of the Girl 
Scouts in Washington, D.C., where Peggy 
was an honored guest as the niece of Ju- 


Send your news to the Class Secretary listed with (_ 

your class. If your class has no Class Secretary listed, please send 

news to the Alumnae Office, Sweet Briar, VA 24595. 

(E-mail: . Classmates want to hear from you! 

Secretaries may submit notes for every issue of the magazine. Please see 
that your Class Secretary receives your news before the deadlines below: 



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April 1 , 2009 

Class Secretaries are volunteers elected by their class and are responsible 
for the accuracy of the class notes. 

Make sure the Alumnae Office has your correct e-mail address! 
Please send e-mail addresses to: 

liette Gordon Low. She and Bob flew to Bos- 
ton in Sept. to attend the memorial service 
for Paulett's husband Ganson. They continue 
to enjoy life at Westminster-Canterbury in 
Richmond where they've been for 3 yrs. 

Betty Farinholt Cochrill lost her Navy 
Capt. husband Jim last Jun. after 62 yrs of 
marriage. She "feels blessed to have had 
so many wonderful years of memories." 
Betty still lives in the Ginger Cove retirement 
community in Annapolis. 

Louise Smith Barry writes that while 
visiting her son George and his family in 
Baton Rouge, LA, they took a day trip to 
New Orleans and saw the WWII Museum 
which fortunately survived the flood and is 
being expanded. Louise spent a night with 
us (Alice Lancaster Buck and Pete) on 
the way to Homecoming at SBC. We had 
a small, but enthusiastic group from our 
class including Betty Williams Gookin and 
Richard's daughter Shanley Jacobs, joined 
us for part of the weekend. She teaches 
at VCU in Richmond and is as beautiful as 
her grandmother! We all agreed with the 
Princeton Review that SBC not only has the 
most beautiful campus in the country, but 
in our opinion is the place to receive a first- 
class education. 

Margy Brendlinger Robinson sent 
me a copy of an article on SBC from the 
Raleigh News and Observer. The author, 
who admitted she was skeptical of the 
Princeton Review's verdict, began by writing 
"All right, I have to admit it's stunning." The 
title of the article was "Sweet Briar Earns 
4.0 for Beauty." Margy would like to visit 
SBC again because she has so many good 
memories, but living post-stroke life is pretty 
confining. With the help of husband Walt 
and her daughters, she has learned to talk, 
read, and write again, but is unable to drive. 
She wrote just before Thanksgiving and was 

expecting 27 members of her family who 
were all bringing the dinner. 

Alice Johnson Fessenden in 
Henderson, NV, took a cruise to Patagonia 
and made her 6th trip to S. Africa where 
she spent a month with friends. She visited 
Catherine "Tee" Tift Porter at her new 
condo in FL.Tee spent Thanksgiving with 
her children who live in Washington D.C., 
and then accompanied daughter Pattie and 
her husband to Rome, Italy, for a week. She 
said she saw it as never before and "walked 
for 5 days over the central city and learned 
a lot." 

Pete and Alice Lancaster Buck, had 
a wonderful cruise on the Great Lakes last 
fall. They told us it was probably the last 
cruise for a while because the water in the 
lakes is at such a low level that it's hard to 
dock ships. I had some trouble with arterial 
fibrillation during winter, but a cruise to the 
warm and beautiful Caribbean in Feb. was a 
wonderful cure. I'm now back playing tennis. 

Betty Gookin writes that they bid on 
a house at Round Hill, Jamaica, and won! 
They had a fabulous week there in Oct. with 
their 2 daughters and husbands. Richard's 2 
si sters joined them and stayed in a nearby 
hotel. Great progress is being made on 
their house that had the fire in 2/07. They 
hope to be back in by late summer. "Our 
nephew is our project manager and is doing 
a first- rate job. We have a wonderful new 
indoor swimming and fitness center in town 
so we try to keep fit with swimming aerobics 
3 times a week. I'm still playing tennis with 
a pal my age and 2 much younger gals. 
Richard and I had a great weekend at the 
Homestead, Hot Springs, VA, attending a 
conference of the VA Assoc, of Museums, 
representing our new John S. Mosby Mu- 
seum in Warrenton. We also keep busy with 
church and conservation work. We expect 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 37 

to get back to Cape Cod this year with 
the family, but without grandchildren who 
are spread far and wide. Lt. Chris Ford is, 
thankfully, back safe and sound after 14 mo. 
in Iraq. David works in CO, Michael and Kate 
are in TX, and Anne is teaching children 
how to speak English in Seoul, Korea. The 
exciting thing is that Kim, her mother, and I 
are going over to meet her in Tokyo in Jul. 
for sightseeing in Japan and then visit her in 
Seoul." Hope to see many of you at the SBC 
Homecoming in the fall. 


Julia Mills Jacobsen 

Mary Haskins King 
501 Kimberly Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Sadie Gwin Allen Blackburn reports: "I'm 
so advanced in age that my organizations 
are honoring me at various events: the Me- 
morial Park Conservancy, the Rice U. Design 
Alliance, and the San Jacinto Museum of 
History. Oldest granddaughter Catherine is 
married. My activities with the national level 
of the Garden Club of America are now on 
the local level because my beloved doctor 
husband is confined to a wheelchair; his 
mind is as lively as ever and he has 2 lun- 
cheon groups of men friends who solve the 
problems of the world each week. I'm sorry 
not to be able to come to SBC for events, 
but am happy that another strong effort 
is now being made to revive our alumnae 
group meetings. Best regards." 

Jean Riddler Fahrenbach writes: 
"Hi Julie, I still hope that you will come to 
VT. I can't recommend the weather at the 
moment, another ice storm and more snow 
on the way. Spring should be nice, so let me 
know when to meet you at the airport. The 
guest room is ready! I managed to escape 
some of our record-breaking snowfall by 
going to Egypt and Jordan for 3 wks in Feb. 
Great trip but fairly strenuous. They had 
snow in Jordan just before and just after we 
were there. Had several once-in-a-lifetime 
experiences: rode a camel, hiked 2 Vi mi, 
into Petra, saw the new library at Alexandria. 
I have over 800 pictures to sort and label! 
Hope to see you in spring. (I have a grand- 
daughter, Julia Mary Louise Jacobsen, at U. 
VT. I'm really going to make it when I can 
walk a little better. — Julie) 

The longest e-mail came from Wyline 
Chapman Sayler: "I call this kind of e-mail 
'Grandchildren and great-grandchildren 
Bragging Rights'! Grandson Aaron Sayler 
graduated with highest honors, (same as 
summa cum laude) from GATech, M.A.Ed 
from GA St., Star teacher of '07 at Frederick 
Douglas h. s. in Atlanta, highest math (I 
guess it's calculus, trig, or something I 
hardly know how to pronounce), and most 
of his students go on to coll.! This precious 

young man is getting married 6/14 to 
Becky Ladner, grad. of Emory, M.A. from 
Columbia, who also teaches in Atlanta. 
They've known each other from church 
for 9 yrs. Granddaughter Page Cook, mom 
of adorable Amelia (6), has opened a gift 
shop in Newnan. Page is a wholesale rep. 
for top-line gift shops. Jennifer is a forest 
fire fighter in WY, double major from the U. 
FL. Her brother Stephen, living in Miami, is 
with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines handling 
the computers aboard when he travels to 
the Finland shipyard for the construction of 
these behemoths! Mary, mother of Baby Lily 
(8 mos.), lives with husband Sam Phillips 
in Atlanta, is a vet tech working from home 
for now. Elizabeth, mother of Gabrielle (3), . 
lives near Savannah with husband Jason 
Klempner. Christopher Sayler works at the 
Fort Pierce municipal airport, loves it. The 
youngest 3: Chap is a senior at U.FL, Brad- 
ley, a sophomore at St. Petersburg Coll., 
and Christine, a freshman at U. of South FL., 
living in the dorm at the St. Pete campus. 
The parents: Lee, an attorney in Jupiter, 
Alan and Lynn, water conditioning company 
in St. Pete, Robin trying to find work in the 
computer field in Atlanta, Van and Jane, 
VP in fixed income at Raymond James in 
St. Petersburg. We're lucky to have 2 boys 
living in St. Pete! Henry and I are plugging 
along; he's amazing with his Macular 
Degeneration, still going to the gym every 
day, riding with the St. Pete Bicycle club 20 
mi. on Sat. Not today, the wind is almost 40 
mph, so we went to Village Inn for breakfast 
instead! (Let me interject here; I can't even 
go that far on my new electric scooter, 
Julie) Getting to First Methodist every Sun. 
for the 8 a.m. (traditional) service. I'm still 
delivering Meals on Wheels and helping 
with our church's Mail Boxes ministry at the 
Salvation Army once a month. I met a lovely 
new, young member who is helping with 
our name tags at church. Henry did say, 
"Who's gonna take your place?" So after 
my 83rd birthday last Jul. I found someone! 
We're both doing them, using a Web site, 
which amazes me! Some day I'm going to 
understand what I'm doing on this gadget! 
My brother Alvah Chapman and precious 
wife Betty are doing barely ok after his 
strokes. But he's still the moving fire behind 
helping the homeless in Miami. The group 
he founded has built 2 homeless facilities, 
reducing the homeless population from 
approx. 8,000 to 1 ,800. The success rate 
is 58%, getting the homeless back to work 
and in a place to live. The Salvation Army 
told him if he had 25% success that would 
be miraculous! Wish we had that kind of 
duo in St. Petersburg! The program is going 
national under the direction of one of Alvah 's 
best friends, Armando Codina, who came 
from Cuba in Pedro Pan in the '60s. Former 
governor Jeb Bush worked for Armando be- 
fore he became gov. In May we're going to 
West Point for Henry's 65th reunion, Class 
of '43. We're so happy that my sister Dale 

Morgan is coming, and so are our sons, Lee 
and Alan. This comes with love and best 
wishes to all of you classmates." 

Ann Dickson "Dickie" Jordan writes: 
"Good to hear from you. Luke and I took a 
fabulous 2-wk Mediterranean cruise last 
May into Jun.; started in Barcelona and 
went to France, Italy, Athens, Greek Isles, 
Ephesus, Sicily, and back to Barcelona. A 
wonderful trip. We live in Salem, VA. Will be 
going to VA Beach for Easter week and will 
see Perk Traugott Brown and other good 
friends. Best love." 

I, Julia Mills Jacobsen, pretty well 
recovered from a stroke cant-type; then 
I got flipped off my big electric scooter at 
SBC and cut up my bad leg pretty badly. 
The 5th ed. of From Idea to Funded Project 
for the digital age, co-authored with O.T. , 
Jan Kress, is in the book stores. I'm on 
The Advisory Board of the Occupational 
Therapy Department at Howard U. and am 
an occasional guinea pig for the students 
in the new M.A. program. I returned from 
CA where I attended the American Occup. 
Therapy Assoc. Convention to look at all the 
gadgets to aid the handicapped. I took my 
neat new 4-wheeled scooter right on the 
plane with all of the baby strollers, saw my 
daughter and 2 grandchildren and made it 
home without incident. 

Let me hear from you any time. You 
can see the faithful ones here. 


Mrs. Robert M. Saunders 
955 Harpersville Rd 
Newport News, VA 23601 


Linda McKoy Stewart 
18 0sprey Land 
Rumson, NJ 07760 

Martha Budd Shelnutt writes from 
Wilmington, DE: "My great grandchild will 
be 1 in May. Oldest daughter Ann Barry was 
married at Thanksgiving to a lawyer she 
went with for 20 yrs. She had been married 
to Dave Barry right after Bryn Mawr." Martha 
lost her daughter, Barbara, last year, surely 
one of the hardest things that can happen 
to anyone. I know the whole class extends 
heartfelt compassion on the occasion of 
that loss. 

Evie White Spearman reports the ar- 
rival of her namesake, great-granddaughter 
Evelyn Posey Baird, born 3/5/08 in Mobile, 
AL, and already entered at SBC. Exuberant 
welcome to the first member of the Class 
of 2028! 

From Norfolk, VA, Jean Old says that af- 
ter 50 yrs of diligent work in the murky world 
of investments, recently with Wachovia, she 
has finally retired as of 2/1/08. (No wonder 
the economy has gone into a tailspin!) "I 

stuck it out through no fewer than 7 name 
changes. Wachovia being the 7th, and now 
I'm happy to be doing volunteer work plus my 
garden." Jean went to our 60th reunion with 
Margie Redfern, also from Norfolk, and Liz 
Abbot Langhorne from Lexington. Good for 
them for holding up our class honor! 

Mary McDuff ie Redmond tells of her 
granddaughter at Davidson who, despite 
being a lowly freshman, has already made 
it onto the varsity cheerleaders' squad, just 
in time to celebrate the Davidson basketball 
triumph. Mary's husband Lee is still active 
in his law office, but he did find time to go 
with Mary to Huntsville where they stayed 
with Evie White Spearman. To no one's 
surprise, Mary reports that Evie is busy 
24/7 with literary, ecclesiastical, and civic 
activities without which Huntsville would 
doubtless sink into oblivion. 

Carol Blanton McCord now a 
resident of Broadmead in Cockeysville, MD, 
counts a goodly number of SBC'ers among 
her Brookmead neighbors: Judy Burnett 
Halsey, Ann Moore Remington '44, Judy 
Baldwin Waxter '49, Peggy Cromwell Tolliver 
'49, Jo Nelson Booze '54, and Margaret 
Leonard Proctor '42. Carol keeps in touch 
with Liz Ripley Davey Nan Hart Stone, 
and Katie Street Sharp, thanks in part to 
her spending a month in winter in Sanibel 
and most of the summer in NH — 2 choice 
venues to visit! 

Margaret "Meg" Dawson Hellyer 
speaks for most of us with the following 
missive: "Perhaps after passing our 60th re- 
union, the problem isn't so much the loss of 
abilities as the time spent in keeping up with 
all the demands of aging. We must walk, the 
further the better, and daily if possible. We 
must exercise our brains with pursuing our 
own versions of creativity. We must consult 
our doctors and dentists more often than in 
the past. To know what grandchildren are 
talking about, we must have an idea of what 
blogs, ipods and blackberries are. Some 
of us may even learn to use them. On the 
internet, we must learn to avoid falling prey 
to a virus and to e-mails that could lead to 
theft of our ID. We must make wise choices 
in the constant assault of requests for dona- 
tions. To play our part in the hope of keeping 
our area and our country stable, we must 
follow the caprices of elections, proposed 
legislations, and even of elected officials. 
We must not regret the loss of that vision of 
old age as sitting quietly by a fire knitting, 
maybe rising to bake a pie for the family, 
but otherwise nodding our way into oblivion. 
We are in the 21 st Century. To get back to 
your request: The novel I earlier reported 
in the hands of an agent is now tucked on 
a back burner for re-writing while I enjoy 
classes, conferences and the critiques by 
fellow writers of my current attempt. I really 
have little to report except that life is still a 
glorious juggling act. With my affectionate 
greetings to you, forgot to say I'm for Hillary. 
How about you?" 

38 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

And finally, Ann Colston Leonard 

is still holding the Middle Atlantic States 
together from her vantage point in North 
Chevy Chase, MD: "We've been in this 
house for 47 yrs, I'm still potting in my 
studio. We've spent 45 summers on 
Martha's Vineyard where we were lucky 
to build before the rush, and where did 
all that time go? I haven't turned grey yet 
(this item for Zu), but the rest of me has 
noticed we're 8 decades on. Our 5 children, 
3 doctors, 1 book artist, and 1 business 
person, thrive in their own ways. No one 
rushed into marriage, no great-babies. But 
the 1 1 grandchildren include 3 sets of twins 
(6 and under). I'd like to write a memoir for 
those 1 1 about our growing up years, which 
look golden in retrospect, but it's easier to 
wrestle with clay than face the computer. As 
for classmates, I see Sue Van Cleve Riehl 
whose daughter Chris (also SBC) is with the 
State Department. Sue's husband, Bud, died 
Christmas a year ago; he and we felt like he 
was a member of the class." 

From Katherine Street Sharp in 
Nashville, TN: "Very little has changed since 
last year. Moved to a smaller house in '06. 
I'm more socially active, but less outdoor 
active. Have 4 cute great-grandchildren who 
keep me entertained. Youngest granddaugh- 
ter graduates from Belmont U. in Nashville 
next year, and she'll be sorely missed when 
she returns home to OK. Visited Carol Mc- 
Cord in Sanibal last Jan. What a treat!" 

As of this writing, our extra-family inter- 
ests seem pretty well taken up with John, 
Barak, and Hillary. Where will it all end up? 
Say what you will, American politics these 
days are anything but boring. Shrill, yes. 
Absurd, sometimes. Exhausting, absolutely. 
But boring, positively not! 

As for me, I proudly count 1 2 grands 
and 2 greats, one of whom is shown 
herewith, a sure winner in this year's Easter 
egg collection! Silas Wolcott Smith (2 !4), 
resident of Berkeley, CA. Finally, heartfelt 
thanks to all of you who responded to my 
pleas for news. I hope some of us will get 
together somehow, somewhere in '08. In 
the meantime, good luck, good health, and 
love to you all. 



Maddin Lupton McCallie 
1508 Edgewood Circle 
Chattanooga, TN 37405 

\ . .200? 

Catherine Barnett Brown 
4 Pippins Way 
Convent Station, NY 07961 

Apparently life really does begin at 80, as 
Libby Trueheart Harris asserts, because 
22 of you made use of the stamped, self- 
addressed postcards I mailed out. 
Our computer/e-mail group gets all the 
news instantly and all of you are quite 
capable of jumping into this wonderful new 
world of communication and information. I 
urge you to do it! 

Libby had a big celebration in Jan. 
hosted by her children as she turned 80 and 
was thrilled at the unexpected appearance 
of Patricia "Pat" Brown Boyer who flew 
up to Richmond from Winter Park, FL. Pat 
has never seen so many pulchritudinous, 
charming Virginians in one room, includ- 
ing Caroline Casey Lindemann and 
Katharine "Kitty" Hart Belew Margaret 
Towers Talman would have been there 
except for an injured shoulder. Pat sees 
Judy Easley Mak and Dayton every winter, 
and this year also Judy Campbell '50 with 
her daughter Hallie Swanson, a professional 
travel writer living in London. Pat enjoys 
serving on the Musical Advisory Commit- 
tee for the Orlando Festival of Orchestras 
which brings in 5 international and national 
orchestras for performances each season. 
Judy Mak went to FL to the Cloister in Sea 
Island (they, like Walter and I who honey- 
mooned there, much preferred the "old" 
Cloister to the modern version), then back to 
Winter Park to have a lovely dinner with Pat 
and her racquet club. We're all planning to 
return to campus for our 60th reunion next 
spring, "God willing" as Judy says! 

Margaret Towers Talman writes 
that the other "locals" were invited to join 
the SBC Board for dinner last winter which 
they really enjoyed, with elaborate food and 
drinks and 2 lectures at the Omni Hotel. 
Their group included Kitty Hart Belew and 
Peggy Robertson Christian '48. 1 assume 
Mag recovered from her fall and injured 

Caroline Casey Lindemann had a 
wonderful trip to AK with the Virginia Histori- 
cal Society conclave in Seattle. Caroline was 
honored for 25 yrs perfect attendance since 
the group's founding. She still collects small 
books, which she adds to the collection 
she has already given to UVA. Caroline was 
looking forward to a May trip to Turkey "In 
the Footsteps of St. Paul." 

Joan McCarthy Whiteman enjoyed 
the Christmas wedding of her granddaugh- 
ter Lindsay and keeps busy otherwise with a 
few boards and lots of duplicate bridge. 

Ruthie Garrett Preucel writes, on the 
ominous Ides of March, that she's still in 

her home of 45 yrs in Gladwyne, PA, raising 
orchids in her green house and gardening in 
her parterre garden. She's on no prescrip- 
tion drugs, she says, and is the same size 
as at SBC. . .how many of us can say that? 
She chats with Mary Fran and Polly and 
works weekly at the Morris Arboretum. 

June Eager Finney says her doctor, 
after her recent physical, told her to "just 
keep on keepin' on" which is good advice 
for all of us, June still enjoys her art work 
and being near the younger generations. 

Sue Corning Mann by now has some 
new knees to adjust to with, I hope, as little 
trouble as I've had with mine. Just keep up 
the therapy, Sue, as we do 3 times a week. 
She and Hank spent time down at Marco 
Island visiting his son and getting away from 
cold weather. Costa Rica is the place to see 
birds, says Margaret "Peggy" Cromwell 
Taliaferro, who took an Elder Hostel Eco- 
trip last winter. No bears down there, I trust, 
Peggy! And no foolin', she says, she'll be 
back for reunion. 

So nice to hear from Roselise Holmes 
Willkinson. She and husband have retired 
from their respective medical practices and 
are enjoying their 5 grandchildren. They 
both had their share of cardiac surgery, but 
it doesn't interfere with their lives. Her sister, 
Joselle, lives in NYC and is well. 

Ann "Flip" Eustis Weimer is going 
through 45 yrs of stuff in preparation for a 
move next spring to a retirement commu- 
nity. She and her sister-in-law are planning 
another RV trip from ME to Yellowstone to 
tour four 33 days in various national parks 
with a group. Sounds like fun to me! Ann's 
9th great-grandchild is due in Aug. Can 
anyone top that? 

Ann Barrett Holmes Bryan and Bob 
will soon mark their 5 yr residence at Fel- 
lowship Village in NJ and 58 yrs of marriage. 
They're happy to have a daughter living 
nearby and a great-granddaughter in NC. 
Ann says they're still "up and at 'em!" 

Polly Plummer Mackie moved "just in 
time" to Beaumont, a retirement community 
as the arthritis in her hands now limits her 
activities. Her daughter lives in her NYC 
apartment, and drives Polly up to attend 
theatre performances in the city. 

Katie Cox Reynolds and Phil are 
happy in their new easier house in Bloom- 
field, CT, where they've become "somewhat 
involved in the governance" of the place, 
and in performing in plays and readings. 
Katie has avoided knee surgery by devoted 
gym and pool activities available right where 
they live. She'll be mayor again soon, I bet! 

Thanks to Anne Bush Train who wrote 
just to use the pre-stamped card and to say 
she is 80, and in good health, but wouldn't 
mind being 70 again! If you get your wish 
Anne, please tell us how to do it! 

Sally Ayres Shroyer and Lou traveled 
to Cuba last fall with a group taking in 
medical and school supplies and found it 
fascinating, from Hemingway's House to 

shortages of many things like pens and 
such niceties. Sally likes their retirement 
community where she uses the stove light 
to grow African violets since she never has 
to cook! 

Ellen Ramsay Clark says winter came 
briefly to Memphis with rare snow and sleet. 
She was hoping to get to FL (Destin) in May, 
and she and Ken plan on SBC for reunion 
next spring. 

Ann Henderson Bannard and Yorke 
enjoy the blooming desert after a colder 
than usual winter. They marked their an- 
niversary up in beautiful Sedona and then 
Pheonix for "The Nutcracker" with grandchil- 
dren. By a weird coincidence, their winter 
neighbors are our summer neighbors in NJ, 
so we share news through them. 

There's precious little news from my 
roomies, and none from dear Mary Louis 
Stevens Web Alice Trout Hagan, my 
cousin, says that she's still in the same 
house with guest rooms available for 
visitors; she's feeling well and having fun. 
Now recovered from "O-D-ing" on physical 
therapy, she's better, wiser, and trying to 
keep up with 1 busy grandchildren. As for 
Patsy Davin Robinson, I learned she still 
plays tennis and visits son Sandy in FL and 
daughter Davin in Rochester, NY. 

Nancy E. Craig tells of her success in 
the world of art and upcoming exhibition in 
Provincetown, MA, near where she lives. 
She's trying to adjust to the unexpected loss 
of her husband and best friend, Preston 
Carter, last Aug. Nancy plays singles tennis, 
swims a mile in the ocean everyday until 
after Thanksgiving, and rides her bike every- 
where! Her artwork is beautiful! I hope some 
can be printed in this magazine. 

Ann Doar Jones and Frank left "the 
river" and moved to a house in Warsaw, VA, 
where they have a number of friends and 
are near children and grandchildren. 

Beth Gorter-Jansma still misses 
Kaspar, who died several years ago, but has 
2 kind children and 4 grandchildren, also 5 
hips (3 replacements!) and considers herself 
lucky in her life. 

We all send sympathy to Preston 
Hodges Hill in her loss of Gene after his 
courageous battle against cancer. I look at 
their lovely Christmas photo so often as they 
smile greetings to us. 

Larry Lawrence Simmons wrote a 
great Christmas poem and sent a wonderful 
picture. She and Charles, who both look 
happy and healthy, celebrated birthdays 
with a Hawaiian cruise, seeing whales, 
cavorting, and playing bridge. They were 
looking forward to the usual welcome influx 
of summer visitors. 

Katharine "Kay" Veasey Goodwin 
and Dave have lived in the same house in 
Merrimackport overlooking the Merrimack 
River for 55 yrs. They've loved seeing Ann 
and Yorke Bannard who make time for them 
on their trips. Elisabeth "Betty" Corddry 
and Kay talked last winter and would wel- 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Spring/Summer 2008 • 39 

come any information on Mary Elizabeth 
"Liz" Hancock Fritzsche — last known 
address is Femandina FL. "Can we really 
be having a 60th Reunion next spring!?" 
she says. 

I loved the family picture from Carolyn 
Cannady Evans with the children looking 
so like the parents! Carolyn travels to 
visit them and also enjoyed a tour of 7 
western national parks with Hervey's sister, 
Ann Mclver. Carolyn returned to SBC for 
Homecoming last fall and hopes to return 
for our reunion. 

We send sympathy to the family of 
Eugenia Rose Cheatham of Henderson, 
NC, who died in 4/05. 

Mary Fran Brown Ballard still works 
for the PA State Democratic Committee and 
is busy right now, of course. She also helped 
elect the first Democratic woman ever to the 
PA Supreme Court. Mary Fran and Don do a 
lot of opera and theater. They enjoyed a visit 
with Dean Green and wife Lynn Buck in Jan. 
for an SBC luncheon. We'll see them both at 
Homecoming in fall and reunion in spring. 
Perhaps Mary Fran will again fire a pistol to 
start the Cardboard Boat Regatta. 


Patricia Halloran Salvadori 
9 North Stratford Rd 
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 

This is the year many of us turn 80! Did you 
really think we would reach this milestone? 
Accordingly, I shall only report the cheerful 

Lola Steele Shepherd forwarded 
some Christmas notes: Betty Todd Landen 
wrote that she has a freshman granddaugh- 
ter at the U. of Puget Sound and another 
teaching a junior semester in Costa Rica 
where the "progressive methods.. .don't sell 
too well." Caroline "Bill" Bailey Fritz- 
inger and Noel had a great trip to Costa 
Rica except for the prevalent mud after the 
rainy season; Nancy Drake Maggard and 
Jack hosted 1 5 grandchildren and families 
at Christmas, after which they recuperated 
in FL; Sally Lane Johnson sent photos of 
her 5 beautiful grandchildren; and Susan 
Tucker Yankee and Dick had a full '07: Jul. 
took them to W&L for Alumni Coll.; Sept. to 
MT to visit friends and the Lewis Clark and 
Dinosaur museums; Oct. to Lake Burton in 
the North GA mountains; Thanksgiving a 
visit from their Atlanta daughter; and, finally, 
the birth of their 1 st great-grandson. 

Still in Richmond, Mary Waller Berke- 
ley Fergusson and Russell moved into a 
small 1 -floor house with health care close 
by if needed. 

Betty Elmore Gilleland's knee surgery 
went well, but she and Guy aren't planning 
any trips abroad this year. 

A Christmas card from Bonnie Loyd 
Crane stated that she has moved to Cape 

Ann, MA and opened another art gallery. 

Lola and Deedee are still in their 
Lexington, VA, home to have the 2 mares 
nearby. She reports that Louise Moore also 
had a knee replacement. Lola and Waller 
are hoping to meet Ginger Luscombe 
Rogers when she visits Charlottesville and 
together may visit SBC. 

I would appreciate your returning the 
postcards inserted in the winter edition of 
the alumnae magazine. Many thanks. 


Patricia Lynas Ford 
2165 W Dry Creek Rd 
Healdsburg, CA 95448 


Patricia Layne Winks 
312 Arguello Blvd, Apt 3 
San Francisco, CA 94118 

The Class of '52 and their families continue 
to make the news Polly Plumb deButts 
now VP of the Guild of Professional Tour 
Guides in D.C., has written delightful 
columns for the Washington Post about 
tour guiding and tour taking. She's working 
on a book about her son's mental illness. 
Anne Hoagland Kelsey's granddaughter 
Sarah Plumb, an athletic beauty on her way 
to Dartmouth, was featured in the Boston 
Globe. Martha Legg Katz's granddaugh- 
ter Annabelle Laserson was the subject 
of a marvelous New York Times article. 
5-yr-old Annabelle and 2 other little girls 
were adopted from an orphanage in China 
where they shared a crib. Now all 3 are best 
friends — in Brooklyn. Also featured in the 
Times was Pat Beach Thompson, shown 
at an American Fold Art Museum gala. Pat 
still performs. She played Mrs. Trotsky in 
David Ives' Variations o the Death of Trotsky, 
and she continues to lecture, most recently 
on "An Herbal Journey through Literature." 
Sally Miller Gearhart also made the 
news. A fund has been established in her 
honor to enhance lesbian studies within the 
Women and Gender Studies Program at the 
U. of OR. Joanne Holbrook Patton's son 
Robert has another book coming out in May, 
Patriot Pirates about maritime trade during 
the American Revolution. Anne Hoagland 
Kelsey and husband Jack loaned their 
splendid WWII posters (originally collected 
by Anne's father) to the Vera Beach Museum 
of Art for an exhibition. Another contributor 
to the Vera Beach Museum is Charlotte 
Snead St if el 

On the move: Marge Levine Abrams 
and husband have relocated in the Atlanta 
area after 27 years in FL. Peggy Nelson 
Harding and Tom Strickland (husband of 
Ann Garst Strickland) have moved to 
retirement communities to care more easily 

for their ailing spouses. Barbara Baker 
Bird winters in FL, summers in VT. 

One of the best parts of being your 
class secretary is the chance to reconnect 
after many years. I received such a wonder- 
ful letter from Martha Yost Ridenour 
Hers is an inspiring personal narrative: 
she regained her vision that was nearly 
destroyed by macular degeneration, thanks 
to her faith, support of friends, and the 
wonders of modem pharmacology. Martha 
has established dance studios at Pikeville 
Coll. in honor of her daughter, Suzanne, who 
passed away in '94. 

I wasn't exactly inundated with respons- 
es to my questionnaire, so the answers I 
received were especially gratifying. Many of 
you are grateful for an excellent liberal arts 
education, the support of husbands, children 
and friends, the beauty of nature, good 
health, and active careers. I particularly 
appreciated (and share) Nell Orand Beck s 
gratitude for "children and step-children 
who still speak to me." 

We still hope for more travel, maybe to 
SBC (Marge Levine Abrams), the South- 
west (Nancy Hamel Clark), even a cruise 
around the world (Peggy Nelson Harding) 
Other hopes: "to clean up my farm" (Helen 
Graves Stahmann in Toowamba West, 
Australia), to "find a partner to share 
these years with (Binji, formerly Harriet 
Thayer Elder), "a grandchild" (Jackie 
Razook Chamandy), "to keep my wits" 
(Laura Radford Goley), and "to go before 
everyone thinks it's a blessing" (Frances 
Street Smith) 

My hope is to hear from you. 


Mrs. Chester Apy 
67 Rivers Edge Drive 
Little Silver, NJ 


•ftp**™,*, aoi u-3f, stool 

Mrs. Bruce Watts Krucke 
7352 Toogoodoo Rd 
Yonges Island, SC 29449 

I've only heard from 2 people since the last 
notes, so that's all you get! Don't you feel 
guilty?! But I found something that I had 
misplaced that had been for my previous 

Bev Smith Bragg sent me a nice 
tribute to Jan O'Neal Gould. I had always 
thought she was English, but actually she 
married an Englishman and her family was 
American from the beginning. They were the 
founders of Nashville, and 2 of her ances- 
tors were governors of AL. Bev's family and 
Jan's had been friends for 1 50 yrs. Bev had 

visited Jan a few months before Jan died. 
We hope to meet Bev's long-time friend and 
new husband at our 60th next year. I'm not 
sure of when they married, but although 
they sent no invitations the church was full, 
and the minister said that since they had 
93 yrs of happy marriage between them, he 
had no advice to offer! They went to Europe 
to celebrate Mozart's 300th in the cities of 
Salzburg, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest 
for their honeymoon. They had their 1 st 
anniversary in Tunisia. 

Logan Bentley Lessaro has returned 
to the States to live after more than 25 yrs 
in Italy. She is getting a house near her 
nephew, who is stationed at Camp Lejeune, 
NC. She is staying with his in-laws here in 
Charleston, while having successful cancer 
surgery. She stayed a few days with us and 
we had a good catch-up. She sure has had 
an interesting life in Italy. Knows everyone! 

My other report concerns Ann Thomas 
Donohue, who, following her successful 
back surgery, had her knees replaced. 

We also received notification that our 
classmate Faith Aldrich Wykoff died 
3/28/08. We'll send a letter to her family 
expressing our deepest sympathy. Also, her 
name will be listed in the alumnae maga- 
zine. Her name will be read at the alumnae 
memorial service during Reunion this spring. 
Nothing is new with me, Bruce 
Watts Krucke, except that I gave up my 
partnership in my gallery to a wonderful 
gal who will be an asset, and although my 
work is there, I don't have to go to town 
in the worsening traffic twice a week. I'll 
keep the books for the gallery for a few 
more months till I can train someone else. I 
don't paint anymore, but am obsessed with 
photography as I mentioned in the previous 
notes. My lotus blossom shot was published 
in SC Wildlife Magazine. 

Please email me any news that you 
might have. Trips, children and grand- 
children, volunteer work, health, hobbies, 
accomplishments, etc. All is interesting. 


Kathryn Beard 
1074 Zanzibar Lane 
Plymouth, MN 55447 

I send our sympathy and love to Ruth 
Campbell VanDerPoel whose husband, 
Charlie, died in Jun. after a lengthy battle 
with MS; and to Mary Reed Simpson 
Daugette whose husband, Forney, died 
at Christmastime after several years with 
Alzheimer's. This has been a tough year 
for them. 

Most of you had wonderful travels this 
past year Marty Hedeman Buckingham 
stayed on the continent, exploring Ml and 
visiting children and grandchildren in Wl and 
spending summer on Cape Cod. Traveling all 
over North America, Canada, Mexico, as well 

40 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


as from Hawaii-New England in the U.S. 
kept Joan Kells Cook and Duncan busy, 
but they found time for a visit to northern 
India. Joan described it as colorful and re- 
warding, and had plans tor Poland, Hungary, 
and the Czech Republic in Feb. Jane Feltus 
Welch visited Berlin with her daughter and 
went to England with friends. She also took 
her first trip to LasVegas and the Grand 
Canyon with her grandson (11). She had 
her first trip to India as Phyllis Joyner was 
about to leave for her 9th visit. Jane fell in 
love with India, and it's obvious that Phyl 
feels the same way! Betty Byrne Gill Ware 
and Hudnall included a photo of themselves 
in Norway. Barbara Plamp Hunt and 
George organized a cruise in the autumn 
from San Francisco to AK for 37 members 
of their parish. 1 1 days of beautiful scenery, 
George underwent successful surgery to 
repair an aneurysm 6 wks before the trip. 
They also went to Mexico in Jan. and on a 
Bermuda cruise with family in Nov. In Sept. 
and Oct Anne Williams Manchester 
and Eli took a trip to France, Germany, and 
Prague, which included 2 river trips and 
extra time in Paris, Normandy, and Berlin. 

Traveling to visit family was popular 
too. Ethel Green Banta enjoyed time with 
2 of her offspring who are both located in 
Richmond. Dede Crater Pearse's trip was 
for a family wedding. 

My life has been peaceful and pleasant. 
I love my time on the Gulf Coast, which 
has nearly ended for the year. I had an 
unexpected delight in Feb. when Frances 
Bell Shepherd and Jimmy drove from 
Destin, where they were visiting friends, 
to meet me in Pensacola for lunch. It was 
wonderful to see them, a great visit. Many 
thanks to all of you who wrote to me after 
receiving my Christmas letter. I love seeing 
pictures of your grandchildren and hearing 
about your travels. 

I was not surprised, but gratified that 
almost all of you mentioned the report from 
Ginger Chamblin Greene, commenting 
on her amazing energy and courage. Her 
latest report tells of a serendipitous drive 
through the game preserve after church 
on Easter Sunday. "I saw a whole HERD of 
elephants! — also giraffes, rhinos, wet backs 
of a few hippos in the lake, some zebras, 
an extremely regal-looking kudu, and a so- 
ugly-he's-cute warthog. My best day yet in 
the preserve." She's constructing chemistry 
workshops to give in 1 6 scattered rural 
high schools. We can all be proud of her 


Martha Clay Nichols 
3928 Old Brownsboro Rd 
Louisville, KY 40207 

Meredith Smythe Grider 
1307 Killiney Place 
Louisville, KY 40207 

Thanks to those who sent news! Meredith, 
Sudie, and I enjoyed going over every detail 
and hope the results are accurate, or nearly! 

Jane Slack Sigloh has been in 
demand as a speaker since publication of 
her book, Like Trees Walking, In the Second 
Half of Life (available on Amazon) and has 
enjoyed connecting with SBC friends on her 
travels. With 3 teenagers of her 14 grand- 
children, they'll raft down the Salmon River 
this summer Nancy Salisbury Spencer 
enjoyed her 3 sermons at St. Paul's in Win- 
ston in Nov. Nancy told of a 50th anniver- 
sary celebration in Hendersonville, NC, given 
by Catherine Lotterhos Mills and Henry 
which was attended by Carolyn Dickinson 
Tynes and Bayard, Rose Montgomery 
Johnston, Ann Stevens Allen, Mary Ann 
Hicklin Willingham and Betsy Meade 
Hastings. It sounds like a gala affair! 

Ruth Phillips Hollowell struggles with 
osteoporosis and has learned to walk again, 
is back to work, and visited Busch Gardens 
with her granddaughter at Christmas. Son 
Chase, who was at reunion with her, won 
the Largo C of C golf tournament in the fall, 
and she re-lives our reunion, the Senior 
Show with joy. Karen Steinhardt Kirk- 
bride and Dick settled into their new 2nd 
home in Wagamon's West Shores, Milton, 
DE, and have started their writing vocations 
and some extra travels. Karen retired, but 
continues her real estate adventure with 
a motel and restaurant to market for '08. 
Their primary home is still in northern VA. 
Sons, Steven from VA, and Kevin and Trevor 
from NYC visit both spaces and classmates 
are also invited. 

Peggy Pattillo Beckham and Bob 
have 4 children who each had 3, and all live 
in Abilene. She and Bob travel and will take 
a summer cruise around Italy with son John 
and family. One grandson enters college this 
fall and another is planning to marry soon. 

Allison Scott Boykin Parsons and 
Jim moved to an "active adult" community 
in Glenwood, MD 3 yrs ago after 40 yrs 
and raising 6 children in Rockville. It was 
a "horrendous" project, but every Sun., 5 
of the 6, plus 1 1 grandchildren gather for 
Sunday dinner which they love. She retired 
from her 2 part-time jobs with the National 
Cathedral and Hillwood Musuem, has served 
on the HOA Board, plays bridge, participates 
in book clubs, plays tennis with Jim who 
is taking up golf again. They manage to 

keep ahead of the "aging curve" in spite of 
Jim's knee replacements and bouts with 

Mary Anne McPherson Oliver still 
lives in Sewanee, TN, enjoys her grand- 
children, and continues to write. Ann 
Stevens Allen is creating a woodland 
garden near Hooper Creek, NC, with azaleas, 
hydrangeas, irises, and bulbs. She still drives 
her pony and enjoys the raucous sound 
of his donkey companion whenever a car 
comes up the drive. She invites us to her 
simple, quiet life for some relaxation. Bar- 
bara Brown McFarland was accepted as a 
fellow in the American Academy of Matrimo- 
nial Lawyers, and spent several days at La 
Costa spa. Children are fine and 2 youngest 
grandchildren enter college this fall. 

Kay Smith Schauer tells of a great trip 
to Turkey with son Mike and recommends 
eastern Turkey and Nemrut. Nancy Ettinger 
Minor has a full schedule with bridge for 
2-3 times each week, some tournaments, 
the summer nationals in Nashville, and only 
needs some black points to be a life master. 
She does some golf and volunteering. A 
river cruise in Germany to Amsterdam in 
Dec/Jan. was wintry and made sunny warm 
Savannah a welcome return. 

Class President Joan Broman Wright 
and Jim spent Christmas in FL with 
daughter and family visiting relatives on the 
way and enjoying The Cloister on the return. 
In Sept., they, along with Marty Field Fite, 
Mimi Thornton Oppenhimer, and Lou 
Galleher Coldwell visited Jamestown, 
Williamsburg, and Yorktown in the 400th 
anniversary of the founding. Louisa Hunt 
Coker and Mac were in Charlottesville for a 
football game and they shared a wonderful 
evening with them. 

Nancie Geer Entenmann is involved 
in choir, Body Recall, Tai Chi, and Armchair 
Theatre, trips to the Toledo Museum of Art 
Zoo, and grandchildren. She explores the 
idea of a mini-reunion this spring or next fall 
in VA if there is interest. What do you think? 

Paula Purse Pointer has retired, has 
a 2nd new hip, and is beading, reading, 
movie going and swimming. Sam has 
retired from the bench after 30 yrs as a U.S. 
district judge, joined a law firm, and plays 
lots of golf. They divide time between their 
Birmingham condo and a little house on a 
lake. "Even more special in '06 than our 
50th reunion was the wedding of eldest son 
Trigg (47) to Denise Prado vonGersdorff (44) 
on 12/30 in Christ Church, Millwood, with a 
reception afterwards at Spout Run. Lilburn 
was lifted, in wheel chair, up the one step 
into church, and at home lasted through pre- 
dinner toasts. In spite of his declining health, 
'07 and '08 have brought many joys: our 
sons carried on the family tradition at Squam 
Lake in 8/07 and plan for '08; Trigg became 
director of climate change at the State Dept. 
('07); Bill continued as project architect for 
hospitals and in addition saw the completion 
('08) of his 1st major start-to-finish public 

building since a wing that changed the 
facade of the Virginia Historical Society; Ned 
moved from research in neuropharmocol- 
ogy to NIH grants in his field and enjoys 
the administrative as well as the ongoing 
scientific portions of his work. Rob manages 
his one-man lobby firm (energy and the 
environment) so that business includes golf, 
skiing, shooting, and even water skiing. The 
achievements of their wives are, since I 
claim them as daughters, equally gratifying. 
Our grandchildren, 6 princes and 1 princess, 
were joined on Thanksgiving'07 by Nancy 
vonGersdorff Talley, christened here at 
Christ Church, Millwood, Mother's Day '08. 
Although I still write occasional newspaper 
pieces, I find retirement and virtual living 
through love more satisfying than ever I 
would have dreamed. Being with so many of 
you 2 years ago is a splendid memory." 

Mary Shelton "Sudie" Moseley 

continued her 2 wk study course at Oxford, 
England for the 7th summer and thrives 
on English history, which is evident in her 
lovely home. 

Meredith Smythe Grider returned 
from trips to Patagonia and FL. Youngest 
daughter Meredith married at Torch Lake, 
Ml, on 7/7/07 on a perfect day; all 3 girls 
live in Louisville where both sets of twins 
thrive (8, 6 &). 

Norma Ann Train Ross and John have 
had a full year: Golden Wedding Anniversary 
in Jul., a year-long remodeling of their 
house in Middlesex, and her 50th reunion at 
St. Andrews U. All children, spouses, and 6 
grandchildren sailed on the Norfolk Broads 
to celebrate the anniversary for a wonderful 
time. Following John's 50th reunion at 
London U., they fly to Capetown, Durban, 
and Johannesburg to see relatives, friends, 
and to a game farm owned by his nieces 
and husbands. 

Davis Owen is regional volunteer 
leader for the celebration of Ml State Day 
at the Washington Cathedral in May and 
has been working with staff and local state 
folks to plan the event. After that, she'll be 
at the h. s. graduation of her granddaughter 
in St. Louis. 

Anne Parker "Parksie" Carroll Mul- 
holland and Jack moved to Charlottesville, 
but divide their time with homes in FL and 
WV, playing golf all the way. 

As for me, Martha "Macie" Nichols, 
life is full with trips to Providence where 
Henri (3), Martha, and Eric live, our biannual 
month in Provence, a few days in Majorca 
with Rob and Susana, weeks in Prince 
Edward Island and Chatham, MA — all with 
friends and/or family too. My beautiful 
Mama died last May at 92. 1 have a 2nd 
new knee and keep active in real estate. 
In May, I'll become President of the KY 
chapter of the Colonial Dames, which owns 
2 wonderful houses in Frankfort. Robert is 
retired but attends CNBC daily, plays lots 
of golf, and checks on me! And in closing, 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 41 

there are some sad notes to add. Reports 
are that we have lost Mitzi Djerf deRidder 
Joan Mossey Thomas, Joyce Fackiner 
Bliss Barbara Bernhard MacLea. These 
classmates have lost their husbands: 
Carolyn Pannell Ross Rose Montgom- 
ery Johnston Sally Hyde McMillan, and 
Joyce Lenz Young. Our heartfelt sympathy 
to each family — we share the loss with 
you. And now that we have given you all the 
news to date, please replenish our files with 
details of your lives so that our SBC thread 
will never end! 


Carol McMurtry Fowler 
10 WoodstoneSq 
Austin, TX 78703 

The Class of 1957 is moving from 50th to 
50th. Since reunion last May, 50th wedding 
celebrations were celebrated by a number 
in our class, including (but not limited to 
those named, because response to requests 
for news was undistinguished, to put it 
kindly) Nannette McBurney Crowdus 
and Bill; Margery Scott Johnson and 
Earl; Flo Barclay Winston and Charles; 
Beth McMahon Tolbert and Jimmy; Faye 
Rathgeber Willis and David; and Marj 
Whitson Aude and Fritz. 

Leave it to Marj and Fritz to have the 
most unique celebration. They asked guests 
to honor their 50 yrs together with items 
that could be donated to charitable enti- 
ties — their local food pantry and domestic 
abuse shelter — by bringing items featuring 
gold or yellow. They got Gold Medal Flour, (F) 
Ritz crackers, yellow towels, pots of honey; 
two tables full. Between their family and 
friends, including Jane Campbell Englert, 
her daughter and grandson, the'Family Aude 
filled the house and most of the motels in 
Phelps, NY. 

It is a good thing I opted for history over 
dentistry because if pulling teeth were as 
hard as pulling information from this class, 
I'd have failed. 65% of this class is online, 
1/3 responded despite multiple requests; 
50 double side and pre-stamped post cards 
went out, 8 replied. 

For the 1 st time in donkey's years we 
had news from Eliza Stevens Burton 
in Gerradstown, WVA; Bess Bundy Taft 
in Schenectady, NY, and Polly Spessard 
Cooper in Richmond and Beth McMahon 
Tolbert in Oklahoma City. 

Liza dumped her antiques business 
and her 18th-century house, was serially 
married and presently widowed, gave up 
alcohol, has 2 great-grandsons and is now 
writing a novel she intends to publish this 
year under a pseudonym, as it's going to 
walk on the spicy side of life. "I may not 
be our 'Most Outside of the Box' alumna," 
says Liza, but considers herself a contender. 
Liza invites email from "class clowns and 

42 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Dismay Courtiers" to write her at eliza@ Bess says it's too cold to 
go to Canada, Australia is too far, so she 
"acts up" with environmentalist and political 
activist Bill McKibben and has marched with 
his groups in Washington to Impeach Bush. 
Bess misses the indomitable Molly Ivins. So 
do I, Bess. Molly was a personal friend here 
in Austin. Beth and Jimmy turned from an- 
niversary festivities to fighting Beth's cancer, 
which she says was successful and that 
her hair grew back in thick, thick and dark 
again. Polly's energies are focused on her 
full house of fine Bichon Frise dogs, with 6 
champions under her roof, including CH PT 
Breeze Ring Master, who came in 4th in the 
entire nation at Westminster '07. Thanks to 
this quartet for catching us up. Where else 
but the Class of 1 957 would you find such 
diverse and active persons? We know the 
answer, Dr. IQ. 

Travel and grands, even great-grands 
continue to be the focus of many of our 
lives, but we're also active on various 
boards, garden clubs, and with horses and 
art, art, art. 

Susan Ragland Abrahamson lives 
in the wee central FL planned community 
(circa 1917) of Mountain Lake, though she 
and Gen. Abe retain their place in Longboat 
Key, and a farm in MD. Susan completed 
a major art show and sale in Mar., had 36 
paintings, sold 17.10 were for exhibit only. 
The Abrahamsons live in a huge '20s house 
within earshot of the Bok Tower Carillon. A 
trip to Eastern Europe with a full house of 
25 (1 8 between the ages of 1 2 and 20) was 
on the summer agenda. 

Carroll Weitzel Rivers of Hollywood, 
SC and Cashiers, NC gave up her horses, 
but still paints; attended an exhibit opening 
in San Diego of her "great uncle x 4," Asher 
B. Durand's paintings. Uncle Asher was 
a well-known Hudson River School artist 
from the 19th Century. She and sister Sallie 
Gough '66 were together for the exhibit and 
an earlier trip to China. Carroll planned to 
travel with SBC to Tuscany this fall. 

Our 3rd painter, Sandra Stingily 
Simpson in Birmingham continues success- 
ful with both oils and pastels. I was the lucky 
Christmas recipient of a small oil Sandra 
painted while visiting Dudley and me in ME 
last summer. Sandra plans to spend several 
wks in Camden late summer to concentrate 
on the beauty of New England. No fool, she 
took her NY family (architect son Evans, his 
wife and 2 sons) skiing in CO. While they 
skied, Sandra observed, hot buttered rum 
in hand. Sandra's 2nd son, writer Karl, con- 
tinues to live in Prague, but trips regularly 
between the Czech Republic and AL. 

We extend sincere condolences to 
Sydney Graham Brady on the death of 
husband Bill, 3/9/08. Sydney was complet- 
ing the gigantic task of moving from their 
home of 41 yrs to a condo during reunion 
last year. Now she's simply coping, but 
hopes to reconnect with us very soon. If you 

want to send her an email, it's brady@semi- Peggy Liebert Dobbins 
still calls Callao, VA home after the death 
of spouse Gene last year, Peggy, along with 
the large and short of it — a half-breed St. 
Bernard and a dachshund— says she will 
stay put until the housing market gets better. 

News from TX: Jan Armstrong 
Neuenschwander in Houston is ecstatic 
over the birth of a grandgirl in Mar. Being a 
"gran" was a huge deal for Jan, she having 
had her 1 st daughter at 35 and that same 
daughter having her 1st child at the same 
age. Mom and baby live close to Jan, let 
the spoiling begin. Jan offered anniversary 
information re: Faye Rathgeber, how else 
would we have known? Mary Webb Miller, 
also in Houston, and husband Tom were to 
be in Israel in the fall, having visited both 
Spain and The Rock late last year. Multi- 
tasking with church and volunteer work, 
hearing the Met live on a local movie screen 
and cheering those 2nd-most-consecutive- 
wins Houston Rockets help complete the 
24-hour cycle. Ann Frasher Hudson is 
agog over Fort Worth's annus musicus (well 
if the Queen can make up a word, so can I), 
with that city's symphony playing at Carne- 
gie Hall to rave reviews; and then there was 
the celebration of Van Cliburn's 50th anni- 
versary of winning the Moscow Tchaikovski 
piano competition. Elayne Steele Shults in 
Amarillo is fit as a fiddle, keeps a schedule 
that makes me want to take lots of naps, 
and sends the funniest emails of anyone I 
know. Patricia Lodewick in Dallas, flitted 
between cruises to AK and the Dalmatian 
Coast and managed to win several hundred 
duplicate bridge master points during her 
visits, is my hunch. Former Texan Virginia 
Marks Paget couldn't be coaxed into a 
Notes response, but Carolyn Scott Arnold 
writes that she and Ginny spent a full day 
together last Nov. in Honolulu, and while 20 
yrs had lapsed between visits, in 15 min. the 
years melted and it was like old times. Ginny 
is still in OH, at least as far as the Alumnae 
Association is concerned. 

Speaking of Scotty, spouse Mark is re- 
covering from a devastating fall and lengthy 
hospitalization and celebrated his 81 st 
birthday with their family last Nov. Scotty had 
planned to be at reunion, but Mark's care 
took priority. Diane Duffield Wood planned 
one last trip to our 49th state with her grown 
up children and spouses, a trip to Kauai. Last 
summer Duffy had 20 aboard for a Carib- 
bean cruise. Winter in Chicago was brutal for 
Duffy who turned off the snow with treks to 
FL, San Miguel de Allende, and AZ. 

Now to the Virginia Mafia, (previously 
unmentioned), God bless 'em — Nannette. 
Jody Raines Brinkley, Mary Landon 
Smith Brugh, Betty Murden Michael- 
son Anne Wilson Rowe Ninie Laing 
Anne McGrath Lederer, Joy Peebles 
Massie Nancy Godwin Baldwin. Mary 
Anne Wilson, and born again Virginian 
Jane Pinckney Hanahan deButts. 

Nannette is probably taking 1 5 min. off 
from SBC fundraising (don't turn your back 
a second), and on the road, traveled with 
SBC to South America, continues taking in 
the ballet at the Kennedy Center, lunching 
with The Girls at Chevy Chase Country 
Club at the annual Dec. session (Jackie 
Ambler Cusick Anne Rowe. Ninie, 
Suzanne Gipson Farnham Judith Ruffin 
Anderson Babs Falge Openshaw, and 
Charlotte de Serio); vegged out in FL but 
couldn't wait to get home to see the 1 st daf- 
fodils poking through the VA earth. Another 
notch in her SBC sponsored travel belt to 
Eastern Europe during the summer. 

Jody, laconic as ever, indicated her 
entire activity since reunion to be a trip 
to Orlando for spring break with daughter 
Derby and her family (we know better); Joy 
was almost as brief, saying she was enjoy- 
ing robust health and a great tennis game, 
and saw a grandson graduate from UVA. 
Nancy Baldwin had about 12 seconds of 
retirement before being snapped back into 
the fold doing the Lord's work for the alum- 
nae association; Mary Landon welcomed 
a new grandson, her 10th, was looking 
forward to a European trip with sister Helen 
Smith Lewis '54 and Dorothea Fuller '53; 
Betty Murden took up the reins as chair of 
Flower Shows for the Garden Club of VA, 
after completing 6 wks in Africa including 
1 6 separate safaris in visiting South Africa, 
Zimbabwe, Kenya and Egypt, then skipping 
to Jordan to swim in the Dead Sea and view 
the splendors of Petra, the Rose City. 

Mary Anne Wilson still divides time be- 
tween her place at SBC and living in Madrid 
to be near her daughter and 3 grandsons. I 
seldom get to see Mary Anne, but we talk on 
the phone frequently and email, tambien. 

Ninie says between her horses, 
gardens, church activities, and slogging 
through email she has little time left, but 
saved a bit of space for the SBC sponsored 
Eastern European trip this summer. Ninie 
welcomes Jane Pinckney and new spouse 
Hunter deButts to the neighborhood. Several 
wrote me of the marriage, no information 
from Jane herself, but word is the couple 
will split their time between VA and Charles- 
ton. (First tipster was Chattanooga's Anne 
Ford Melton to whom I made a promise to 
seal my lips; Anne in turn promised I'd sleep 
with the fishes should I say or write anything 
prematurely. And I stayed very dry, thank 
you, Anne). All of your classmates wish you 
joy, health and much happiness, Jane. 

Anne Rowe was the Last Hurrah for this 
splendid class when she finished her final 
term on the Board of Directors. There was 
sterling and substantial representation from 
our class over these past 50 years in service 
to the college. Anne was immediately nomi- 
nated and is currently serving on the board 
for the VA Historical Society. A surprised 
Babs Falge, visiting Anne in Fredericksburg 
found hanging over Anne and Joe's living 
room mantle a studio art painting Babs 
completed for Eleanor Barton. Anne hoped 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

to get to Annapolis to attend an art exhibit 
Babs planned in spring. 

From her country farm Anne Lederer 
was waiting for the return of Marine Corps 
son Andy, a major and reservist completing 
his 3rd tour in Ramadi, Iraq. Andy is one 
of our young men having to live with the 
military's Stop Loss policy. Anne's daughter 
and family are much closer in NY. 

Charlotte, our presidente, keeps her 
travel shoes polished, spends time in FL, 
was in South America with SBC, and was 
destined for another college tour to Eastern 
Europe, as were Nannette and Ninie. Isn't it 
loverly to think of Charlotte doing the Westie 
Walk daily, making sure her Bonnie and 
son Bill's Minnie get their exercise? Fellow 
part-time Floridian, Cynnie Wilson was 
another of the South America crowd, spent 
time in the Caribbean, made it to Daytona's 
NASCAR races and booked Normandy 
for summer. Cynnie is dipping her toe in 
the climate change waters, so to speak. 
Removed her grass and covered the area 
with pine straw and urges one and all to 
NEVER use cypress mulch (there are lots of 
good substitutes and the old rot and termite 
hardy cypress mulch is a thing of the past 

From down South comes word from 
Ruth Ellen Green Calhoun; Sallie Lane 
Burdette and Marguerite McDaniel 
Wood. Ruth Ellen keeps the Natchez Spring 
Pilgrimage function up to par and takes 
delight in the fact that grandgirl Callie, 
daughter Ruthie's girl child is attending 
W&L this fall (Callie was indoctrinated at an 
early age attending her parents' law school 
reunions); Sallie Lane is coping with her 
husband's '07 stroke in Louisville and was 
fortunate to find an excellent driver to take 
them around; Marguerite's travel bug keeps 
biting, taking her from Montgomery, AL, to 
London, Charleston, and maybe to Atlanta 
for a visit with Enid Slack. She's also 
involved with the National Association of 
the Colonial Dames, serving both state and 
national offices. 

Respondents from NC found Chris 
Smith Lowry saying she and Britt were 
"just keepin' on keepin' on," a response so 
low key, it's hard to believe; Dot Duncan 
Hodges recounted a stay in Tours, France 
where she did the driving — a diesel with 
standard transmission — and stayed lost a 
chunk of time despite having spent 6 wks 
in that city on the Loire. Well come on, it 
was a few years ago. Dot's adventures are 
a highlight in the annual request for news. 
Margery Scott Johnson and Earl, Flo 
Barclay Winston and Charles decided to 
celebrate their 50th anniversaries on the 
aerial highway and in substantially less time 
than Philaes Fogg. Their 20-something days 
by jet around the world left each with health 
problems, from which each is recovering 
and does want to focus on. 

Margery and Earl report a deliriously 
wonderful Back to Africa trip. Trip One was 

in 70, Margery and Earl; Trip 2 was in 75, 
Margery, Earl and their kids; Trip Three was 
in '07, again, Margery and Earl, their off- 
spring, their spouses and 7 grands (7-1 8). 
They tented in Amboseli and the Masai 
Mara, used the same travel firm for all 3 
trips and the vibes were 1 00% harmonious 
for the entire trip. 

Flo, a small, successful surgery 
notwithstanding, returned to Raleigh, and 
she and Charles took 14 family members to 
their beach home, Figure 8, for Easter and 
hosted the Mother of All Easter Egg Hunts. 
About 60 kids in the 200 or so at the hunt, 
which featured 900 eggs. Realizing it's not 
environmentally correct, one hopes a bunch 
of those eggs were plastic or chocolate. Flo 
and Charles planned to take Clan Winston to 
AK on a cruise over the summer. Late word: 
Flo and Charles and assorted members 
of la familia flew to San Antonio only to 
see NC defeated, then added insult to 
injury that plane problems kept them in the 
Alamo City for an extra day. Flo did get to 
have a meal with her freshman roommate, 
Lucille Winerich Pipes Condolences to 
Lucille, whose husband, William, died in 
Feb. However, Lucille was blessed with a 
grandgirl and namesake, which we hope 
helps mitigate the loss of her spouse. 

One for the record books: can anyone 
imagine using hogs and bandbox Day 
Gibson Kerr in the same sentence? In 
the olden days this would be a Stop Press 
Item. Day and spouse Whitney have been 
battling creation of a 4,800 mega hog farm 
in their beloved MO village of Arrow Rock, 
established 1829 and bearing a National 
Historic Landmark Village designation. 
Day and Whitney restored an 1 849 home 
in the village located about 1 00 mi. from 
Kansas City. We wish you well in your battle. 
Day and hope you emerge victorious and 

From CA, Lainy Newton Peters 
supports spouse Gregg in his long standing 
fight with Parkinson's. Lainy is especially 
proud of astronomer son Mark Dickerson 
who was recently tenured at the National 
Optical Astronomy Observatory in Tucson. 
She took some time for herself to cruise 
with Cunard and looked forward to a trip 
later this year to Holland and Germany. Our 
other CA respondent, Dagmar Halmagyi 
Yon escaped the wind driven fires that 
devastated San Diego County last winter, 
though she and companion Bud were 
evacuated. Dagmar and Bud returned from 
a cruise in the Hawaiian Islands with an 
unwelcome guest, the bug or virus that 
causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which 
pretty well knocked Bud down for months. 
Dagmar says the CA climate is hard to beat, 
but when spring starts, her VA roots long for 
dogwood, redbuds, and rhododendrons. 

Jane Rather Thiebaud, make that Dr. 
Jane Rather Thiebaud (having completed 
her doctorate at U.ME last spring) is back 
in Geneva, where she lived for more than 

30 yrs. She spent wks early this year "re- 
energizing" at an Ayurvedic Center in India. 
Jane and I finally met up last summer in ME 
for wonderfully stimulating conversations 
over coffee and eggs at a funky little road- 
house halfway between our 2 homes. Jane 
and I fell into the 1 7th Century, France and 
England; she filled me in on the Marquise de 
Rambouillet (her doctoral subject) creator of 
the famed Blue Salon. I countered with Eng- 
lish civil war stories, censorship and Dread 
Oliver Cromwell. The locals and lobstermen 
tolerated us. 2 crazies from "away." 

The alumnae listing listed Stella Moore 
McClintock as residing in Vera Beach, FL, 
which caused me grave concern. PA was 
home, but it was hard to conjure Stella out 
of Andover, MA or the Cape Cod area. It was 
reassuring to learn that Stella and Jock are 
migratory for the time frame Jan.-Apr. and 
then back to the land of John Hancock. Our 
Lady of the Ferragamo Travel Shoes, Jane 
Fitzgerald Treherne-Thomas reassured 
me that Stella hadn't bailed. Jane and 
Best Friend Bill had dinner with Stella and 
Jock early this year, in Vero Beach. The 
Ferragamos earlier skipped to Venice about 
which Jane rhapsodized her communes with 
the shades of Monteverdi and Vivaldi, to 
name a couple of her musical heroes. Then 
it was off to cruise one side of Italy and then 
the other, ending in Roma. Jane missed the 
Chevy Chase luncheon, but says it's on her 
calendar for 1 2/8/08. 

The mea culpa chorus, composed of 
Baba Conway Debicki and Lou Wallace 
Wilemon reported after Notes were writ 
and emailed, but kindly editor Colleen 
Murray '06 granted me a few more inches. 
Lou, still in CA, sent a "Whoops, I'm late," 
then confessed she had won the CA Lottery 
(April Fool). Glad to have word from Lou who 
had to cancel her trip to reunion because 
had given her too much medicine and Lou's 
daughters were worried about a long solo 
flight; Baba, writing from KS, planned a 
driving trip to points north and east, hoping 
to see former classmates en route. It wasn't 
clear whether this was a permanent move, 
or whether she will return to the Land of Oz. 

In the last shall be first category, I saved 
news that our eminent classmate, earliest 
board member, Distinguished Alumnae, 
Anna "Chips" Chao Pai was to have 
delivered the commencement address to 
the Class of '08. Betsy Muhlenfeld, honorary 
member of this class and a very clever girl, 
invited Chips knowing she could inspire a 
group of upward bound young women. Chips 
continues traveling, another trip to Africa 
with a grandgirl (1 4), spent some time in a 
genuine bush camp, no running water or 
electricity, took a niece to France and was, 
with David, part of the SBC group in South 
America. And at the end of it all, Chips has 
literally thousands of first-class photographs 
to make it all real again and again. 

As for your cranky Class Secretary, 
Dudley and I will complete late spring our 

3-yr journey across Europe by waterway 
from the North Sea to the Black Sea, a 
tourney predicated on a 19th Century 
book I read at SBC called Sailing Across 
Europe. My instinct then is to call it quits 
with the Old World, and focus on wonderful 
wilderness trips available in the USA and 
Canada. Dudley and I were goggle-eyed at 
the Canadian polar bears in Nov., will stay 
out of the grizzlies way late summer in AK 
and have booked a Jan. trip to watch the 
wolves at Yellowstone. Then there are seals 
in Labrador to be seen, Canadian or Alaskan 
Northern Lights in monster in display, many, 
many good things and so easily available. 
My nearly 30-hr trip home from Hell and 
Heathrow Airport after a wonderful study 
course at Oxford last summer made me ask: 
WHY? As long as I can put Dudley on a flight 
to ME, then drive my dog Breeze to Camden 
each summer and beat the heat, AND watch 
critters in their natural habitat, there's little 
attractive about a ton of hours in a flying 
pipe, a pitiful dollar and languages I don't 

Word of honor: if each of you reading 
this set of Notes pledge to send news next 
time around, I pledge to be the happiest 
Class Secretary ever. 


Mrs. Edward J. Kuntz, Jr. 
222 Irving Ave 
Dayton, OH 45409 


;'C«'^-<> 3009: y.'«y 33-34, 300? 

Mary Ballou Ballentine 
6317 Three Chopt Rd 
Richmond, Virginia 23226 


Lura Coleman Wampler 
1406 Thomas Rd 
Wayne, PA 19087 

From Durham, NC, Judy Barnes Agnew 

reports that she spends time reading, 
playing bridge, and visiting grandchildren 
in Atlanta and NYC. Jane Allan is happy 
in Ormond Beach, FL. Ginger Newman 
Blanchard and Bob are now Florida 
residents, but still visit VA and NJ. They took 
a trip on The Sea CloudXo the Baltic to play 
golf. She's taking Spanish lessons so she 
can communicate with her AFS grandchil- 
dren in Buenos Aires. In Sept.. Ann Smith 
Bretscher and Bob celebrated their 46th 
anniversary at their home in Athens, GA. 
In winter, Nina Wilkerson Bugg and Bill 
enjoyed a cruise that departed from Chile 
and took them around Cape Horn and north 
to Buenos Aires. They were enthralled with 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Spring/Summer 2008 • 43 

the penguins, sea lions, and icebergs in 
Antarctica. Isabel Ware Burch continues 
to live in Williamsburg, VA. She's on the 
vestry of Bruton Parish Church. She travels 
to Philadelphia, PA, to visit her 2 sons and 
4 grandchildren. Sue Styer Cahill and 
I communicate almost daily with emails 
about animals, especially horses. She and 
Ed spent most of Feb. in Myrtle Beach, FL 
Winkie Wlmbish Chalfant and Ed live 
in Pointe Vedra Beach, FL, where he's on 
the staff of Christ Church. They love biking, 
walking, golfing, kayaking, reading, bridge, 
and volunteering. Lee Cullum hosts CEO, a 
series of TV interviews with business leaders 
for the PBS station in Dallas-Fort Worth. She 
also does radio commentaries for the NPR 
station in north TX and contributes columns 
to the Dallas Morning News. She sits on the 
boards of several organizations dealing with 
international studies and is a senior fellow 
at the Tower Center for Political Studies at 

In winter, Ellie Crosby Erdman 
visited Austria and Spain where she inhaled 
great opera performances and concerts. 
She and David live in ME and visit the 9 
grandchildren they "share." In Feb., Lucy 
Martin Gianino played the leading role in 
a production of Doubtin Syracuse, NY. We 
have the joy of sharing 2 grandchildren as 
my son married her daughter, Gemina. We 
spend precious time together on Fire Island, 
NY, where Lucy and husband Jack have 
a house. He is Production Stage Manager 
for the Women's Project in Manhattan; her 
other daughter, Antonia, is stage manager 
for the Lion King, and son Gian-Murray is 
an actor. Last Jul , Nancy Corson Gibbes 
took a trip to Turkey. Her jaunt included a 
home stay, hikes, sightseeing on a gullet 
(converted fishing boat), and a hot air bal- 
loon ride. In the fall she traveled to Croatia; 
she's not sitting still! 

Barbara Murphy Hale and Phil 
finished building a house on the eastern 
shore of MD. They love the area and all its 
flora and fauna. She's involved in her church 
and community activities. "A" Massie Hill 
enjoys her activities in Atlanta, GA. Patricia 
Russell Howard will celebrate her 70th 
birthday by taking a trip to England and 
France in Jun.. She loves to tour battlefields, 
cemeteries, and memorials of WW I. At 
home, she draws and paints full time. Heidi 
Wood Huddleston and retired husband 
Joe split their time between Hilton Head, SC, 
and Bowling Green, KY. Last fall they took a 
marvelous trip to Spain where they stayed 
with an old friend from h. s. Then, they 
rented a car and drove along the northern 
coast, staying in Spain's beautiful paradores, 
and ended up in Barcelona. Gwen Speel 
Kaplan moved to Richmond, VA, in Nov. to 
be close to her daughter there. She's also 
not far from her son in McLean, VA, Thanks 
to computers, she works remotely part time. 

So nice to hear from one of my senior 
SBC suitemates Min Ho Kwaan! She lives 

in Palo Alto, CA, and travels to Asia at least 
twice a year, always starting and ending her 
trips with a visit in Hong Kong. Jane Riddle 
Lancaster and John have the travel bug. In 
fall, they rented a house in Italy for a week; 
then cruised to French Polynesia. In Feb. 
they took a cruise from Buenos Aires to Rio 
de Janeiro. They'll spend summer in the NC 
mountains. Both Ann Crowell Lemmon 
and Nina Wilkerson Bugg participated 
in the annual Living Room Learning study 
sponsored by the Atlanta SBC club. This 
year, the 2-mo. program focused on south- 
ern women writers. From Santa Fe, NM, 
Peggy Cook Lunt writes that a year ago 
she and husband David took a memorable 
trip to Israel. Crossing through between 
Israel and Palestine is an experience she 
will not forget. In Jul. they reveled in the 
tradition of a 4th of July parade in Bristol, Rl, 
where her 2 sisters live. 

Last summer, Maline Gilbert McCalla 
had several receptions and signings for 
a book entitled Cossio del Pomar in San 
Miguel de Allende. This is her translation of 
the memoirs of Cossio del Pomar, a painter, 
writer, historian, educator, and political 
leader. He was largely responsible for trans- 
forming San Miguel, TX, from a dusty village 
in the 1 930s into a vibrant arts center. He's 
the founder of the Universitaria de Bellas 
Artes and a co-founder of the Institute 
Allende. Her motivation was to make his 
memoirs available to the non-Spanish read- 
ing public. Maline, who is a practicing artist, 
earned a MFA from the Institute in '03. Lee 
Cullum hosted a reception for her in Dallas 
in Oct.. Betsy Buechner Morris and Monty 
spend 3-4 mo. a year on the sea. This past 
winter, their Gulfstar 39 sloop took them 
from FL to Brazil. When not on board, they 
reside in Marblehead, ME. Linda Sims 
Newmark and Bob spent time in their 
CO home where she sees Mary Anne 
Claiborne Johnston They plan to return 
to spend time in Salem SC. Bob has been a 
patient at M.D. Anderson in Houston TX for 
almost 5 yrs. Their visits sometimes coin- 
cide with those of Tucky McFall Ziebold 
and John, as she too is receiving treatments 
there. Recently, I had a pleasant lunch with 
Carol Barnard Ottenberg, whose mother 
lives in a retirement home in my area. She 
and noted anthropologist husband Simon 
live in Seattle, WA, and spend summers 
in ME. It's wonderful to reconnect with 
someone after 48 yrs! Liz Few Penfield 
and Teddy Hill still live in New Orleans where 
they volunteer and help the economy by 
eating in restaurants. This spring they took 
a trip to Antarctica; Liz said that they figured 
they better go before all the ice melts! Patti 
Powell Pusey wrote from Boca Grande, FL, 
where she and Bill spend 7 winter wks. They 
took a trip to Brazil last summer and another 
to South Africa in Mar. 

Elizabeth "B" Schwab Stephen has 
fallen in love in her golden years and will 
marry in Charlevoix, Ml, in Aug. 

From SC, Ellen Pringle Read sees a 
lot of Louise Jenkins Maybank and also 
enjoyed visits with Jane Ellis Covington 
and Ary Jane Lotterhos Lyle Mary Laird 
Silvia took a cruise to Central America and 
Bermuda and another from Tahiti to Fiji. She 
concludes with "isn't retirement wonder- 
ful." Rhett Ball Thagard is crazy about 
their new condo in Birmingham, AL; no yard 
work! Sally Underbill Viault and Birdsall 
are thrilled that his Modern European History 
is in its 20th printing. It found a good market 
with Advanced Placement students and is 
available at Amazon, where it has received 
excellent reviews. He previously published 3 
other history books and has been supported 
and aided by his able wife! Jane Tatman 
Walker wrote from Sarasota, FL, where she 
and Frank spend the winter. She described 
a trip to several Caribbean islands en route 
to the Panama Canal and then to Costa 
Rica, where they experienced the adventure 
of hanging from a zip line as it took them 
down a mountain from a height of 4000 ft. 
Jane says there will not be a repeat of this 
feat! Winnie Ward loves NH where she and 
her husband savor the out-of-doors and the 
area offers. She's involved with the Histori- 
cal Society, a conservation committee, and a 
local amateur theater. They love to hike and 
did so last year in Bhutan. This year their 
spring trip took them to Maho Bay on St 
John, VI. Dotty Westby and Jerry Farguhar 
flew in their Aztec out to CO and WY last fall 
to visit children. This spring they traveled on 
the boat Watchout to the Bahamas, where 
they plan to stay until Sept. Gail Hayman 
Wilson has no trouble adjusting to retire- 
ment. She and her husband spent winter in 
Kiawah, SC, where she visited with Dottie 
Barnwell Kerrison living in Charleston. 
Tucky McFall Ziebold has been battling 
ill health for guite some time. This spring, 
when doctors decided to give her a break 
from chemo, she and John took advantage 
of the respite by taking a cruise from Fort 
Lauderdale to the Panama Canal, several 
islands and Costa Rica and then back to 
FL I, Lura Coleman Wampler, continue 
to keep too busy with flower shows, judging 
horticulture, church activities, my school 
alumni board, tutoring chemistry students 
and, best of all, my 6 grandchildren. 2 of 
the latter live in Greenville, SC, so I hope 
to see some of our classmates who are in 
that area. Next spring, my article will take a 
very different tack. Since we have reached 
the stage where many of us are traveling, I 
would like each of you to describe (2-3 sen- 
tences) a memorable trip, however humble 
or fancy, that you would recommend to the 
rest of us. Please take the initiative to write/ 
email me so I can include your selection. 
Love to all! 


Mrs. Jean A. Sharland 
1724 Aberdeen Circle 
Crofton, MD 21114 

There's guite a bit of Good News. 
Keepin' up with several of us is FeeFee 
Mathews Tingley, who reports that Mary 
Denny Scott Wray and Emily Fitzhugh 

trekked through the flora of Costa Rica late 
last winter. FeeFee enjoys life in Wilming- 
ton, NC, especially the Easter visit from 
part-time neighbors Ruth Jones Bassett 
and Charley. Ruth and Charley are repairing 
their Martinsville, VA home after a basement 
fire last fall that caused extensive damage. 
No one was hurt. FeeFee and Charley spent 
Mar. sailing aboard a 65' Swan through the 
Grenadines with an Austrian Captain and 
his Turkish cook: "Fabulous food, wine, and 
snorkeling in those blue Caribbean waters." 
They enjoyed the ACC basketball Tourney, 
even though Charley's UVA team lost in the 
1st round. 

Chloe Lansdale Pitard says "retire- 
ment is a wonderful way of life." She still 
"goes to work" every day, just doing differ- 
ent, i.e. unpaid, things. 

Back in Apr, Celia Williams Dunn 
attended the Friends of Art Board meeting 
at SBC, a group which she feels is very 
important to the coll. Celia Dunn Realty 
continues to expand around Savannah and 
the SC coast. 

On Sat. before Christmas, Janna 
Staley Fitzgerald married Hans 0. Tiefel, 
retired professor emeritus of religion and 
ethics. She's keeping Fitzgerald as her 
name. They live in Williamsburg, VA, both 
are avid gardeners. 

Judy Harris Cutting and Tom cele- 
brated their 50th anniversary and are grate- 
ful for their health. They drove to Madison, 
Wl, to spend Christmas with both children 
and 5 grands. Son Sam (41) and a Davidson 
grad, is a senior economist there with a 
small consulting firm. The snow was as tall 
as she, but a unigue experience for all, es- 
pecially the grand triplets from Dallas who'd 
never seen or tasted snow so high nor 
temps so low. Her assignment for the 2 wks 
was to produce the evening meal for 1 0, 
which got her "out of the way and deemed 
useful." They attended a family wedding in 
Fort Smith, AR, and while there, purchased 
a 2nd home to enjoy a few times a year for 
Razorback games and family gatherings. It's 
her husband's home town, which he left at 
1 8 and to which he is returning part time. 
Judy's not ready to give up Richmond. 
The KS Legislature still concerns Alicia 
Laing Salisbury. In Apr, she and John flew 
to San Antonio to cheer on the U. KS in the 
Final Four, fond as she is of her NC friends. 
In May, she traveled to Taiwan representing 

44 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


the Republican National Committee, a trip 
sponsored by a Taiwanese economic and 
cultural group. She's busy on the committee 
for the Republican Convention in Sept., and 
on Sen. McCain's KS campaign. 

Two more travelers are Suzanne Carr 
Fitzgerald and Michael. In Mar., the 
South Pacific, returning home for their usual 
St. Patrick's Day dinner party, then a visit 
from daughter Claiborne to participate in 
their club's member/guest golf tournament. 
In May, a MS River cruise. Now. they're 
readying themselves for a visit to Russia and 
Scandinavia. Happy trails to all. 




Parry Ellice Adam 
33 Pleasant Run Rd 
Flemington, NJ 08822 

Fran Early is still involved with the Greater 
Boston Interfaith Organization, which pro- 
moted the passing of the MA breakthrough 
healthcare law. The group is responsible for 
encouraging neighborhood parents to par- 
ticipate in fostering child safety from urban 
crime. To hear an interview with Fran online 
visit: httpJ/www. congregationalresources. 
org/interviewEariy.asp. She's finding evangeli- 
cal churches, many immigrant ones, very 
supportive of her causes. She has also spent 
6 wks in Panajachel polishing her Spanish. 

Brooke Hamilton Mackinnon and I 
agree on the "hard copy" for communication, 
tried and true. She and Gillis love living in 
Cashiers, NC, with many SBC connections. 
Gillis' 3 children are married with 5 collective 
grandchildren. Hunter is a bachelor in Bir- 
mingham, with a film production company. 
Everyone will be in CO with Gillis' family in 
Aug., then on to Glacier National Park. They 
had all of Brooke's family (80+) last Jul. with 
the mountains as a perfect backdrop. Brooke 
loves everything and everybody concern- 
ing SBC. She belongs to 5 book groups 
and sees all new literary fine arts movies. 
"Haven't changed much," she says. 

Willie Ann "Puddin" Newbury Lan- 
sing and Warner still enjoy Boca Raton in 
their continuing care retirement community. 
She "hasn't cooked in 9 yrs." (My type of 
gal!) They're taking a Thanksgiving cruise 
in celebration of Warner's 90th birthday 
with his children. She bought a townhome 
in Versaille, KY, where they hope to spend 
several months in the Bluegrass ... and 
back in the kitchen. 

Mary Stekettee MacDonald drove 
10,000 mi. to meet friends and family and 
visit Glacier National Park, OR, and Yosem- 
ite. After a visit to Chautauqua, NY, with 
her sisters, she traveled on an Elderhostel 
program to Greece. She went to FL for a 
short trip, then worked before a week-long 
ski trip to Whistler. Obviously, she hasn't 
slowed down a bit. 

Ms. Jane H. Goodridge 
Charleston, SC 

These notes won't be read until long after 
our 45th Reunion is over. Much of the news 
I've received has to do with who is coming 
to Reunion and who unfortunately cannot — 
at the moment quite a few of us are antici- 
pating spending that time together. Everyone 
put May of 2013 on your calendars right 
now in indelible ink and plan to attend our 
(gasp!) 50th Reunion! 

The highlight for us this time will be 
the presentation of our own Betty Stanly 
Cates as the year's Outstanding Alumna. 
We'll honor her with a picnic Fri. night and 
applaud her and hear her response Sat. 
morning. So it's appropriate to start with her 
news which is, as usual, doing good works 
for SBC. She held her annual SB Event in 
Vera Beach, 2/13/08. President Muhlenfeld 
was present; Prof. Tracy Hamilton gave 
a lecture at the Vera Beach Museum of 
Art; and Betty entertained over 40 people 
for cocktails following the lecture. Earlier 
this month Betty had dinner with Nancy 
Caldwell Briggs and Bobby and Betty 
Noland Caravati and Charlie. She planned 
to spend Easter in Jacksonville and visit with 
Meta Bond Magevney. 

Class President Stevie Fontaine 
Keown is hard at work on our Reunion 
plans with one small hitch — her daughter 
will produce her 2nd grandchild either right 
before, during, or after Reunion! Stevie 
says "I told her her timing was terrible!" 
Stevie is not the only grandmother-to-be. 
Rinda King deBeck is expecting her 5th 
grandchild in Sept., but this will be the 1 st 
for her son Christian, a surgeon in Wilming- 
ton Betsy Parker McColl is thrilled that 
daughter Eliza is expecting her 1st in Sept. 
Betsy says: "When we got the happy news 
I rushed right out and bought a "how-to" 
book for grandparents and hope I will pass 
the test!" Betsy ran into Punch Harris 
Wray and Anne Leavell Reynolds and 
their husbands at the National Cathedral 
in Mar. 

Lea Osborne Angell is up to 6 grands 
now, 5 boys and 1 girl. Sadly Lea cannot 
come to Reunion as she had a hip replaced 
in Dec. and the other is scheduled for Apr. 
She promises to be at our 50th "totally 
bionic, 2 knees and 2 hips." She anticipates 
a move to Rl in May. Another who can't 
make it is Cathy Detmar Nicholls She'll 
have just returned to the UK after visiting 
her daughter in Berkeley, CA, but she has 
sent a fabulous contribution for our Reunion 

You grandmothers are pikers! Julia 
Arnold Morey and Russ are expecting their 
3rd great-grandchild in Aug! They continue 

lots ot volunteer work in their home town of 
Lewes, DE, and are active in curtailing ram- 
pant and poorly planned development. They 
won a major victory to prevent a regional 
shopping center on the outskirts of their 
historic little town. Julia says "The 'people' 
can still be heard!" 

Julia expects to be at Reunion as does 
Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz who has 
been spending time in FL. Keitt Matheson 
Wood and Frank will visit their old haunts 
in Paris, TX, in early May with a stopover in 
Irving to see Heinz and me, and then she's 
off to Reunion. Her roommate will be Mar- 
garet Millender Holmes who says she has 
started riding again and "hopes to see the 
campus from the back of a horse." 

Lyn Clark Pegg reports: "Our fam- 
ily's focus on Latin America has become 
more personal this year with the birth of 
our grandson in Bogota, Columbia, and in 
Mar. I'll visit our son and his family there. 
My ongoing fascination with Nicaragua 
continues by leading another Witness for 
Peace delegation to Isla Ometepe in June." 
Katherine Haskell Subramanian spent 9 
days in Ecuador in Feb. at an essential oils 
training program. She took a bus trip from 
Quito to Guayaquil, saw parts of the coun- 
tryside. Next on her list is the Galapagos. 
Katherine still teaches classes in medical 
essential oils and sings with a choral group. 
Jane Yardley Amos and John had a won- 
derful trip to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil in 
Jan. The high point was crossing the lakes 
from Chile to Bariloche, Argentina. Lynn 
Carol Blau and Jeffery divide their time 
between West Hartford, CT, where Jeffery is 
expanding his Radiology practice and their 
NYC apt. They returned from an exciting trip 
to Macchu Pichu. 

Ginger Cates Mitchell had a wonder- 
ful "adventure" to Egypt and Jordan last 
winter. She and Ed spend time at their 
2nd home in Spring Island, SC, and saw 
a number of other alumnae there. Jane 
Goodridge and George left 4/1 1 for a 2-wk 
Mediterranean cruise on the Seabourn 
Pride. Jane is hard at work raising funds 
for our Reunion gift. Jean Meyer Aloe will 
be in Paris at a poetry writing workshop in 
May. She's halfway to an M.A. in creative 
writing. Sallie Yon Williams spent 3 mo. 
last winter in Switzerland during which time 
her son Courtney and wife Nazli became the 
parents of Mehmet Emyr Williams. She'll 
return to Verbier in Jul. for the music festival 
there where she serves on the board of the 
American Friends of the Festival. 5 of her 
books will be on display at the Alumnae 
Book Exhibit during Reunion. 

Lisa Wood Hancock spent the first 4 
mo. of the year working for H&R Block doing 
other people's taxes! She and Pete together 
with her sister Katie Wood Clarke '65 and 
husband Dick Clarke anticipate a trip to AK 
in Aug. Finally, Heinz and I (Allie Stem- 
mons Simon) will cruise the Norwegian 
fjords in late Jun.-early Jul., then back to 

CO for the rest of the summer. But first. 


Virginia "Ginny" deBuys 
H16 Shirley Lane 
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 

Virginia "VM" Del Greco Galgano writes, 
"The loveliest SBC thing I've done is to see 
friends. I met Ginny, Anne Day Herrmann 
and Anne Litle Poulet in NYC for a mini re- 
union. I want everyone's tips on retirement." 
And so she does. There I was, 30 days into 
retirement, and VM wanted to know "ev- 
erything." Well, you'll find "the scoop" here 
VM. We both were asking "How could our 
45th Reunion be in just over a year?" Please 
save the dates May 24-26, 2009. (Yes, if 
necessary, change the wedding dates!). I, 
Ginny, am free of my NY commute, enjoying 
myself. I celebrated my birthday with room- 
mate Milbrey Sebring Raney '65 and family 
in their "green" house in Austin, and will be 
off to NM and CO soon. For the record, the 
cake had a 6 on it. 

Anne Poulet still enjoys work as director 
of the Frick Collection. I see Anne Herrmann 
between travels and enjoy stories of the 
students she tutors. Ashton Barfield 
reports: "As for retirement, I've found 
that it keeps changing (and so do I), but 
that it's all wonderful. Like most retirees, 
I'm so busy I can hardly see straight and 
wonder how I found time to work! I keep in 
regular touch with Donna Josey in NYC 
when she's not in Jackson Hole, WY. She's 
well, still beautiful and has a darling little 
girl. Donna, of course, is ageless so she 
can handle it." Jean Walker Campbell 
has been married 32 yrs to John Campbell, 
recently retired from Goldman Sachs. They 
have 2 daughters and 2 grandsons. Jean 
is pursuing a career as an actress, most 
recently as Mrs. Alving in Ibsen's Ghosts, 
one of the wonderful roles she has had in 
NYC Off-Broadway Theater. Excerpts from 
a review by David Stallings read: " . . Jean 
Walker delivers and then some. . .From the 
moment she walked on stage, the audience 
believed every word she uttered, and was 
concerned for her fragile self. . .At times, 
the audience forgets she is an actress, as 
she affected no airs, but rather played the 
part with heart. It is always a relief when the 
lead proves to be the scene-stealer, for no 
one could take their eyes off of Ms. Walker." 
Congratulations are in order to Tina Pat- 
terson Murray who completed the (500 
page) dissertation required for her Ph.D. 
"Both Renee, my daughter, and I completed 
our Ph.D. at Fordham U. in the language, 
literacy and learning program. I'll continue to 
teach at John Jay Coll. in the communica- 
tions skills dept. that will be combined with 
the speech and theatre dept. This should 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 45 

be no surprise to those who remember my 
interests at SBC! Renee and Brad had a 
baby girl, Farrah Renee Tobin, in Oct. Now 
I have 3 beautiful granddaughters, all 5 yrs 
and under. I spend free time with a friend 
I met in Sun Valley almost 3 yrs ago who 
has his own business in D.C. This brings 
me from NY to Kilmarnock, at the Northern 
Neck of VA, where he has a country home 
on the water. At Sun Valley, ID, I ski on 
Baldy Mt. with a pass that broadcasts 
"I'm a senior." Skiing in Chile in Jul., I'm 
counting on being a secret senior. See you 
at the next reunion!" Nancy Lynah Hood 
and husband enjoy their Oxford penthouse. 
"The 1 st year we ate out on the terraces 
overlooking the Mill Stream and St George's 
Tower every night in Jun. and Jul. This year 
we watched it rise and rise in the floods, 
but were spared. Roger has more work in 
China, so we'll go back several times this 
year. Last year we went to the Summer 
Palace in Chengde, Buddhist caves in 
Datong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou, 
traveling between trips. I'm going to Italy to 
finish looking at the works of my artist, 
Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, known as II Sodoma 
(yes) in Siena and Florence. Soon, it'll be 
time to look for a publisher! Needless to say, 
retirement, no mortgage and downsized, is 
great! Oxford is a great centre for visiting 
London. Those over 60 (even visitors!) get 
cheap bus fare to London (about $1 0), with 
frequent service all night." Clarita deKont 
Bhat is contemplating retirement after 
teaching this spring. "In the future, I might 
teach online-hybrid chemistry courses. I 
tried that for the 1 st time this term (it's a 
lot of work!). Students still come to school 
to take exams and do the lab. Philosophi- 
cally, I don't like online science courses, but 
decided to try it. My husband is retired; we 
plan to move to a smaller place. We drive 4 
hrs to Portland, OR, to babysit our 2 darling 
grandsons (both the parents are doctors, 
never home). My other daughter and son-in- 
law live in Seattle (she works for a Biotech 
company; he's getting a pharmacy degree 
from U. Washington). Free time is spent 
learning Italian, Sanskrit (yes, it's a sheer 
challenge), running, cross-country skiing in 
winter, and spending time with family. I'm 
involved with our local ACS chapter and am 
alternate councilor and chair of the educa- 
tion committee. Lee Daughtridge Turner 
says: "I could retire age-wise, but I'm having 
WAY TOO much fun working as program as- 
sistant to the women's gymnastics coaches 
and team (U. of FL at Gainsville). It keeps 
body and brain chugging at warp speed 
for a person resigned to Medicare! This job 
combines the opportunity to work with intel- 
ligent, talented women with the benefit of 
attending exciting sport events — the best of 
both worlds. Tops is being "Nana" to daugh- 
ter Jenna's Ava (3) and Maddox (1). Wheel" 
Lynn Youngs Esmay and Dick celebrated 
her social security birthday in Umbria, Amalfi 
Coast, and Sicily in 9/07; "this summer 

we'll be home at Lake George, enjoying 
visits from our children and grandchildren, 
including my 3 grandsons from France. Dick 
and I have enjoyed having Dottie Norris 
Schipper and Jan (from Greenville, SC) visit 
us in Naples. We seem to have more time to 
reach across the miles and get together now 
that our children are grown and have fami- 
lies of their own." As Mimi Couch Tesch- 
ner reports: "Old roomies Lynn, Ann Sims 
Fauber, and Mimi were hosted by Susan 
Bronson Croft in 10/07 at her homes in 
Atlanta and Lake Burton, GA. She gathered 
an additional SBC '64 group one evening: 
Lynn, Ann, Susan, Mimi, Nancy Hall Green, 
Harriet Houston Schaffer and Jane 
Bradley Wheeler. An engaging time for all: 
everyone active, involved, and looking terrific 
at 65! I still work in fundraising as director 
of development for the Aspen Music Festival 
and School, retirement an elusive goal. Feel 
privileged, however, to have spent almost 
40 yrs in a remarkable community. Aspen's 
small-town mountain attractions, coupled 
with larger international endeavors, continue 
to inspire." Dottie Norris Schipper says 
"yes, Lynn is as beautiful as ever." I see 
Caroline Keller Theus every summer in 
the mountains. She's in great shape and 
can hike up vertical mountains without a 
break. I stayed with Harriet Houston Shaf- 
fer in Atlanta for one of my ballroom dance 
competitions. Much to the amusement of 
friends and grandchildren, I have enough 
false eyelashes and beaded costumes to 
open a store. Great glamorous fun, this 
ballroom dancing, and good exercise. I 
still take photographs, and am involved 
with The Nature Conservancy Stephanie 
Stokes finds: "it's hard to retire when 
you've spent 25 yrs building a business and 
a name, so after turning down one job offer 
and one merger offer, I decided to keep my 
business going as I have fantastic com- 
missions, including work on an apt. in the 
(renovated) Plaza hotel. I did reduce space 
to reduce costs and am managing to travel 
about 4 months a year. I've been published 
in 3 magazines so far in '08 including the 
Robb Report. I spent a month in Egypt and 
will be in southern France and Saltzberg for 
6 wks in the heat of the summer. My clients 
offer me exceptional challenges. So why 
retire? Diane Hatch hasn't had the best 
year, but we expect Brodie, her 4-legged 
companion (8), to set things right in time 
for reunion. Dona Van Arsdale Jones 
celebrated her son's marriage "to a great 
girl in Breckenridge, CO, 7/07. They live in 
Denver where Tim finished his MBA and 
works for Price Waterhouse. My daughter 
Emily, who lives near us, is getting her Ph.D. 
in health policy in Washington while working 
full time for a D.C. think tank. Carleton 
semi-retired this year; we enjoy traveling 
and a new boat!" 

Kitty Griffith and Mike, retired in Fear- 
rington Village in NC says she's "more busy 
than I was when I was working. I'm 

secretary of the county Democratic Party 
and write about politics for a local 
newspaper, The Chatham County Line. No 
complaints, except it's too hot here in the 
summer, so we take off for ME in Aug." 
While painting, gardening, enjoying 
grandsons, and being a docent at the 
Sackler museum, Marsh Metcalf 
Seymour travels. "Jack, son Randle, and I 
took a wonderful self-designed trip along 
the Silk Road to the far western area of 
Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Province and 
worked our way back, taking in Muslim, 
Tibetan Buddhist, and Daoist architecture 
and art. We saw beautiful places, from 
alpine lakes to the 2nd lowest place on 
earth (temperature: 115 degrees F), ending 
this part of the trip at the Labrang 
Monastery in Gansu Province. Then we 
visited the coastal area near Hangzhou, 
Suzhou, and Shanghai, with a side trip to 
the imperial kiln sites at Jingdezhen. For my 
65th, my men let me spend an entire day in 
the Shanghai Museum, and then they took 
me to a "fusion" restaurant in the old French 
concession. This was our 3rd visit in China, 
and the best because it was just the 3 of us, 
plus guide and driver. La vie est belle, 
n'est-ce pas?" Libby Kopper Scholleart 
went to China for 2 wks "for the 1 00th 
anniversary of the founding by my 
grandfather (Dr. Claude Marshall Lee), a 
medical missionary, of a hospital in Wuxi 
(near Shanghai). It was St.Andrew's 
Hospital, is now People's Hospital #2. Our 
trip included a visit beforehand to Beijing, 
Xian, Guilin, and Shanghai. I won a 
competition for 3 wks in Switzerland and 
Belgium this summer, for French teachers. 
I'll be in Geneva, then Liege, Belgium. Then 
1 more yr as a French teacher! Mary 
Fitzhugh Miller sends "Greetings from 
Burkina Faso (West Africa). Retirement is 
great and especially the travel." Angie 
Whaley LeClercq and Fred have traveled 
with SBC 3 times in recent years (Sicily, 
Scotland, and France). The most recent 
(8/07) was to the Dordogne Valley to see the 
caves of Lascaux. SBC through Melissa 
Coffey '98 and the alumnae office does a 
magnificent job with these tours. The 
arrangements were wonderful, much fun 
was had by all. Rosamond Sample Brown 
is "enjoying life between my dwellings in 
Dallas and San Diego, with an annual trip 
out of the country. I'll go to France in the 
fall. May be my last trip for a while until the 
dollar strengthens. Fortunately, my health is 
good and my children are fine. I love 
company and my guestroom is always ready 
for a classmates. Lynne Crowe Smith 
While I officially retired in 1 1/07 to preserve 
benefits, I still work. However, work does 
help pay for the trips I enjoy including ones I 
call BOM (Bank of Mom) trips such as the 
wedding of my nephew in Stockholm last 
Jun. It was great to get my 3 (unmarried) 
children there, David (37) came from 
Budapest where he lives and Sandy (36) 

and Margaret (34) came. For my birthday in 
Oct. I took a trip to South Africa, Botswanna, 
Namibia, and Zimbabwe. The animal life 
was fantastic. However, the plight of the 
people, especially in Zimbabwe and most 
especially the women, is horrific. The 
number of people affected by HIV/Aids is 
close to a billion in those 4 countries alone 
according to our guide. I briefly met Julia 
deColigny's son as he was getting on the 5 
passenger plane I had just exited. I took my 
2nd SBC alumnae trip to Tahiti (1 st trip in 
'77 was also Tahiti) with my daughter in 
Feb. There were a bunch of participants 
near her age, which was great. Even better, 
they let me hang out with them. Dagi Stoll 
Murphy says: "I'm not planning to retire 
yet. Still enjoying my job with General Mills 
and doing some traveling. Christmas, John 
and I spent time with our daughter, 
husband, and his parents in Cologne, 
Germany. After Christmas, we enjoyed a few 
days along the Rhine before visiting my 
relatives near Stuttgart. In Jan., I went hiking 
with friends in Phoenix and Sedona. Next 
Sept., it's the Austrian Alps. Hiking to various 
heights keeps me going. Nothing better than 
the view of the world from a mountain top." 
Mary Ball Morton and I [Ginny] will get 
together before the year is out! She was 
chair of the Wilmington Garden tour, which I 
would have attended, if not on vacation. 
Vera LeCraw Carvaillo writes: "We 
haven't managed retirement yet. Our son 
Jean-Phlippe and wife Aurelie had a 
beautiful baby girl, 1 2/1 5/07. We're all silly 
over her. Our grandson is already 15!" 
Susan Dwelle Baxter moved to Ponte 
Vedra Beach, FL, when Bill retired from St. 
Thomas' Garrison Forest (after 28 years as 
rector). "I'm still working as a travel agent 
out of our new home and still connected to 
my agency in Baltimore. We love being in FL 
and it's back home for me. It's a big change 
and we're still settling in. Bill plays lots of 
tennis and helping out at our local parish, 
Christ Episcopal Church Ponte Vedra. 
Jacksonville is next door so I see lots of old 
friends and my sister who is close by (we 
all live in "Sawgrass")." M.C. Elmore 
Harrell is a new grandmother to Caroline 
Hughes Corby 3/24/08. Mother Sue lives in 
Annapolis, MD. "I won't see her until after 
4/15 as I'm a full-time CPA in Jacksonville. I 
was in VA around Thanksgiving and dropped 
by SB campus. I had fun taking pictures of 
the old train station (I didn't know that it had 
moved to campus!). My son, a VATech 
graduate, has a home in Blacksburg. My 
husband and I are looking for property in VA 
for retirement (if we ever can!). I spent quite 
a bit of time in VA in fall exploring from 
Abingdon to Charlottesville and lots of points 
in between." Sally Gump Berryman says 
she "aher '52 Ford tractor are still 2 good, 
hard-working antiques. I'm thrilled to be 
where I am, with my 3 shelter dogs and 2 
foster horses. I'm involved with the Humane 
Society and with Junior Golfers. I love 

46 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

watching them grow with good character, 
life skills, and energy 1 " Mary Duer Colen 
sent a Christmas letter (which this year I 
didn't lose!) with a picture of her 4 adorable 
grandchildren. Daughter Jennifer's Eleanor 
Anderson is new! Caroline with blond hair 
and a winning smile looks like you know 
who! "We went to HI with Ambler, Jack and 
children, and went to Vera Beach for the 
annual golf outing for Joe's fraternity. This 
event brings friends together from all over 
the country that we have known for half a 
century. When in Philadelphia, most 
weekends we head to the Eastern Shore to 
our farm." Sheila Carroll Cooprider says 
that she, husband Chuck, Grace Mary 
Oates and Wally happened to be in Rome 
the same week. We live 2 hrs apart, but do 
you think we take advantage of that? 
Anyway, Rome is Grace Mary's favorite 
place so we saw everything and had a great 
visit. "Pantheon at 9?" I'm still half time at 
Christ Church as assistant. It's nice not to 
be in charge, but I enjoy preaching, etc. Still 
wonder how "to do" retirement. Have 
various family visits planned and trips to 
Mexico and Italy." Linda Lee McAndrew: "I 
don't see retirement in the near future. I 
guess that when you have kids late every- 
thing gets pushed off! I'm working for 
Children's Aid Society as a family therapist 
for at risk-teens and their families and 
supervising a team of people doing the 
same. What's left of my dance life is 
working with a performance improvisation 
group directed by Margie Beals." Jackie 
Nicholson Wysong has redone 3 rooms in 
the house she loves in VA and bought a big 
TV/VCR/DVD. "My children are so proud. 
Daughter Mary (40) and husband Chris with 
2 granddaughters Grace (6) and Cate (3) live 
nearby. Son David (36) and wife Donna are 
also nearby and expecting a son in May. Son 
Matthew (31) and wife Carrie live in Denver 
with Paige (2) who was born prematurely in 
'06 at 2 lbs, 1 3.5 oz. She's now thriving. I'm 
going to Egypt and Jordan in October with 
friends. Looking forward to experiencing a 
new culture and recalling ancient history 
facts." Hedi Haug White: "Tom and I spend 
the greatest amount of time in our upstate 
vacation home, Big Indian, NY, where we ski 
in winter and enjoy the Belleayre Music 
Festival on whose board Tom serves in the 
summer. I commute 3 days a wk to the city 
where I work in the family real estate 
business and local community planning 
board. We travel. I can't believe the birthday 
we celebrated this year, but over all, this is a 
nice period in our lives." Caroline Tate 
Noojin reports a miracle. "I've been treated 
for Macular Degeneration for the last couple 
of years, a maternal inheritance. Mine 
entered the "wet" stage and I couldn't see. I 
now have injections of Lucestin once a 
month and my sight has been restored!" 
Caroline says to call her if you are interested 
in this new treatment (contact Ginny or SBC 
for her number). After a 3-year (long!) 

renovation, Nancy Hall Green and 

Holcombe plan to move into a townhouse in 
Atlanta (in Buckhead) at the end of Apr. "Our 
younger son Frank is marrying a wonderful 
girl. Molly Middleton, in Jun. in Jackson 
Hole, WY. They live in NY, but vacationed in 
Jackson Hole. Holcombe had major back 
surgery in early Mar. We're hoping for a 
slow dance at the wedding if not to see him 
kick up his heels. Please, everyone, respond 
generously to the solicitations for the new 
Athletic Center. We need it badly at Sweet 
Briar to compete with other women's 
colleges. Even prep schools and high 
schools have better Athletic facilities than 
we do. This has to change!" Susan 
Thorndike Hunt retired from payroll 
manager for a large company and then was 
rehired in a different dept. part time. "I 
needed that flexibility as youngest daughter 
Mary Elizabeth married a wonderful man, 
Juan Antonio, in Barcelona in Sept. They live 
in London. 2nd daughter Carolyn, in Beverly 
Hills, will give us our 1st grandchild (a boy) 
this year. In Feb.. my sister and I took a 
2-wk cruise through the Panama Canal. God 
blessed me with 3 wonderful daughters, 
good friends, and good health." Nina 
Sledge Burke wrote and published a book. 
"3 yrs ago I wrote, edited, and designed a 
book, The Plantations of St. Bartholomew's 
Parish," plantationsofsaintbartholomewsparis, a coffee table picture book featuring 
27 plantations in Colleton County, SC, where 
Frank and I spend the winter. The book 
benefits the local historical society where I 
serve on the board. It won several local 
awards, was featured on television and in a 
SC section of Southern Living magazine. 
After 23 yrs, I retired from the board of 
Stratford Hall, Robert E. Lee's birthplace in 
Westmoreland County, VA. However, rest 
was short. 2 yrs ago, I started a fox hunting 
club, the Low Country Hunt, and am now 
Master of Foxhounds (with 2 others). The 
club has 80 members (all amazing to me!). 
To list all of the SBC alumnae I see would 
take up most of the column, but hunt club 
members include: Erika Marshall '84, 
Elizabeth Sher '85, and Lucille Morrison '67. 
Frank and I still spend summers in 
Highlands, NC. Daughter Eleanor, in Atlanta, 
has given us a grandchild, Will (6). Son 
Richard and wife Beth are attorneys and live 
in Charleston, SC." Nancy Banfield Feher 
says "Life is great. Can't ever imagine 
retiring. Still selling T-shirts and caps to the 
souvenir and resort market (and my mother 
sent me to SBC to do this!) Oh well, it's fun 
and creative. My 2nd husband, Ted, and I 
live on the beautiful Champions Golf Club 
with a fabulous view of the 3rd hole. Ted has 
4 children and 6 grandchildren. We're off to 
Spain in May with neighbors." To those who 
didn't send a note, whether you have big 
news or not, please keep in touch. And 
come to reunion! 


Sally Hubbard 
52 Sherwood Trail 
Sewanee.TN 37375-2166 

Mel Freese Cota visited Norwalk, CT, to 
take care of her 2 granddaughters so their 
parents could have a week getaway before 
the 3rd baby arrives in Jun. Eileen Stroud 
Clark and Martin came and helped her to 
grandparent. Their daughter Stephanie just 
had a baby girl close by in Montclair. 

Blair Both retired 3/1/08 after a grati- 
fying and fun 2 yrs as interim rector of an 
Episcopal church in Wilmington. They'll stay 
there; she'll do more gardening, cooking, 
tennis, and occasional supply work. They 
say preachers never really retire. Her father 
who knew many of our classmates died last 
summer; her mother is well and expects to 
attend her next reunion, her 70th. 

Eugenia Dickey Caldwell and Peter 
went on a birding trip to Costa Rica in Mar., 
expecting to see 450 species! 

Scribner "Scribbie" Euston is hap- 
pily chugging along. A springtime visit to 
campus for Friends of Art was a highlight. 
She's in Jacksonville and welcomes anyone 
traveling to the posh resorts of Amelia Island 
and Ponte Vedra to visit her on the way. 

Sally McCrady Hubbard is investigat- 
ing a more age-appropriate way to volunteer 
for HIV/AIDS. She'll serve for 2 yrs on the 
board of directors of a 501 c3 that trains 
people in 5 foreign locations in addiction 
and HIV prevention/services (Kenya, Ro- 
mania, Russia, Belize, Tajikistan). Daunting, 
but exciting. Beloved grandson Duncan (7) 
will visit for 2 wks this summer to hike and 
attend soccer and tennis camps. 

Mimi Vogt Macht spent 2 days with 
Beth Hunt, her wonderful roommate for 
4 yrs and oldest friend, at the OR Coast, 
while her other roommates, Eileen and Mel 
were together in CT. It was fantastic that 
they're still together and getting older and 
now dealing with aging parents and children 
making separate lives. 

Marianne Micros is a proud grand- 
mother of her first 2 grandchildren, both 
born in 7/07, 3 days apart. Matteo, son of 
daughter Eleni, was born 3 mo. early but is 
thriving; Marianne was present for the birth 
of Rowan, daughter of daughter Joy. Her 
book of poetry, Seventeen Trees, has been 
safely birthed as well. 

Aline Rex McEvoy's son Clay and wife 
Kimberly had their 4th baby, 1st boy, Henry 
Clay Calhoun. He's thriving with 4 doting 
mothers in the household; his older sisters 
and mother are having a wonderful time. 

Laura Haskell Phinizy and Stewart 
enjoyed a trip to Barcelona and San 
Sebastian in the Basque country. They 
visited daughter Marion and husband Wes 
over New Year's; grandson Wesley is in 

preschool and Stewart is in pre-K. Daughter 
Laura (teaches ESL) and the twins (1 7 
mo.) — walking, climbing, and attempting to 
communicate — came to Augusta at Easter. 
Laura and husband Keith are taking piano. 
Louise and Stewart are well. Real estate is 
slow, but not dead! 

Carol Reifsnyder Rhodes wrote 
from her 2nd home in snowy CO. She 
reports 3 trips in Apr.: a time-share with her 
daughter's family (3 grandsons) in Hilton 
Head; a scientific meeting in San Diego, and 
a return to Lexington where they lived for 
1 9 yrs to see the Keeneland races and hear 
the symphony and chorus of which Bob had 
been a member. After a Jul. meeting in Ber- 
lin, they'll offer boys' camp to 5 grandsons 
in CO. Youngest unmarried son Ben will help 
with the grandsons, ages 2-14. Bob and 
Carol are healthy, 7 yrs after their cancers. 

Holly Zweigler Schroeter's daughter 
(37) completed an MFA in film and 
electronic media at American U. She lives 
in Queens, freelancing in film editing (she 
previously lived in the Czech Republic and is 
fluent in Czech). Alexis' brother Eric Gibson 
has 2 sons (5 and 7) who speak their 
mother's tongue, Slovak, and English, and 
now live in Falls Church. Holly traveled to 
Prague in '01 to visit her daughter and saw 
Krokaw, Poland; Kosice, Slovakia, and the 
Tatra Mountains. Holly visited the campus 
and Charlottesville in '02 while convalescing 
from heart SVT catheter ablation. 

Katharine van Geel has an updated 
email address: 
She says: "Tyll and I retired and moved 
to Amherst, MA, last Jul. to be nearer to 
our children in Boston. We love the area; 
many things to do in a lovely rural setting. 
Yesterday we celebrated our 43rd wedding 
anniversary (we married at Sweet Briar dur- 
ing spring vacation of our senior year). We 
have one grandchild, Max, and 2 more on 
the way. Being near them is a giant plus. 

Trudy Hatch returned from our 
daughter Chandler's beautiful wedding in 
Seattle. Her children are evidently wait- 
ing until they're 35 to march down the 
aisle! She and Ed are moving back to the 
Northwest in May where he will continue 
practicing pediatric surgery for 3-5 more 
yrs; they're nowhere near the retirement 
agendas. She feels blessed to be returning 
"home" and hopes to continue volunteering 
at the art museum there as she has loved 
adventures here at Albuquerque's museum. 
She's wanted to docent forever and at last 
has the time. Trudy says, "Hope all is well at 
Sewanee! Ed graduated in 1963 as did his 
father a while ago! And my brother.. .and our 
nephew.. .etc." 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 47 


Mrs. J. Herbert Long, Jr. 
19 Hidden Valley Rd 
Lafayette, CA 94549 

Rev. Makanah Morriss 
1317 Rocky Mountain Rd 
Forest, VA 24551 


Diane "Toots" Dalton 
1014 North Astor Street, #43 
Milwaukee, Wl 53202 


Lynne Gardner Detmer 
Wareham's Point 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Lesley Bissell Hoopes and Toby have 
been on a trip to Playa del Carmen in 
Mexico and to Houston, Minneapolis, CO, 
ME, and Rl, and Switzerland and Germany. 
Lesley continues to be active at The Metro- 
politan Museum of Art, giving tours of the 
new Greek and Roman galleries. 

Cecilia Bryant, besides being an 
active attorney and general counsel to 
several NASDAQ companies, is president 
of several charities including the American 
Red Cross and Planned Parenthood. Some 
of the important things she has done since 
leaving SBC are: serving as Vice Chair of 
FL's university system board of regents, and 
as Chair of Pride, Inc., a corporation that ran 
46 prison industries to train and rehabilitate 
prisoners. She founded and was the 1 st 
President of the Jacksonville Women's 
Network, now 400 strong. She's also Law 
Professor at the FL Coastal School of Law. 
She and husband, Dr. Richard Lipsey Ph.D., 
enjoy living in Jacksonville. 

Kathryn "Katey" Buster has been a 
hiking guide for 20+ yrs and a prop- 
erty manager in Aspen, CO. She has now 
climbed all 54 peaks that are over 14,000 
ft. in CO, ML Rainier, Mt. Blanc, and Grand 
Teton. She continues her professional 
photography as well. Katey says, "I'm pas- 
sionate about preserving our Mother Earth 
and obviously am pro-environment. I believe 
in simplicity in life; I consume very little." 

Brenda Darden Kincaid is now 
headmaster, Upper School, of Nansemond- 
Suffolk Academy, Even with her new duties, 
she continues to teach AP calculus. Brenda 
served as a reader of AP Calculus exams 
at CO State U. from 2000-2006. She likes 
to read, visit family, travel, and entertain 
friends. Brenda and Douglas' children, Julia 

(38), Douglas III (36), Sarah (32), and Jed 
(30) all graduated from UVA.They have 5 
grandchildren. Special memories of SBC 
include "Dr. Ralph Aiken, Bum Chums, Aints 
and Asses productions, step singing, and 
liver and onions on Wed. nights." 

Kate Delano-Condax Decker wrote 2 
new books: Riding — Ride with Confidence, 
Safety and Good Form Right from the Start, 
and ALPHA MALE: Who They Are, How They 
Think, What They Want, How to Attract, 
Meet, Marry S Train One. These join 6 other 
books by Kate. She's still a dog trainer. 
Activities include horses, dogs, books, 
friends, and current events. Kate remembers 
the beauty of SBC, "especially the fire roads 
through the mountains." 

Mary "Mickie" Donaldson deFigard 
is a doctor in San Jose, CA. She enjoys her 
work, and loves cats. Some of her memories 
of SBC include fresh dairy milk, good food, 
choir, professors John Shannon and Lucile 
Umbreit, Misses Belcher and Sprague — all 
influential in her life. Mickie says, "I'm still 
exploring and wandering around in a fog." 

As for yours truly, Lynne Gardner 
Detmer, I'm crazed this year with a major 
move and downsizing going on! We're 
going from 1 4 rooms to 9 rooms (plenty of 
space, I know, but quite a change) in a town 
home about 400 yards as the crow flies 
from our former house. When we moved 
to Williamsburg 13 yrs ago, we blithely 
thought that all 5 children would come 
often and together and so a large house 
with lots of bedrooms made sense. The 
fact is that Jim (49), Bill (48), Chris (46), 
Cammy (38), and Steve (34) all have busy 
lives and schedules with little time to visit. 
There's no longer a reason to keep a large 
house and yard, especially since we spend 
the summers in the Adirondacks! We have 
6 grandchildren between us (15-3). We 
both continue to sing in the Williamsburg 
Choral Guild, and we're active in community 
projects including, for Jim, deep involvement 
with the AARP Tax Aide program. I continue 
with Adornings, although that's part time. 
I do needlework when I can. We're happy, 
healthy, and looking forward to having more 
time to spend with family and friends. 

Sara-Elisabeth Granath writes from 
Sweden: "Since SBC I've been an actress, 
a university teacher, other kinds of teacher, 
and a warehouse worker. I've worked in 
complaints in a book business, very edu- 
cational, lots of fun. I've traveled to many 
countries such as Australia, India, South 
Korea, South Africa, and Russia for Theatre 
Research conferences. Now, I teach half 
time, work as a theatre critic half time. At 
Christmas I went to the San Francisco Bay 
area, where I went for the 1 st time in 1 967 
on my Greyhound trip round the states. My 
youngest brother is a dentist in Santa Rosa, 
and I've visited him and his family several 
times. I've been back to Washington D.C. 
a couple of times, but I never went back to 
SBC. Going to the theatre is my greatest 

interest, as well as my job. But I'm also 
interested in sports and reading. I started 
going to the gym after getting a hip replace- 
ment (so I can't jog any more!) In '05, 1 was 
awarded the Golden Griffin for best teacher 
at South Stockholm U. Coll. ." 

Libby Harvey Fitzgerald is "creeping 
toward retirement (i.e. volunteering/work- 
ing for no $), consulting with 2 analytical 
laboratories who test herbal and dietary 
supplement products. John reduced hours 
in his civil engineering/land surveying 
business. We're spending 1 wk each month 
at our cabin in Twain Harte in the Sierras 
northwest of Yosemite Valley. Come visit! 
Still playing tennis, cycling, and kayaking. 
We planned a bicycle trip in the Shenandoah 
Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains following 
our 40th reunion gathering. John thinks he's 
my personal trainer." 

Nancy Hickox Wright "loves the chal- 
lenge (usually), and is continuing to attempt 
to teach reading to 1 7-1 8 year olds in a 
drop out prevention program at a Jackson- 
ville, FL inner city h. s., which has acquired a 
distinct reputation (forgive the boasting) for 
receiving an F grade 7 years out of 8. After 
passing the FL bar in '06, Gil (he claims he 
was the oldest person in FL taking the bar, 
but I think I saw a person being rolled out 
on life support) enjoys practicing litigation 
management in a 2-man firm in downtown 
Jacksonville. Nancy is working on a screen- 
play for a potential PBS childrens' show. She 
and Gil have married sons Prescott and Tim 
with their 1st grandchild born in Jan. 

Jacqueline " Jacky" Israel 
Blakeslee is active in church, teaching 
Sunday school and religion, and serving 
as leader in Bible study fellowship. She's 
concerned about "the condition of the world 
my grandchildren will live the rest of their 
lives in." She and Peter have 3 children, 
Kathleen (36), Stacy (36), and Travis and 7 
grandchildren (11-6 mos.)! 

Frances Kirven Morse and John love 
being grandparents to daughter Tyler's Ella 
(3 Yi) and newborn Levi. Frances says, "This 
has been a close-to-home year for us with 
most of our energy going into welcoming a 
new grandchild to our family and to com- 
pleting an extreme makeover of our living 
and dining rooms, and kitchen." Frances 
has "found a niche that combines my pas- 
sion for yoga and my research skills culled 
from all those years at the Harvard Graduate 
School of Education. I'm involved with The 
Art of Yoga Project nonprofit organiza- 
tion doing yoga and art with incarcerated 
teenage girls at a progressive residential 
girl's camp in San Mateo County. They 
were looking for someone to spearhead a 
research program so they can prove how 
well it's working. I'm interviewing the girls 
and staff members, designing evaluation 
forms, tallying numbers, helping out in the 
yoga classes, and working with amazing 
women volunteers." Frances stays involved 
with the Friends of Edgewood Park, leading 

wildflower walks and working to save the 
Bay Checkerspot Butterfly and also with 
Peninsula PFLAG, a safe schools program. 
She has "added pilates to my arsenal of 
stretching and yoga to help stave off the 
aging process." Frances and John had a 
good trip to NYC for their niece's wedding in 
'07 and will duplicate the trip this year for 
the twin sister's wedding. 

Suzanne Little and Doug Miller, her 
"S.O.," live in Houston, TX. She's an ac- 
countant with a private corporation, having 
received her M.S. in accounting in '00 from 
U. St. Thomas in Houston. She has been a 
student of Iyengar Yoga for 1 5 yrs. Favorite 
memories of SBC include a dance Concert 
with Annie Green, a master class with Mar- 
tha Graham, and enjoying the dells. Suzanne 
says that she has learned to enjoy life and 
to take things less seriously. "Everything is 
important. Nothing is important." 

Jennie Lyons Fogarty is program di- 
rector at Friendship Heights Village in Chevy 
Chase, MD. She and John have 4 children: 
Anne (37), actor; Kate (34), teacher; Patrick 
(29), AP video producer; and Meghann (23), 
working at a nonprofit organization, and 3 
grandchildren. Jennie remembers all events 
at the boat house, all of her art history 
professors, and "a long list of silly, hilarious 
stunts pulled with roomie, Ann Peterson." 
She made "life-long friendships" at SBC. 

Pamela McConnell Post-Ferrante 
received her M.Ed, at Tufts U., her MFA 
from VT Coll., and her C.A.G.S. from 
Lesley U. Currently Adjunct Faculty at 
Lesley U., Pamela leads writing and healing 
workshops, teaches writing as therapeutic 
modality, and publishes articles, chapters 
and NPR commentaries. She's part of an 
audio documentary, "Walking Through the 
Storm." Husband Robert Edward Ferrante 
is executive producer of BBC-WGBH-PRI's 
"The World." She has 2 children, Tyler Post 
(31), and Whitney Post (34), and a brand 
new granddaughter, Anna Post. Her memo- 
ries include walking with Pam Browning 
and getting chased by a bull. She loved 
the library and its Cram design. She says 
that at SBC she "gained a continual love of 
learning." Pamela has "survived 8 cancer 
surgeries" and is happy to be here! 

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Miller Green has 
been a bookseller since '95. She's now 
reducing her work load to 3 days a wk. She 
enjoys gardening, reading, and watercolor 
painting. She and John have 2 sons, John 
and Randolph, and 1st grandson Charles 
was born in 5/07. 

Penny Oliver Chapell continues as a 
commercial banker in Evergreen, CO. She 
and Carl have 2 children, Miles (35) and 
Liz (32), and 2 grandsons. Penny has vivid 
SBC memories of a Croatian speaker in 
Dr. Hapala's class when the drapes were 
drawn. She says that SBC gave her "the 
confidence that I could do and be anything I 
wanted to be." 

Ann Peterson Griffin has enjoyed 

48 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


raising her family. Being docent at the 
Dallas Museum of Art has been the "best 
world history lesson." She and Jerry have 
2 children, Lisa (37) and Janie (33), and 2 
grandchildren. She missed Reunion because 
she is battling cancer. 

Pembroke Reed Hoffmier is a yoga 
teacher and master gardener. She and Tom 
have 5 children: Ben (36), Reed (33), Jamie 
(27), John (25), and Mason (21), and 1 
grandchild on the way. 

Emmy Savage wrote a brief e-mail. 
Her father died recently, and she has found 
that "very hard." 

Amy Thompson McCandless is now 
the dean of the graduate school and associ- 
ate provost for the Coll. of Charleston. She 
says the college has "17 master's degrees 
and 7 graduate certificate programs that 
take advantage of the unique opportunities 
offered by our location in the SC Lowcountry 
(e.g., Historic Preservation, Marine Biology). 
This semester I teach a class on the history 
of Southern women in addition. I have a 
wonderful job! Sons Alastair and Colin are 
now 32 and 29. For the last few years we've 
made it a custom to go on a family trip to 
Europe the week after Christmas. This year 
it was Prague; before that, Ireland, Edin- 
burgh, and London. Neither of them majored 
in history, but I've hooked them on historical 
travel nonetheless. Now if I could only inter- 
est them in grandchildren." Amy's academic 
degrees include her M.A. and Ph.D. in 
modern British social history from U. Wl and 
an MBA in personnel from U. of SC. 

Suzanne Torgan Weston is self- 
employed with her firm, Weston Consulting, 
Inc. She and Stephen, a retired geological 
engineer, have 1 daughter, Lorena (48), 
and 1 grandchild, Reid (20). They love 
to travel and tour together on their BMW 
motorcycles. Suzanne is active with student 
scholarship and award programs. She 
remembers springtime at SBC and its 
incredible beauty and wishes that she had 
stayed with us for 4 yrs. 

Biair Walker Lawrence is involved in 
historic preservation in her area, Warrenton, 
VA, and beyond. She enjoys playing tennis 
and traveling with husband Bob. They have 
2 children, Treville and Croom, both in their 
30s and unmarried. Special memories 
of SBC include waking to the sounds of 
the Sweet Tones singing in the halls at 
Christmas time and special professors Miss 
Muncy and Dr. Hapala. Blair has worked 
"with the Piedmont Environmental Council 
and other land use organizations to control 
growth, protect the environment, and 
educate landowners and community leaders 
about our fragile ecosystems." 

Betsy Wolfe continues as psychologist 
and assistant clinical professor at UCSF in 
their Infant-Parent Program. She received 
her M.A. from U. of SC and her Ph.D. from 
the CA School of Professional Psychology. 
Her husband is Edmund Jacobson, MD, 
and orthopedic surgeon. Their children are 

Kristin and Kim, both of whom have MBAs. 
They have 4 grandchildren. Betsy has fond 
memories of SBC, including riding through 
the woods and fields alone after a snowfall. 
She enjoys sailing and skiing all over the 
world. She says, "I love my work, especially 
teaching and training young psychologists, 
psychiatrists, and pediatricians about infant 
mental health." 


•A.cun,,;, So'6f: may 33-34, 5.001 

Nancy Crawford Bent 
14 Dopping Brook Rd 
Sherborn, MA 01770 


Mrs. Nia Eldridge Eaton 
461 Rittenhouse Blvd 
Jeff ersonvi lie, PA 19403-3382 


Lynne Manov Sprinsky 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

Gale Hull Whetzel 
2696 Coventry Rd 
Columbus, OH 43221 


Jill Johnson 

2012 Wolftrap Oaks Ct 

Vienna, VA 22182 


Mrs. R. Reynolds Cowles 
4677 Catterton Rd 
Free Union, VA 

By the time you read this, our 35th Reunion 
will be a happy memory — and a wonderful 
time was had by all in attendance! Nonethe- 
less, snippets of news gleaned prior to that 
auspicious occasion are noted for those 
unable to attend and catch up on the latest. 
In Feb., 8 of us gathered for a cocktail 
party at the Omni Hotel in Richmond, VA, 
sponsored by the local SBC Club and had 
a marvelous time! If 8 of us had that much 
fun, just imagine what a rollicking good time 
80 of us at Reunion (we're optimists) will 
have had! Classmates attending the party 
were: Diane Dale Reiling Jane Potts, 
Joan May Harden, Jan Keith Garfield, 
Susan Bundy, Kathleen Cochran Schu- 
tze, Susan Dern Plank, and Lacy Wil- 
liams (despite recent eye surgery). Being 

together was worth the travel and distances 
involved — it seemed like no time had lapsed 
since we'd last seen each other. Several 
husbands also came whose presence added 
spice to the occasion. Hopefully they had as 
good a time as we did, though it may have 
been difficult to get a word in edgewise. 

More good news of classmates' daugh- 
ters currently at SBC: Kathleen Cochran 
Schutze : daughter Emily is a first-year and 
Betsy Buchanan Fishback daughter 
Sarah is a sophomore, attracted there by the 
caliber of the riding program. Hurrah! That's 
a total of 3 (including Pat Hite Barton's 
daughter Emily), which is lovely news! Do let 
us know if there are others! 

Joan May Harden: I thought we 
knew that Jane McFadden has had recent 
deaths in the family and won't be attending 
for sure. Also Debbie Arce can't come 
due to a work conflict. Jill Heptinstall is 
coming — I'm her ride. You didn't mention 
Magee Leigh; we heard that she's coming. 
Is Lacy Williams coming with Jane Potts? I 
know Lacy said she would see us in May, 
but it could've been wine talking? Isn't 
Kathleen Schutze coming too? 

Kathy Pretzfelder Steele: My plans 
for May are up in the air. My daughter is 
getting married in Sept. in FL; I've planned 
to be there the 1 st week in May to work on 
the details. I'll see if I can swing the time 
and get down to the Patch for reunion. Jean 
Piatt Rospondek is unsure if she'll make 
it. I haven't heard from Kristy Alderson. Hope 
all is well. 

Pat Hite Barton: My singing isn't only 
my passion, it's my sanity. I sing with several 
local, professional groups and, since this is 
a culturally rich area (proximity to NYC), the 
level of music is high. My highlight last year 
was a duet with a mezzo from the Vienna 
Opera — fun! My daughter is at SBC this 
year; it's the perfect fit. We looked at a lot 
of schools (Emily had lots of options, Pres 
Nat'l Honor Society, Swim Team 4 yrs, horse 
shows, AP classes), and I didn't push SBC, 
just suggested that while we were touring 
the south we visit. We spent a day; she fell 
in love with the place, the curriculum, and 
especially the people. She applied early 
decision, there you have it. 

Creigh Casey Krin's daughter Heather, 
a math teacher, was married in 7/07 to 
a local attorney in Woodbury, CT. Creigh 
laughed when she said the bridesmaids' 
dresses were pink and green! Daughter 
Lindsay is working on a doctorate in music 
at Boston U. Creigh said that Jane Lucas, 
an interior designer, and her husband, an 
architect, moved from Boston to Austin, TX. 

Susanne Garrison Hoder and John 
live happily in Tiverton, Rl. Both sons are 
out of college. One travels the world having 
raised the money working on a cruise ship. 
He's due back to the States in Jun. Their 
other son works in the financial world of 
Atlanta with a possible move to Houston 
in the works. Susanne keeps in touch with 

Pascale, Kathy Upchurch Takvorian and 

Jane Potts. 

Nancy Lenihan Conaty relocated 
to Hiltonhead a year ago. She attended a 
SBC luncheon in Charleston in Jan., had a 
great time with Lucinda Larsen whom she 
hadn't seen in 30 years! 

Betsie Meric Gambel survived Hur- 
ricane Katrina only to be diagnosed with 
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She spent 6 mo. 
in Houston at MD Anderson. She reports 
all is well now and that cancer "reminded 
her to relish every moment of life. I've been 
traveling and enjoying friends and family!" 
Betsie is a grandmother x 2. Gregory and his 
wife Krista live in Philadelphia with children 
Collin and William (born 12/06). Meric lives 
in Charlotte, NC, and has kept his house in 
Greenville, SC, where he became friends 
with Carol Anne Provence Gallivan s 
daughter. Betsie still loves her job as VP of 
Public Relations at a marketing firm 
in New Orleans. She sees lots of Lisa 
Slatten and is working on getting her to 
reunions too. Husband Jerry Alexander will 
come with Betsie to Reunion to see our 
beautiful campus and then explore the VA 
countryside. Betsie keeps up with Magee 
Leigh, Jane McCutchen McFaddin Jane 
Lowrey Tierney, Peggy Cheesewright 
Garner and Lisa Fowler Winslow, all of 
whom were of tremendous support during 
her illness. Betsie mentioned that Dessa 
Rutter will be married in the spring of 
2008. Best wishes to her! 

Tina Sheris Wood laments that she's 
only been to one reunion about 1 yrs ago. 
If she's in town, she'll do her best to get 
there. She and her husband are out of town 
a lot since their children no longer live in 
Roanoke. Her daughter and husband live 
in London and their son is in Charlotte, NC, 
with one year of grad school left. 

Anne Billings McDougall and Joan 
May Harden thought that they'd see each 
other at W&L as they both had children 
there, but it never happened before they 
both graduated in 5/07. Anne became a 
grandmother for the first time in 1 2/07. She 
is committed to helping her daughter with 
the baby while she works as her husband 
is finishing his MA. They plan to move over- 
seas in a year or so; Anne wants to do all 
the grandmotherly nurturing she can now. 
She'll try to make Reunion if her volunteer 
position allows, but May is a busy month. 

Laurie Norris Coccio's elder daughter, 
Stephanie, is still at Oxford finishing her 
Ph.D. in Russian History and Philosophy. 
Although retired, Laurie is a consultant 
at her former school, mentoring 2 new 
teachers and conducting training programs. 
She says retirement is great as she has 
time to read books and go to the health 
club at 8 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. — and more 
importantly, she feels 100% less stressed. 
She's used much of her "spare time" plan- 
ning trips. She and husband Chris took their 
first trip in Sept. to celebrate her retirement 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.sLx:. edu 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 49 

and their 4th anniversary. They hiked with 
a group 250 mi. up the Bas St. Laurent, 
starting north of Quebec. In Nov., Chris had 
a trade show in Munich. They went a week 
ahead and visited Oubrovnik and Zagreb, 
Croatia. They took the train over the Alps, 
an amazing journey. Then in Munich they 
met Stephanie and her boyfriend and had a 
great couple days sampling the local brews 
and eating "wurst." After Munich, they went 
to Prague for 3 days, a beautiful city they 
were beginning to decorate for Christmas 
in the middle of Nov. She feels fortunate to 
have these life experiences that she's been 
dreaming about. She and Chris head to New 
Zealand for 3 wks in Jan. A week after their 
return, they'll go skiing in Salt Lake City and 
Jackson Hole. Their South American fun 
begins in March, when they go to Patagonia 
and Buenos Aires; in April, they head to 
Lima and Machu Picchu. It's a lot of travel, 
but she says they "have the itch and since 
we can both still carry our own bags, why 
not?" Sadly, Laurie's Dad died in 4/07. He 
had been living with her sister, Lynn Norris 
Pfeiffer 75 in FL after suffering a stroke 2 
yrs before. Her mother sold her house on 
Sanibel Island and moved to be near Lynn, 
who has moved to Belleview, FL. 

Jane Potts lives in Charleston, but 
comes home to visit her mom in Richmond 
when possible. She plans to come to 
Reunion. Her son works — and skis of 
course! — in Telluride, CO, having graduated 
from Sewanee in '07. Jane has visited him 
and had a great time! She plans to call Mac 
Cuthbert Langley to see if she's coming 
to Reunion. 

Jan Keith Garfield is director of 
development for Presbyterian Homes and 
Family Services in Lynchburg, VA. She has 
volunteered to be our "onsite" person to 
help implement Reunion plans. She and her 
husband are in the process of restoring a 
home on RivermontAve. 

Anita Clarendon Ledsinger became 
a member of the board of directors; we're 
in august company with 2 classmates on 
the board. It speaks volumes about the 
talents of our class. Anita married a '72 UVA 
grad, and one of her daughters went to the 
U. of Richmond. Anita's husband is on the 
board there, which led to Anita's position 
with a board of VA private colleges, where 
she met Pres. Muhlenfeld — and the rest is 
history. Anita is coming back for Reunion 
where she plans to see her bridesmaids, 
all SBC classmates, including Jan Storey. 
Honick. Jan said she would attend Reunion 
if Diane Reiling could locate a copy of "She's 
a Rainbow" for her. With assistance from 
Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80, executive dir. of 
alumnae affairs, Diane has done just that! 
We expect to see Jan in May! 

Betsie Buchanan Fishback would 
like to attend Reunion, but has had health 
issues to deal with recently. She'll see how 
it goes. She saw Pat Barton at an SBC 
luncheon for alumnae parents when they 

brought their daughters in Aug. She sees 
Evie Carter Cowles from time to time. 

Terry Christovich Gay had a mini- 
reunion with Jane Potts, Debi Hopkins, and 
Betsy Perry in New Orleans in Nov. One of 
Terry's children is at Sewanee. She divides 
her time between N. 0. and Tampa. 

Debi Ziegler Hopkins won't be able to 
attend Reunion. Her younger son graduates 
from Princeton at the same time. Her older 
son graduated from Lehigh U. in PA and 
works in Manhattan. She thought that Kathy 
Rasmussen Packard, living in the Dallas 
area, might attend Reunion, especially if 
Linda Lipscomb and Renee Sterling did 
Debi attended Kathy's wedding a couple of 
years ago. Kathy has 3 daughters. 

Weezie Blakeslee Gilpin is the new 
Dean of Students at The Bishop's School in 
LaJolla, CA, making Bob and Weezie a bi- 
coastal couple. Weezie can't make Reunion 
as her 1 st graduation at Bishop will be the 
week after. She needs to be there for her 

Linda Lipscomb was pleased to hear 
that Nan Clarke will come to Reunion. She 
planned to spend New Year's with Cary 
Davis King and family at their place in MT 
and promised to ask Cary to attend reunion. 
She hopes Gypsie Bear Van Antwerp will 
come too. Linda started an interesting new 
job in fall '07 and is in charge of planned 
giving in the development office at the Dal- 
las Museum of Art. 

In Oct., Scottie O'Toole went to 
Umbria, Florence, Cortona, and Rome with 
a group of friends. They had a wonderful 
time; stayed in a villa and explored the 
countryside in 2 cars with GPS. Amazingly 
enough, Scottie has been in Atlanta for 23 
yrs, during which time she earned her M.A., 
and has worked in HR for a private firm 
for past 7 yrs. She sees Nancy Haight '75, 
who lives close by. Her roommate, Debbie 
McDowell Gilronan, lives in Portland, OR; 
she hasn't seen her in a long time. She is 
looking forward to seeing Sandra Taylor 
'75, hopefully at Reunion. Sandy has moved 
back to Richmond from Atlanta. 

Chris Sherwood Warner saw Weezie 
prior to moving to CA. They miss the post- 
cards for class news. Chris has 2 daughters: 
the elder one is interested in pre-law and 
classics, the younger one (in 1 0th grade) 
might be interested in SBC 

Chris wants to go back to work now 
that her girls are older. She plans to return 
for Reunion and appreciates her SB educa- 
tion more and more as she gets older. 

Lisa Fowler Winslow plans to return 
for Reunion from CA and hopes that Peggy 
Garner and Deb Arce will join her. Lisa's 
daughter is a senior at Northwestern U. and 
had just returned from Parents Weekend 
when we spoke in Nov. 

Lucy Dennington Van Zandt, who 
lives in Lakeland, TN, and husband Mims 
plan to attend Reunion. In addition to her 
musical activities, she works in a gift shop a 

few days a week. 

Debbie Pollock Arce has been the 
CFO of a growing software company in 
Portland, OR, since '04; there's a lot of job 
stress. In 5/07 she and her former husband 
sold the house they build in '93 where they 
raised their kids. It was difficult. She bought 
a new house and moved in Jun. Debbie 
has 3 children. Her daughter graduated 
from U. of Washington 6/07, after spending 
6 mo. in Ecuador. She lives in Seattle and 
works for a wind energy consulting firm. An 
environmental studies major, she plans to 
go to graduate school in Australia in '09. 
What a great excuse for Debbie to travel! 
Her elder son is a sophomore at U. of OR, 
planning to be a h. s. teacher and coach. 
Her younger son turned 1 7 and is a junior 
in h. s. trying to decide what he wants to do 
with his life. Unfortunately, Debbie won't at- 
tend Reunion; her company hosts an annual 
users' conference for customers each year 
in May that conflicts. She's planning a long 
deferred trip to Europe with her elder son in 
fall; her travel budget is already allocated. 
She suggested that the Reunion Committee 
create a Web site for photos. Classmates 
who can't attend could send pictures of 
themselves beforehand; then those who are 
at the reunion could post pictures for them 
afterwards. In this digital age, it would be 
an awesome way to "participate" even if not 
there physically. 

Susan Dern Plank heard from Jane 
Lowery Tierney in fall. She lives in a small, 
rural suburb outside Boston, but now that 
she and husband John are empty nesters, 
they're contemplating a move to a smaller 
place. Jane is a full-time volunteer, but 
at this point, she'd like to be paid for her 
efforts. John works on a start-up business 
investing in overseas 2nd-home/retire- 
ment real estate. One of her sons attended 
Colgate U., graduating in '05, so they often 
came close to Susan's hometown of Canajo- 
harie. Jane's daughter works overseas, but 
was home in Oct. and plans to move back 
to the States after this school year. Jane has 
kept in touch with Betsy Oakley Smith, 
Betsie Gambel. Jane McFaddin Lisa 
Fowler Winslow and Peggy Cheese- 
wright Garner 

Julie Johnson Evans' youngest son 
received his MBA from SMU, and his 6/08 
wedding will be held in Houston. Joan May 
Harden hopes that Julie will be able to at- 
tend Reunion nonetheless. 

Unfortunately, Betsy Oakley Smith 
won't be at reunion due to a family obliga- 

Nan Robertson Clark plans to attend 
Reunion. She was chair of her last law 
school reunion, so is well aware how much 
people are needed to help with calls. She 
and Hal have enjoyed being empty nesters! 
They've been tuition-free for 2 yrs and have 
noticed a corresponding improvement in 
their vacations. 

Barb Cain Hegarty Kristy Alderson 

and Susan Bundy are attending Reunion, 
according to messages Diane Reiling has 
had from them. 

Jane McCutchen McFadden wants 
to come, health permitting, and will try to 
round up a posse. Her brother, only 2 yrs 
older, recently died after a 2 year struggle 
with cancer. Her mother died about 2 years 
ago, also of cancer. Jane is in Charleston 
and mentioned a few Atlanta gals on her 
"wish list" that she hopes to see at SBC. 

Carter Heyward Morris has her 
husband's Reunion at UVA early in Jun. and 
is a bit reluctant to make 2 trips, but we're 
sure we can convince her that the trip to SB 
will be much more fun! 

Evie Carter Cowles is just down the 
road from SB, but has elderly friends visiting 
from the UK in May and isn't sure if she 
can break away for the whole weekend, but 
perhaps will for a day. 

Marianne Vandervort Wiggishoff in 
Scottsdale, AZ, won't attend Reunion as her 
husband (85) had a stroke 2 yrs ago. Diane 
is disappointed since she was one 3 in our 
class from the Chicago area and hoped to 
see Marianne again. 

Betsy Cann Akers is a realtor for 
Sotheby's International in the Atlanta Fine 
Homes office. 

Keep your messages coming! As we 
have all found over the years, the ties that 
bind us are strong, whether formed when 
we were at SBC or later as we have become 
better acquainted with other members in 
our class. We're all better for knowing each 
other! Hurrah for the Class of 73! 

^»«i» 2.001: ???ay 3.2-3.4, 3001 

Ms. Hannah Pillsbury 
7132 W Tamarack Ct 
Mequon, Wl 53092 


Karin Lindgren 
124 Lakeview Ave 
Lantana, FL 33462 

Cecelia "Cece" Clark Melesco, who 

transferred out of SBC after sophomore 
year, lives in Rocky Mount, VA, with husband 
David and mother. Cece keeps in touch with 
Kathy Osborne Spirtes living with her 
daughter on Long Island. David is a circuit 
court judge. Cece does some substitute 
teaching at a local h. s. David's son Todd, 
wife, and child (5) live in Independence, VA, 
where Todd is a green builder specializing 
in concrete counter tops. Cece's oldest 
daughter Cameron graduated from Elon and 
lives in Roanoke where she works for the 
newspaper in sales. Son Clark graduated 
from UVA and lives in Northern VA, where 

50 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


he works as a financial/real estate investor. 
Alex, the family "social butterfly", is having 
the time of her life as a first-year at U of 
SC. "I fear we'll never get her back to the 
Old Dominion!" writes Cece, Alex will live 
and work with 4 friends in Charleston this 
summer. Cece's youngest son is finishing 
1 1 th grade at Woodbury Forest. Like his 
father, he loves football, while Cece and 
David enjoy driving to Charlottesville via 
Route 29 to attend his games. Occasion- 
ally, they drive through SBC and enjoy the 
gorgeous campus that attracted Cece as a 
student. They're basically empty-nesters, 
but have had her mother move in with them. 
Cece's menagerie is reduced to 2 dogs and 
2 cats. She's approaching her 5-yr mark as 
a survivor of breast cancer and exercises 
regularly to build up her bones and immune 
system. Cece encourages young girls to 
adopt a healthy lifestyle now; it's harder at 
the age of 50. "I think my children think I 
was born 55 and can't believe I had crazy 
college experiences and was one step 
ahead of them when, as high schoolers, 
they were cooking up something they didn't 
want me to know about," says Cece. Her 
e-mail address is 
She'd love to hear from anyone! 

Coni Crocker Betzendahl writes from 
Kennett Square, PA, where husband Richard 
is semi-retired with an import-export rare 
gas business. Coni still works in art, which 
you can see at 
They love to travel. They are in the midst of 
a "hobby crisis" with 2 boats at Cape May, 
NJ — one for offshore fishing and one for 
bay. Coni has had a horse for 5 yrs and fox 
hunts with a farmer's hunt. They purchased 
a house and barn in VT, where they go ski- 
ing, snowmobiling, and riding. Lindsay (25) 
is a family therapist in CT and Ashley (23) 
is in marketing with The Goddard School. 
Coni and Richard look forward to a trip to 
Ireland this Apr., where Coni will first meet a 
friend to ride in the countryside. Later, their 
husbands will join them. Coni remembers 
that, with the fantastic riding center at SBC, 
she took only one semester of riding! Now, it 
seems that she lives in the saddle. 

Let's keep Denise Montgomery in 
our thoughts and prayers. In Feb., she 
experienced pain up her left arm, in her 
chest and armpit. She went to the hospital 
and had a series of EKGs and blood tests 
to monitor enzymes and hemoglobin. Since 
the initial blood pressure reading was high, 
Denise was treated as if she were having 
a heart attack. She spent 3 days in the 
hospital undergoing various tests and her 
heart is fine. Doctors weren't sure what was 
wrong, but suspected pleurisy since Denise 
had a cough that had lingered for 3 mos. 
The cough improved thanks to antibiotics. 
Once she returned home, she felt tired, 
but attributes that to all the bed rest at the 
hospital. Her Uncle Bill died the morning 
she was released. Denise won't be going to 
IN soon, since the memorial service for her 

uncle will be held in late spring. We hope 
you're feeling better, Denise. 

Cora Snyder's father passed away 
around the same time mine did. We offer 
you our heartfelt condolences, Cora. Thanks 
to all who have written me to express 
sympathy. You're helping me to get through 
the longest night of my life. I remain active 
in my church, where I'm a Stephen Minister. 
I have written some songs which will be 
incorporated into our music program. I had 
a surprise visit from my mother, nieces Ash- 
ley and Amanda, and great-nephew John 
Michael. We enjoyed the sun and the beach, 
I don't travel much these days. I enjoy being 
at home, working on the property, reading 
and writing. I once thought such a lifestyle 
would be a crashing bore, but it suits me 
fine of late. 


Mrs. Clarke H. Crenshaw, Sr. 
1216 Cedar Point Dr 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 


Sally Bonham Mohle 
13550 Heathcote Blvd, Apt 455 
Gainesville VA 20155 

Michele Kass Shuldiner I've been with 
Sanford Bernstein for 1 5 yrs as director 
of institutional sales. I have 2 beautiful 
girls: Dana Shuldiner, (1 8) a freshman at 
Muhlenberg Coll., and Nell Shuldiner (12). 
We live in NYC; I've been married to Rich for 
almost 30 yrs! 

Becky Mayer Gutierrez: I'm a 
GRANDMA! Anthony and Tara had a baby 
boy on 3/15/08. His name is Gauge (unsure 
of spelling yet) Anthony Gutierrez, 8lb and Vi 
oi, 21 in. So amazing holding him. George 
and Alison are getting married 7/1 9/08 at 
our house, then off to the Bahamas for the 
honeymoon. Mike is a junior in h. s. and 
unsure of what he wants to do in the future. 
I'm getting my master's online through U. of 
New England in education. A great program, 
I get to have discussions with teachers 
from around the country. My school is doing 
Extended Learning Day, one of 8 elem. 
schools in Massachusetts, kids are in school 
from 7:45- 3:45. We have long days, but I 
love extras like dance and Spanish they get 
to study. I'm busy with everything, but love 
it, too much gray hair seeping in, keeping 
busy keeps you young. 

Phooi-Ching Lai: I finally met up with a 
77 alumna, Linda Uihlein. What a glorious 
reunion as we re-connected with each other 
and enjoyed each other's company. Thanks, 
Linda! It's your turn to visit me in Singapore. 
My husband and I visited our daughters in 
Dec, picked up one at Princeton and drove 
down to Charlottesville to pick up the other 

at UVA. We spent 3 wks together and a few 
days in VA with Linda, then returned to our 
empty nest. 

Kate McElhinney Montgomery: I'm 

happy the writers strike is over and busy 
on a comedy for a London-based company. 
Daughter Suzanne, who will be a senior at 
Kenyon Coll., OH, next year, is studying for 
the year in Paris with SBC's program and 
having a wonderful time, loves the SBC 
courses, has traveled in Europe and landed 
an internship with Radio France. We still 
live in Piedmont, CA, where son Delano (16) 
is into music, theater, snowboarding, and 
golf (we're trying to get him to show more 
interest in studying for SATs!) Husband 
Doug is still in real estate. We're active in a 
fundraiser we started for the local children's 
hospital called Chase the Blues (www. We can't believe how 
fast the years fly! We'll celebrate our 23rd 
anniversary in Aug. I've heard from Kate 
Carnwath Hopkins whose daughter Sarah 
is a junior and is studying at my other alma 
mater, St Andrews in Scotland, and from 
Vera Blake Thiers who has a daughter 
Kate in Munich and son Paul in Cologne. Got 
big news from another SBC friend Silky Hart 
'80 (transferred after 2nd yr) she's doing 
very well in TX and just got engaged! 

Mary Coleman Palmer: Life is good 
here in Nashvegas. Daughter Kate Blackmon 
is in graduate school at Vanderbilt's 
Peabody Coll. She's getting an M.A. in elem. 
education. I'm still in the mortgage business 
waiting for the insanity to stop so we can 
get back to work! I've been writing a food 
blog (link below) since Nov. called Feeding 
Groom. I call my precious husband Groom 
and since I feed him every day, I thought the 
name was appropriate. I have had several of 
my posts picked up by Reuters, Chicago Sun 
Times, and the Sacramento Bee so I'm feel- 
ing pretty full of myself these days. The link 
is Laura 
Burrell Garden and I email a lot as well as 
Carrie Griscom Nygren I'm not sure how 
I feel about almost being 53. 1 may have to 
turn 51 and go the opposite direction. 

Jean Romanske Zaniewski lives with 
spouse Ken and children in a house built up 
the street from her childhood home. Having 
procrastinated as badly on marriage and 
children as she once did with term papers, 
Jean gave birth to Eric (1 1 ) at 41 , adopted 
Ilka (8) at 44 and was surprised by the 
healthy birth of Alice (5) when she was 47. 
She retired in 7/07 after 23 yrs as a Postal 
Inspector. Though she misses the interest 
and challenges of federal law enforcement 
investigations, being with the family more 
than compensates. Reading, vacations, cy- 
cling, and volunteer work with the Unitarian 
church make time fly. 

Cathy Goodhart Henson This is a 
year of change. Youngest daughter Laura 
graduates from W&L and hopes to join the 
Peace Corps. Middle daughter Susie gradu- 
ates from UGA Law School in May, moves to 

Little Rock, and marries (W&L grad) in Aug. 
Eldest daughter Catherine leaves D.C. after 
working for Senator Isakson for 5 yrs and 
starts UGA Law School. Never a dull mo- 
ment! As for me, I'm single after almost 30 
yrs of marriage. I've enjoyed seeing Helen 
Milner Gordon and Glenn King Springer 
this past year. 

Sigrid Soderberg Pinsky: I'm happy 
in Palo Alto, CA. Husband Jim of 1 8 yrs 
works at Cisco. My 3 children, Stina (1 2), 
David and Fraser (both 6) are thriving and 
busy in 6th grade and Kindergarten. I'm 
president of 2 nonprofit organizations and 
PTA president at our elem. school. I volun- 
teer with other groups, mostly local politics 
and child/adolescent issues. We don't get to 
VA often, but spend time on Nantucket with 
my parents each summer. In winter we ski 
and camp and summers here are filled with 
swim team and activities. I'd love to hear 
from anyone visiting out here! 

Debbie Hill: After working for MCI/Ve- 
rizon for 20 yrs I made a bold career move 
in Aug. to Level 3 Communications where 
I'm a Sales VP. Older son Ryan graduated 
from VA Tech in '03 as a computer science 
major and works for SAIC. My younger son 
graduated from the French Culinary Institute 
in NYC in '05 and is a chef at a local cater- 
ing company. 

Libby White Drbal: All is well. We still 
live outside of Princeton, enjoying all the 
college town "culture" here. It's been a busy 
year as oldest son Drew (1 8) is a senior 
and with that comes all the excitement. 
Last spring '07 we did the southern college 
tour. After stopping off at UVA, we hit SBC 
during the Junior Open House weekend! 
Drew could see why I loved it so much, but 
700 smiling women was too much for him. 
So, further south we went and Elon U. in 
NC it is! He'll love it there. It seems like a 
co-ed SBC with about 4,000 more kids! 
Drew became an Eagle Scout this month, 
very exciting and gratifying since Doug is 
the Scoutmaster of the Troop and I'm the 
Committee Chairman, "his boss." Youngest 
Tyler (1 6) loves freshman year; he's a Boy 
Scout too and played football this fall and 
is into lacrosse. He's a drama student at 
a theater in Princeton and is performing 
"Hamlet" soon. Between Boy Scouts and 
sports, our social life is well taken care 
of. Doug travel a lot with Pfizer Animal 
Health pushing drugs for small animals. His 
customers are primarily on the West Coast, 
but we love the airline miles for vacations! 
I'm still busy with volunteering — Boy 
Scouts, PTA and sports booster clubs — and 
trying not to let my garden fall apart. I enjoy 
seeing classmates at our 30th Reunion. The 
class of '77 is holding up nicely! Vivian 
Cohn, Maggie Shriver and I stopped by 
Keedie Grones Leonard's (76) before we 
came to SBC. She's thriving on her beautiful 
farm with wonderful kids and hubby Kyle. 
One more thing that is SBC related: last 
spring my Dutch "brother" from Amsterdam 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Spring/Summer 2008 • 51 

came to visit for a few days with his wife. 
We're still in touch since my junior semester 
abroad in 1 976, ouch! 

Robin Holman Grubbs I still teach 1st 
grade with 2 more years until retirement. My 
husband and I plan to cruise the Mediterra- 
nean, summer '08. We travel often and keep 
busy with tennis, golf, work, kids, etc. John's 
son graduates h. s. this spring, his daughter 
is 14, and my daughter is 25 and married, 
lives in Paducah. 

Cora Snyder from Charlottesville is be- 
tween jobs and looking for something new. 

I, Sally Bonham Motile am retiring 
from George Mason U. on 4/4/08 after 23 
yrs of service. Not having had children, I 
have worked for 30+ yrs straight with no 
breaks and am ready for a break! I plan to 
meditate, exercise, watch TV and most of 
all, SLEEP. Pete and I celebrated 30 yrs of 
marriage on 2/1 1/08. If you didn't get an 
email from me soliciting your news, please 
email me with your updated email address! 


Mrs. Carl R. Ullrich 
820 Waverly Rd 
Kennett Square, PA 


tfcu**io«, 2009: Wlay 22-2<f, 200? 

Ms. Graham Maxwell Russell 

525 S Flagler Dr 

Apt. 15A 

West Palm Beach, FL 33401 


Lillian Sweeney 
74 Longuevue Dr 
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 

True Dow Datillio writes: "I missed you 
all last year, but not much has happened in 
the short while. Except that I'm now 50. My 
boys (15,16) make me a proud "spectator 
mom" and eager taxi driver with their bas- 
ketball and ice hockey careers in full swing. 
My work in coll. counseling is challenging 
and eye opening, and continues to be a 
head-scratching drama for my colleagues. 
The front line of the coll. counseling office 
is exciting; I'm healthy and happy both 
physically and spiritually. My husband and I 
have been together 26 yrs, so that's saying 
something too. 

I'd like to remind the class of '80 that 
Toni Santangelo Archbald and I challenge 
you to help bring about the completion of 
the new athletics facility. We signed on to 
help raise awareness and funds for this long 
overdue and frightfully essential piece of the 
SBC puzzle. It's a real no-brainer; without 
this in place as soon as is possible, the next 

few years for SBC's matriculation could 
suffer terrible damage. The building breaks/ 
broke ground in Apr.! It's a reality that we 
need to help and fast. Jennifer Crispen is 
so psyched. For those who have signed on, 
given a gift, pledge or matching gifts, you 
are the class act. I hope you others can fol- 
low. Always proud to be a SBC alumna, Take 
care. As ever, True Dow." 

Anne Secor is still living in the woods 
just north of Montreal, where they have had 
1 3 ft of snow so far this winter, and it's still 
falling! Fraternal girl twins Romy and Natalia 
(2 in 6/08) are enrolled in French daycare, 
and starting to speak the language. They are 
a joy! Every day brings some new discovery 
or quirky behavior that makes mom and dad 
laugh. Steve is doing management consult- 
ing for a nearby company and traveling to 
NY to work regularly as a computer con- 
sultant. Anne is launching a new business 
called foliokraft, specializing in branding 
and marketing for visual artists. Look for the 
website soon! 

Missy Gentry Witherow: "Hoping that 
everyone has a fabulous 50th celebration 
this year. We enjoy living in Charlottesville 
and are getting ready for (bracing our- 
selves!) the h. s. years. Next fall, Somer will 
be in 9th grade and Wallace in 7th." 

Dianne Delledera hopes everyone is 
well. She lives in Paris just 5 min. from the 
Eiffel Tower. If any of you are going there, 
let her know! 

Annie Fisher McDaniel: "All is great in 
Houston, TX. I'm still teaching Kindergarten 
and will finish my M.A. of education in Jun.! 
Daughter Maggie is a first-year at UVA, son 
Jack a junior at Episcopal h. s. in Houston. 
It's great to have an excuse to get back 
to VA. Tim's law practice keeps him busy. 
We're all very blessed." 

Phyllis Watt Jordan is still in DC 
working as the MD editor for the Washington 
Post. Her husband is a Navy JAG working at 
the Pentagon. Their 2 kids, Miranda (10) and 
Jake (9), are in elem. in D.C. public schools; 
they're trying to figure out what to do about 
m. s., which is tricky in D.C. Phyllis saw Ann 
Connolly Simpson last spring when she 
brought Hannah to town to look at AU; says 
Ann is married again and seems happy. 

Carson Freemon Meinon writes: "I'm 
getting ready for my oldest to graduate from 
Texas A&M in May with a finance degree. 
No job yet, but I'm hopeful to have a much 
smaller payroll in a few months. Ed and I 
are going skiing in Steamboat Springs by 
ourselves for the 1 st time since children. I 
hope we can find things to talk about. Life 
is going by too quickly. Can't wait to hear all 
the news from everyone." 

Tinsley Place Lockhart: "After nearly 
1 1 yrs John and I have decided to tie the 
knot on 5/2/08. We're having a small 
wedding with just family and heading off to 
the Venice Lido for a week's honeymoon. As 
his last name is Lockhart and my last name 
from my former marriage is Lockhart, either 

I won't have to change the monograms, or 
may go double-barreled: Lockhart-Lockhart. 
What do you think? Much love to all!" 

Myth Bayoud sees Susan Boline 
Thompson a lot. She lives close by and her 
daughter is a senior at Lakehill Prep where 
Myth's son Charlie (9) goes. They've been 
busy with Charlie's Pop Warner Football — 
tackle — yikes! Practice starts in Jul., games 
end in mid Nov. Then basketball! The Bay- 
ouds were headed to Lyford Cay, Bahamas 
for Spring Break to see David's parents. 

Lisa Heisterkamp Davis says life is 
good. Husband Josh left big law firm life a 
couple of years ago and is happy in his own 
small firm. Daughter Augusta (1 8) is having 
a great senior year at Cambridge School 
of Weston, using some of her time to plan 
a benefit concert for New Orleans relief 
agencies. This summer, she'll be working 
for the 4th year for Mary Gearhart '78 in the 
Adirondacks. Dash (15) graduated 9th grade 
from Fenn School in Concord, MA, and 
joined his sister at Cambridge this year. Lisa 
plans to go back to school for an MSW in 
fall and spend time dreaming of the ways to 
celebrate the big 5-0 in the not too distant 
future. "Best to everyone!" 

Catherine Flaherty is selling Cancer, 
Heart Attack, and Stroke Insurance for Pla- 
tinum Services: "It's a great product/policy; 
my training in Dubuque went fine, and I've 
started to sell. Jimmy has a new position 
running the MN Division of Lanier Parking; 
poor soul, has to go the Masters the 2nd 
week of Apr. (there went my girls trip to Ve- 
gas). My boys are great. Callaghan will join 
Killian at Benilde St.Margarets next year in 
7th, and Killian will move to the h. s., same 
campus. All the boys played basketball this 
year, between the 3 of them they were on 5 
teams. Killian is trying out for golf this spring 
(seems to have given up lacrosse) and Cal- 
laghan and Macartan will play baseball on 3 
teams each (overkill, I know, but it's school, 
inhouse city, and travel). I look forward to 
having my classmates visit in MN to enjoy 
our lake and laughter." 

Mitch Baruch Jeffries: "Turning 50 is 
looming large, but the alternative is lousy, so 
I guess 50 is ok. Jane (1 3) is great; she had 
an amazing Bat Mitzvah in Jan. and owned 
the day. As the Rabbi said, she's a force! 
Charlie graduates coll. in May which seems 
unbelievable. He's going into broadcast/ 
media sales (we think), though he wants 
very much to write. An exciting time for him. 
Jim is happy running his own firm, and he 
continues to make it grow. I'm busy looking 
after all of them and Henry, our labradoodle. 
Planning some travel for the family and 
looking for the next day off school. I'll be 
co-chairing the book fair at Chapin (Jane's 
school, and my alma matei) again this 
year — a lot of fun and a substantial un- 
dertaking, but worth the effort. Life's good. 
Everyone is happy, healthy, and busy. What 
more can I ask?" 

Beth Fletcher Lubin says things are 

good in Montgomery: "Hill turned 20 (or 5, 
if you count his real birthdays) on 2/29/08 
and I'll hit the mid-century mark this sum- 
mer. Marvin is still old, having been born 
that way! Hill is a sophomore at the U. of 
AL, having a ball and actually making it to 
class occasionally! Marvin and I enjoy empty 
nesting a little more each month." 

Silky Hart has big news: She's getting 
married in Oct. in McKinney, TX. They just 
put an offer on a darling arts and crafts style 
house in the historic district of McKinney. 
Silky still loves her work as an expressive 
arts therapist ( 

Kathy Love Taylor Erickson will 
start her 1 0th year as a 5th grade assistant 
teacher next year at The Lovett School in 
Atlanta, GA. She writes: "I'm still taking 
photos; my first wedding is in Apr. I've been 
taking photography classes to learn more 
about the ever-changing digital world. Jon 
is a partner with Schulten, Ward & Turner 
law firm. Jon and I joined a Boot Camp last 
year. I never was a runner and have now 
run 2 half-marathons, and we both ran the 
Marine Corps Marathon in 10/07 in D.C. It 
was the hardest thing I've ever done, but 
we both finished. Katie (20) is a sopho- 
more at Presbyterian Coll. in SC and Brian 
(1 8) a senior at Lovett and a catcher and 
captain of the baseball team. I see Nancy 
Hatch Schwartzmiller '79 periodically. Hope 
everyone is well!" 

Kimberly Wood Fuller: I'm back from 
2 trips with SBC friends. In Feb. Janel 
Hughes Wiles and I flew over to Paris to 
visit with Sally Gray Lovejoy. Sally was 
hosting an art show for Jill Steenhuis 
Raffato; we helped her get ready. We had 
the best time together. Then after being 
home a week I flew out to Vail to ski with 
Janel and family, everyone that I work with 
thinks I live life in the "fast lane." I still work 
part time, 3 days at Journey House and the 
other days with my husband at our start-up 
company Therametics. We started selling 
products in 4/07 and are growing steadily. 
We have over 200 people, some doctors 
and a few Medi-Spas selling our products — 
an exciting time for us. 

Ginny Faris Hoffman missed Lilly 
very much at the mini reunion: "Carol 
Williamson is an inspiration, showing us 
how to triumph, spirit in tact, over some 
TOUGH challenges to life and limb. She was 
a lovely host for True, Liz, Lisa, Jeannine, 
Barbara, Fannie, Catherine and me. It was 
an investment for me to go to SBC, but Dad, 
I get a huge return on that investment; I'm 
still holding council with my SBC buds 30 
yrs later. As a bonus, I got a darn good edu- 
cation! Look, I can write. Thanks Dad and 
Mom. Allison is in Spain, great for her. We're 
a little blue to think we won't be with her to 
celebrate her 21st; maybe Jill will step in. 
Mary is finishing her 2nd semester at UVA, 
having a great time. Graham starts tennis 
season his junior yr in h. s. It's fun growing 
up with these kids! Alan and I are a little less 

52 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


nimble perhaps, but still happy to wake up 
each morning and have the chance to go at 
it again. I LOVE MY SBC BUDS!" 

Ann Connolly Simpson writes things 
are wild and crazy: "I married a guy with 3 
kiddos, yikes! My daughter Hannah (1 9) is 
a freshman at CT Coll., so it there are any 
alumnae with kiddos there, let me know! 
She transferred from Santa Clara, CA! I'm 
still at The Dragon's Nest Toy Store if you 
can believe it! Still playing tennis for a 4.0 
USTA team in Newburyport and for their 
North Shore league upper A teams, fun! I'm 
heading to Charlottesville, VA, in May for a 
brother's wedding, anyone around I should 
see? I'm bringing hubby (Charlie), Hannah, 
and the 2 older step kids (BrookeJ 7; 
Danielle, 13). I'll be staying at The Boar's 
Head, so come by!" 

Susan Posey Ludeman has relocated 
to St. Louis, Ml. Come visit to see the 
famous Arch! She loves her new home. 

Eithne Broderick Carlin is well and 
in mid-h. s. crisis: "Candace is a junior 
and driving, all restrictions free, so off she 
goes to Boston, to NH and ME (the little ski 
bunny) and is "imagining" a "road trip" to 
FL to visit nana and gramps! I'm ok with 
the bean town trips and the ski trips, but I 
still get nauseated with the idea of a road 
trip. Maybe I have some vague memory of 
some SBC "road trips"! John's a sophomore 
and can't wait for his license, if only to quit 
hitching with the "older sister." Freedom is 
so essential at 15 Vi\ Both are thinking col- 
leges, PSATs, SATs, and I'm thinking when 
did this all happen? I still haven't grown up 
enough to have college kids! Den is great 
and the restaurant is hopping. Can't talk 
about the super bowl though, everyone is 
still in denial and other than having a record 
breaking day, the let down from the loss 
was bittersweet! I'm freaking out at turning 
50, having an empty nest in 2 yrs, and what 
am I going to do for the rest of my life? So 
there you have it." 

Tish Longest Tyler reports that she, 
Carolyn Birbick Thomason and I (Lillian 
Sweeney) stayed in Lexington in 7/07 for a 
few nights while Carolyn's son, Paul, partici- 
pated in a W&L Lacrosse camp: "We drove 
over to SBC and visited the campus and the 
Book Shop. We saw Mr. and Mrs. Van Treese 
(retired French professors) at the Book Shop 
and enjoyed that. Carolyn and I then met 
in Paris in 10/07. We enjoyed ourselves so 
much that we just got back last week from 
another visit to Paris! A great time. I'm sad 
to report that my mother passed away in 
1 2/07. I'm busy with my 2 pups, Holly and 
Jack, who insist on being mischievous all 
the time!" 

Liz Swearingen-Edens is back from 
the Miracle Strip of Mary-Esther, FL, where 
she and a handful of SBC 80s reveled in 
a festive mini-reunion/joint birthday party 
at the beach house of Carol Williamson 
Jenkins Barbara Wesley Bagbey, 
Ginny Farris Hoffman, Fanny Zollicof- 

fer Mallonee, Lisa Schneider Thornton, 
Catherine Flaherty Jeannine Davis Har- 
ris, and True Dow Datillio all made their 
connecting flights. Lillian Sinks Sweeney 

was contacted by telephone for a virtual 
visit. Amusements were plentiful and all look 
forward to the next get-together. Back at 
home, Joe, Alex, Cary Pippin, and Finley Dog 
all got along just fine. Liz launched her off- 
shoot business this spring and 
is pleased to be exhibiting at the National 
Stationery Show in NYC in 5/08. 

Janel Wiles: "Late Jan. I visited Paris, 
where Sally Gray Lovejoy hosted a show 
for Jill Ruffato. Kim Fuller, Jill, and I stayed 
with Sally and ended up sharing one hair 
dryer, so it was like dorm life! Then Sally, 
Kim, and I drove around the Loire Valley in 
Sally's new mini cooper, a blast. For winter 
break all the Wiles were in Vail skiing with a 
group from Marietta (though John left when 
State Senate was called back into session 
and older boys had to get back to school), 
and Kim and husband Brian joined us. Snow 
was fabulous! With 2 boys at U.GA (both Fi- 
gis, John, Jr. serving as VP in charge of rush 
for IFC) we're down to 3 at home. Baseball 
and soccer are the spring sports for them, 
we're having fun with that. I continue to 
practice law and serve on the board of our 
prep school. Big birthday for many of us this 
year — happy birthday to all!" 

As for me (Lillian Sinks Sweeney), 
I've just started a new full-time job. I'll be 
coordinating education for the clinical staff 
at Family Hospice. My head is swimming. 
John is still pushing new technology in the 
printing and publishing world. Taylor is a 
freshman in h. s. and is preparing for his 
debut in the school musical Les Mis. He's 
also on the rifle team — yes, I did say rifle! 
Can't believe they put a gun in his hands! 
YIKES. Happy Birthday to all who have not 
turned 50 yet! Ok, gang, please e-mail me 
with email address updates so I can get as 
many people as possible in the class notes. 


Claire McDonnell Purnell 
Four Thompson St 
Annapolis, MD 21401 

Hello from Annapolis and thank you to all of 
the classmates who sent me their news. 

Elaine Arozarena still lives between 
Madrid, Spain and NYC. She has been 
married 1 3 yrs to Carlos Montero de Alba. 
They have no children. Elaine is a partner 
in a Global Boutique, specializing in Human 
Capital Solutions. Elaine writes "I've been in 
touch with: Sandra Rapaccioli '80, Wendy 
Weiler '78, Wendi Wood, Jean Otey Barden 
'78, Christina Andrews, Cookie Williams, 
and since I left the Board of Trustees with 
Michela English '71 and others. . . 

Michael and Sandy Meads Turturro 
(not Jeffries any longer!) just got back from 

their honeymoon. Sandy writes "We got 
married in NY on March 22 and are so hap- 
py. It's so much better the 2nd time around! 
All 3 children were in the wedding; it was 
wonderful. Youngest Katie has been offered 
an awesome scholarship to SBC! Of course 

1 am hoping she chooses SBC! My other 
daughter, Becky, is finishing her sophmore 
year at UNC. My oldest son is now 24 and 
works in Boston-loves it there!" Sandy and 
Michael continue to live in Pinehurst, with 
their 2 labs, Leo and Lilly and after 27 y rs 
of teaching still loves it. 

Julie Brooke Davis misses the SBC 
days: "I still enjoy juggling 2 teenage daugh- 
ters (17 and 15), a wonderful husband (20 
yrs in May!), and a job as general counsel 
to a company with a retail chain of young 
women's clothing (about 180 stores) and a 
catalog/website business. I try to volunteer 
for church (still singing in the choir) and 
community boards." 

Anne Grosvenor Evrard writes from 
Versailles! "Walter and I opened an antiques 
and art gallery in the antique district of 
Versailles. We have 1 8th and 1 9th century 
French antiques and exhibit contemporary 
artists. Margaret Robinson Talmadge 
and Dan visited us from Belgium with son 
Douglas. Stephanie Harmon Simonard '72 
dropped by with her husband, and Daun 
Thomas Frankland '74 was among our 
guests for the inauguration party in Decem- 
ber. 3 cheers for SBC alumnae! I've met up 
with Cornelia Long Matson '58 who has a 
vineyard in Bergerac. What interesting SBC 
girls! All 6 children are doing fine. 2 work, 

2 in college, and 2 still in h. s. Clotilde was 
chosen to have the lead role in her ballet 
school's production of Coppelia and has 
fallen for her mom's passion for ballet!" 

Amy Marshall Lewis sees Mary Kate 
Ferguson regularly. Amy writes "I visited 
my daughter, Tara, in Australia this fall, a 
great trip! She's a junior at Vanderbilt. Teddy 
graduated from Sewanee and is in sales 
for a Baltimore technology firm. I volunteer 
with Hospice of Baltimore assisting hospice 
patients and their families. Bo and I have a 
house on the market during the worst time 
in recent history! It's just time to downsize, 
but timing is everything." 

Eve Devine is "grateful that I've 
been able to keep up with Brendy Reiter 
Hantzes Mary Kate Ferguson and my 
roommate Tania Voss Ryan. Time spent 
with my dear and special friends is memo- 
rable and morale boosting! I'm making 
arrangements for my niece Colby Doetzer, 
Class of '1 3, to tour SBC in Apr. If I had my 
wish, she'd be a future Vixen and have the 
distinctive opportunity to spend her college 
years donning pink and green." 

Hedley Sipe Gunther is a nurse practi- 
tioner and living in Richmond, VA. Daughter 
Edie (1 3) is "a true joy!" Hedley sees Holly 
Silsand Ulrich often, and is occasionally 
in touch with Wendi Wood McAfee and 
Whitley Greene 

Barbara Bush writes "Life is busy. I 
still work in development, but with more 
flexibility in my schedule so that I can 
volunteer! I work for Community Residences 
(nonprofit) assisting individuals living with 
mental/physical disabilities. In addition to 
a variety of hats that I wear, we put on the 
TASTE of Arlington every May. Daughter So- 
phie (9) is at The Langley School down the 
road from our home in McLean and enjoys 
all the things that 3rd graders do. Hubby 
Doug still works in commercial real estate 
development. We look forward to our new 
weekend/summer adventure living on the 
waterfront in St. Michael's, MD, away from 
the city buzz and surrounded by ospreys, 
swans, and beautiful sunsets. Maybe I'll 
paint again?!" 

Susan Campbell was in St. Barts 
with her parents and daughter Sarah (21). 
Sarah is a 2nd year student at Marymount 
Manhattan, loves NYC. Susan writes "I sold 
my horse, Noble (bittersweet experience) 
and am going to take a break from horse 
ownership for awhile; I still ride 2 times a 
week at my lesson barn," Susan still volun- 
teers at Women of Change a safe haven for 
homeless women in Philadelphia. She works 
as a banker in Real Estate Finance at PNC 
in Philadelphia and may go to Iceland this 
summer on a Hidden Trails riding trip. Sarah 
still runs "for my sanity and vanity." She 
would love to hear from 1 981 SBCers and 
hopes we can can "pick a destination city 
and get together?" 

Lori Faust Williams writes. "My oldest 
daughter, Ashli (23) is the "Sheetz" girl. 
Last year the company chose her for their 
new ad campaign, so now, at least around 
here but I would imagine at all the Sheetz, 
she is the cute blonde in the green shirt on 
the huge posters hung all over the stores 
with the "Sheetz works for me" logo. She 
started working for Sheetz at 1 5 and still 
works there today. Sheetz has paid for her 
college thus far, and she graduates from 
Lord Fairfax Community Coll. this spring, 
and then plans to attend George Mason U. 
Shelby (20) is at Lord Fairfax, interested in 
becoming an elem. school teacher. Ted (18) 
graduates h. s. this spring! Yikesl When did 
that happen? I remember his 1 st day of 
kindergarten." Lori and Rusty run Idylwood 
Farm for retired horses near Winchester, VA. 
The website is Lori 
says she's "still training and showing reining 
horses. I'm also starting and setting up a 
nonprofit corp, called Bulls Bucking Can- 
cer. We buy into ownership of Professional 
Bull Rider bucking bulls, and the money the 
bulls make is donated to a medical char- 
ity. I'm looking at the charity of St. Judes 
Childrens Hospital for now." 

Stephane Stitt Fitzpatrick writes, "I 
have a new job as collections manager for 
the Podesta Art Collection, and my family 
has been very supportive of a truly hectic 
work schedule! Perks include travel that 
brought me up to NYC to visit with Liz 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Spring/Summer 2008 • 53 

Seacord recently! 

Kearsley Rand Walsh is living in 
Arlington, VA, and commuting an hourlo 
Herndon everyday. She writes "the only way 
to keep the NJ road rage in check is "books 
on tape (actually CDs)." I've heard almost 
every book ever written. When not driving, 
I enjoy the calm and peaceful lifestyle of 
every mother with teenage sons. Angus 
(17) and Duncan (15) make perfect grades, 
never bicker, have spotless rooms, and 
never give the police any reason to call my 

Helen Masters Durham writes: 
"We're still living in MN (whose idea was 
that?), and I'm the director of marketing 
and ticket operations for the Mayo Civic 
Center. Buck is still at the Mayo Clinic in 
cardiothoracic surgery. We're about to send 
our last, Rob, out of the nest to. . . yep, you 
guessed it, H_SC. Ann Husted (21) is still at 
UNC and Arch (25) lives in and loves NYC. I 
keep in touch with Mary Ware Gibson '83, 
the wonders of instant messaging! I had 
found Letha Dameron Zackowski once 
by email, but it was right before she left for 
NC and I've lost her again! I caught up with 
Whitley Greene who is in Atlanta and hope 
someday to get out of the snow and back 
down south to catch up with SBC friends!" 

Liz Seacord writes that her son Sasha 
will attend The School at the Art Institute 
of Chicago next year. "We're incredibly 
proud of him as he was practically ac- 
cepted on the spot at his interview when 
his portfolio of photographs and short films 
was reviewed. When we were in London 
last month on "spring break," we saw a 
wonderful show at the Tate Modern on the 
work of DuChamp, Man Ray, and Picabia. 
Sasha loved the examples of Dadaism rep- 
resented there and was thrilled to see in real 
life what he had known only from reproduc- 
tions. Shades of Mrs. Moran's 20th-century 
art history class... 

Virginia Donald Latham, Caroline 
Hawk Sparrow and Nancy Webb 
Corkery traveled to Umbria, Italy, for Laura 
Evans' (79) 50th birthday. Rick and Callen 
went too, although David Corkery couldn't 
make it. It was an amazing 4-night event 
with lots of wine and pasta, a once in a 
lifetime event. 

Mary Kate Ferguson bought a house 
in Baltimore. New puppy Paco, a Welsh Cor- 
gi, is doing well and going to puppy classes. 
She's taking guitar lessons and learning 
to play "Under the Boardwalk," which she 
promises to have perfected by next reunion! 
Mary Kate writes: "I met Eve Devine and 
Brendy Reiter Hantzes for dinner at The 
Tasting Room in Frederick, MD, a few weeks 
ago. Had lunch with Amy Marshall Lewis 
a while ago in Baltimore. My bookkeeping 
service, Beeswax Bookkeeping, has done 
well in its 1st year. I'm still buying and sell- 
ing junque from auctions, estate sales." 

Life in Annapolis is good. Mary (14) 
graduates from the 8th grade and Elizabeth 

(11) graduates from the 5th grade. Another 
been there, done that for many of you, but 
we're excited. Next year they'll be at the 
same school. John is busy traveling with his 
airport consulting business and I still work 
in graphic design. This spring Mary and I 
went on a whirlwind trip to Europe for her 
8th grade class. It was a lot of fun. The Eiffel 
Tower was a thrill to see and the Mona Lisa 
stared at all of the people staring at her. No 
wonder she has a smirk. I was in Pittsburgh 
and had lunch with Liz Winson Sweeney, 
always fun. Liz is well and in the midst of 
renovating a house. Liz and Tom built a 
house last year, but when this home on a 
quiet street became available, they grabbed 
it. Take care, have a wonderful summer and 
please write to me with your news. 


Consuelo Michelle Martinez 
7007 North Tripp Ave 
Lincolnwood, IL 60712 

Monika Kaiser Neheim wins the prize 
for the 1 st classmate to write with news. 
Thank you Monika! Still an active stage 
mother/manager/chauffeur, Monika is busy 
with daughter Alexa's college applications 
and auditions to musical theater programs 
throughout the country. Alexa was accepted 
to several universities along with scholar- 
ships. Son Julius (8th grade) excels in math 
and science. Husband Richard is busy with 
work and travel. The family plans to visit 
family in France and Germany this summer. 

Busy with her new life in Nashville, 
TN, Heather Pirnie Albert launched a 
new tax service after being with H&R block 
for 22 yrs. Husband Mike and youngest 
daughter Samantha were in Atlanta until 
May (Samantha's h. s. graduation), but the 
family planned to reunite in Nashville after 
commuting back and forth on weekends — 
only 4 '/2-hour trip. They're building a home 
outside of Nashville. Adding to her busy 
schedule, Heather spends time on the 
weekends following up on the construction 
and looks forward to the "new-car-smell" of 
the new house and to settling in. 

On the vestry of her Episcopal church in 
Wilmington, NC, Mary Ames Booker was 
baptized by rector and fellow SBC graduate, 
Rev. Blair Both '65. Now living on her own 
as an independent, single woman, Mary 
Ames has embraced this new chapter in 
her life and credits SBC for teaching her to 
negotiate the rollercoaster. She was looking 
forward to visiting friend and coll. roommate 
Patti Snodgrass Borda in D.C. in May, 
where they planned to tour the museums 
and sites. 

Polk Green claims there's not a lot 
of news to report, but she and partner 
Kathy celebrated their 1 4 yrs of bliss and 
were planning a trip to NM to celebrate 
their anniversary. Polk and Kathy live in 

Lynchburg and care for Kathy's mother, who 
has Alzheimer's disease and lives close by. 
Polk enjoys her position as an Engineering 
Project Mgr. with a local contract soap mfr. 
for major consumer product brands. She 
heads the entire plant, manages all capital 
production equipment and the acquisition 
and installation of all new machinery as the 
company expands its capabilities. 

Business owner and entrepreneur 
Anne Goebel Bain imports interior finishes 
(cabinetry, granite stone tops, bamboo 
flooring, etc.) from China for upscale condo/ 
apartment projects. Her main market is 
TX; she travels to Houston, Austin, and 
Dallas frequently to work with developers. 
As Brigos Corp. business expands, she and 
her partner will source materials from other 
South East Asia countries, such as Vietnam 
and Indonesia. You can visit their website 
at Anne and husband 
Mike head to Peru in fall to hike the Inca 
trail at Machu Picchu and have begun train- 
ing for their Andean adventure. 

Nancy Daugherty Davidson writes 
from Fairfax, VA, where husband Mike, 
daughters Meredith, Catherine and Lydia 
are busy with school, extra-curriculars, and 

After a long winter, Liz Hoskins looks 
forward to the spring. Liz still enjoys horse- 
back riding, teaching, and writing. 

Gearing up to attend the '08 Summer 
Olympics in Beijing, Frances Ruth Fowler 
Bauerle is busy with family and work in 
Athens, GA. She was happy to receive 
Christmas greetings from our classmate 
Leigh Woolverton's mother, Mrs. Arnold 
Woolverton, who enjoys her grandchild and 
travels in Europe. 

Irish dancing competitions keep Lee 
Watson Lombardy and daughter Georgia 
(11) busy. Lee and family enjoyed a quick 
trip to VA last fall to visit sister Lynn W. 
Norfleet 74. They toured Williamsburg, 
Yorktown, and Jamestown as the historical 
sites celebrated their 400th anniversary. 

Congratulations to Jennifer Rae on 
her membership to the Woman's Club of 
Bethesda. Jennifer worked on the "Over 60" 
Fashion Show Fundraiser to raise money for 
women's job search needs in the Bethesda, 
MD, area. After 4 yrs she continues to be a 
proud Rotarian while her business, Invitation 
to Better Things, LLC, finished its 7th suc- 
cessful year. 

Priscilla Ream McPheeterand 
family were preparing for the upcoming Jun. 
wedding of son James in Charleston, SC. 
Daughter Heather '10 will be a bridesmaid. 

Martha Tisdale-Cordell writes from 
Tulsa, OK, where she is the asst. dean, 
director of admissions and financial aid at 
the U. of Tulsa Coll. of Law. In addition to 
her law career, Martha keeps tabs on her 
2 teenagers, son Ryan (1 6) and daughter 
Mary Louise(1 3), and cares for her parents 
who moved to Tulsa a couple yrs ago. 
Husband David practices law, plays tennis, 

and enjoys sailing. A lady of many talents, 
Martha plays tennis and bridge. 

Nancy Trimble Howell writes from 
Tomball, TX, where she lives on a 2-acre 
"mini-farm." Married for 17 yrs, Nancy is a 
patent litigation researcher, an avid golfer, 
and tends her organic vegetable & herb 
garden. She has a delightful daughter (1 6) 
who is home-schooled, plays piano and the 
Celtic harp. Nancy would love to hear from 

Ethel Burwell-Dowling and husband 
Ben still enjoy life in the beautiful mountains 
of western NC. Son Peter and daughter 
Betsy are in 6th and 4th grade. Ethel enjoys 
teaching English as a 2nd language at the 
community coll. and to 6 foreign exchange 
students at a private h. s. Ethel admits it's 
an unusual career for a biology major, but 
confirms the value of a liberal arts degree! 

Because of her daughter's coll. gradu- 
ation, Rolfe Joyner DeShazor couldn't 
attend our 25th reunion. She and husband 
Tony, her boyfriend from SBC, are now 
empty nesters. Their youngest child, Maggie 
attends VA Tech and the older 4 children 
are now out of coll.: Carrie '03, Christian 
and Will (VMI '04 and '05) and Mary Kate 
(Salem Coll. '07). The siblings live and work 
in NC or SC, so Rolfe and Tony don't see 
their children as much as they'd like. Rolfe 
took up running and jogs with a group for 4 
yrs and runs several 1 0Ks a year. 

Life is busy in Santa Barbara, CA, 
for Gay Kenney Browne, who launched 
Greenopia 2 yrs ago, a Michelin type of 
guidebook for the eco-conscious crowd, also 
in San Francisco, L.A. and NY with plans to 
expand to EO markets in the US. They're 
looking for an investment partner and in 
May, Gay received an award from the EPA 
for Greenopia's work on climate change. 
She has 3 children: Alex, a pilot, graduated 
from h. s. this year and plans to fly around 
the world on bio-diesel to promote alternate 
fuels. Colin (9), is in 3rd grade and excels 
in spelling and sports; Katey (7) loves to ski, 
ride horses, and play with her dog, Princess, 
a King Charles Spaniel, between her local 
children's theater performances. Tony, 
husband of 14 yrs, plays golf whenever he 
can between work and family activities. 


Mrs. Katherine Barrett Baker 
1451 Amber Lake Rd 
Manakin Sabot, VA 

Mrs. Cary Elizabeth Gritzfeld-Fagan 
329 Kelford Ln 
Charlotte, NC 

54 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 



<KtMUan aoo\ 

Mrs. Cynthia Pike Gaylord 

33 Edgehill Ave 

Chatham, NJ 07928 


Cecily Venable Banks 
11 Harbour Rd 
Barrington, Rl 02806 

Barbara Tragakis Conner writes: 
"Still loving my work as college and career 
center specialist at West Potomac h. s. Lots 
of career assessments, college searches, 
resume writing, college essay reading, et 
al. Teaching an 18-wk SAT prep course this 
spring, currently serving on the board of 
directors of the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber 
of Commerce as well as our neighborhood 
board (Daventry) and on the condo board. 
Completed national certification recently 
for Global Career Development Facilitator. 
Both kids are doing well. Margaret is a 
sophomore at Hollins and will spend next 
year abroad in London and son Kit will 
graduate h. s. He is choosing a college at 
this time. I see Tania Voss Ryan '81 , our 
PTSA president! 


Mrs. Jean G. Guergai 
3641 Elderberry PI 
Fairfax, VA 22033 


Mrs. Jay M. Jalenak, Jr. 
605 Camelia Avenue 
Baton Rouge, LA 

Susan Detweiler enjoyed working her 
last full Antarctic field season. She'll switch 
to shorter contract work and be in the 
field more than in town; she's psyched. 
She finished another rock-climbing trip 
in Australia, and is heading to the active 
volcano on Hi's Big Island to explore hot lava 
in the tropics, having done so in Antarctica 
before. Then she heads back to Jackson 
Hole, WY, for another climbing guiding 
season in the Teton Range. Last year she 
missed the guiding season because of an 
incredible 6+-wk canoe trip in the arctic, 
during which she and Larry saw zero 
people. She joined Facebook and has been 
hearing from classmates via this medium. 
Photos at I 
(Kelly Meredith lacobelli) had a ball 
watching my daughter's k-class correspond 
with Susan while she was in Antarctica! The 

kids would send Susan questions and she 
would answer enthusiastically, many times 
with photos to illustrate her answers. Thanks 
for passing the joy on to "the little people of 
Marietta," as you called them! 

Gussie Dunstan Harrison lives in 
Sewickley, PA, with husband Woody and 3 
children: Harrison (2), Gwen (7) and Millie 
(11). Gussie is busy substitute-teaching, 
leading Girl Scout adventures, running 10k 
races, riding, swimming, and yoga. She's 
still a vocalist. 

Cecilia Moore is a professor of 
religious studies at the U. of Dayton. She 
enjoys knitting, reading, writing, traveling, 
and cooking. I can also add that she serves 
on the alumnae board and does a fabulous 
job representing our class! 

Tracy Tigerman Shannon says, "Ryan 
is in 7th grade and Kaitlyn is in kindergar- 
ten. John manages a hotel in Lynchburg and 
is finishing up his educational degree. I still 
teach 3rd grade in rural VA and am finishing 
my 2nd M.A. in administration." 

Maia Free Jalenak reports in from 
Baton Rouge, where she has been for the 
last 1 9 yrs. She and husband Jay (H-SC 
'87) look forward to Reunion. She works 
part time for the Louisiana Art and Science 
Museum and plays lots of tennis. 

Stephanie Wilt Smirnov was promot- 
ed to President of DeVries Public Relations, 
her dream job. She, husband Max, and son 
Terry (5) have been enjoying spiffing up 
their new weekend home in the Catskills 
and were happy to take full advantage of ski 
season in winter. 

Mary Halliday Shaw says, "My twins 
Jack & Mike (16) are driving and still have 
their rock band going with some other kids 
from their h. s. Kevin is 12, in 6th grade, 
and getting into golf, but soccer is still his 
passion. Husband Brad (W&L '88) is still at 
the Home Depot as Senior VP of Corporate 
Communications. I still teach at Holy Spirit 
Prep School. Can't wait to see everyone at 

Mariam Khan says she's still job hunt- 
ing through SBC, Linked-ln, and her own 
efforts to find a job in communications and 
ideally online-editing. 

Stacey Sickels Heckel reports that 
"'07 was a year of transition, my "007" year. 
I celebrated my 07/07/07 birthday. David 
and I are (amicably) separating. I complete 
the Leadership Anne Arundel program at the 
end of this year and have a new apprecia- 
tion for the complexities and richness of my 
community. My synchronized figure skating 
team, Ice Force One, won the East Coast 
Championships and came in 4th in the 
nationals behind Denver, Ml, and Boston (big 
skating towns). Sons Kent (1 2) and Leland 
(9) are great, involved in sports, and singing. 
I'm still executive director of the Foundation 
for Anne Arundel Community Coll. outside of 
Annapolis. I've officially bought my "child- 
hood" home from h. s. from my mom (whom 
many classmates know)." 

Scarlett Roitman says, "Our yummy, 
but naughty baby girl Anais Bronte (1) 
provides much entertainment for her sisters 
Eloise (9) and Clarissa (1 8). We still live in 
London and commute regularly to Southern 
Portugal and St. Lucia where we're develop- 
ing most of our properties. I won't be able to 
make it back for Reunion, but I look forward 
to seeing photos on Facebook!" 

I. Kelly Meredith lacobelli, have had 
so much fun as our class secretary over 
the past 5 yrs! We've really grown, and our 
families have grown. It will be wonderful 
to reconnect for our 20th reunion! John, 
Kathleen and I still live in Marietta, GA. 
I'm the director of marketing for a small 
company. Kathleen is in kindergarten and on 
the pre-team for gymnastics. She's also a 
swimmer and a soccer player. She keeps us 
running! She'll tell you that she is SBC Class 
of 2024. 1 just love that! 


24, 3.001 

rVt.,.1..., 1009: 77(ag i 

Miss Emmy S. Leung 
7102 Wynne wood Ct 
Richmond, VA 23235 

Kate Robinson Hillestad was the hostess 
for another Jan. mini-reunion weekend 
at her house in Chester, VA. It snowed as 
usual! Krista Biggs Sandy Compton 
Sellman Allyson Welch Cain Ellen 
Duffie-Fritz and I (Emmy S. Leung) at- 
tended. Christina Stolz Feldkamp joined 
us briefly by telephone. 

After 2 J4 yrs in Winter Park, FL, 
Sydney Loughran Wolf, husband Andreas, 
Schuyler (6), and Charlie (4) moved to 
Brussels, Belgium. They expect to be there 
for 3-4 yrs and hope to travel throughout 
Europe and beyond. While still in FL, the 
children took swimming lessons from Holly 
Pflug Allport '84. As an early 40th birthday 
present to herself, Sydney trained for and 
completed a sprint triathlon in Orlando in 
5/07 with a group of friends. 

Sans Good Washington is a Staff 
Developer with the Daviess County Public 
Schools in KY. Her oldest, William, is count- 
ing down until he can drive! Benjamin is 
7, Anne Lawrence is 5. The family travels 
to Orlando, FL, several times a year to 
visit family and friends and to go to Disney 

Abby Carter, Eric Rudenshiold and 
Alexander (1 0) have almost completed the 
renovations of their farmhouse in Freder- 
icksburg, VA. Abby is still riding and teaches 
dressage lessons. She shows whenever 
she can. 

Whitney Bay Shuck and Quin 
relocated to Indianapolis, IN, for Quin's job 
at Rolls Royce Aerospace. Whitney has been 
able to remain with Maritz and works from 
home. They have moved into a 1 951 ranch 

and have started renovations. 

From Amy Jenkins Millican: Jeff and 
I celebrate 16 yrs of marriage this summer. 
Last fall we purchased a home in Old Town 
Alexandria and are renting out our other 
home. Settling down in one place after 15 
yrs of marriage has been fun! I'm manager 
of marketing and public relations for the 
American Moving and Storage Associa- 
tion and keep my writing projects alive. 
My review of Ayaan Hirst Ali's book, Infidel, 
was published in the last summer's Naval 
Intelligence Professionals Quarterly. We 
meet classmate Chris Mohn Carmouche 
and husband Christopher occasionally for 
dinner and to keep the SBC bond alive. Their 
work, GrassTopsUSA and C4Strategies, has 
them speaking internationally. Another of our 
classmates, Ramona Leonard Riley, has 
founded her own non-profit, B.L.I.S.S. — 
Beauty Lives in Soul & Spirit. She asked me 
to be on her board; I encourage everyone 
to visit her website,, to 
find out more about this awesome program. 
We're planning a 3-wk trip to South Africa, 
taking along our oldest nephew, J. Cabell 
Neterer, for a h. s. graduation present before 
he starts as a freshman at Virginia Tech next 
fall. I wish all our classmates good health 
and happiness.who knew 40s could be so 
adventurous and exciting?! 

Raquel Hickman Thiebes and family 
live in FL, but will head off to Germany 
again this summer: husband George was 
promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Feb. and 
will command a battalion. Sons Alex and 
Tias are busy with Cub Scouts, Little League 
baseball, and other activities. 

I'm gearing up for our 20th reunion in 
'09, and hope you are too! Important dates, 
news and reminders will be posted on our 
group page. Join the Class of '89 Group 
Page at 
stay up to date. Take care! 


Mrs. Jean L. Spillane Benning 
1506 N Bethlehem Pike 
Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002 

It's been such a long time since I've submit- 
ted notes. It's not that I haven't wanted to; 
it's just a lot of work putting it together. In 
1 2/06, 1 sent out cards for each of you to 
fill out and send back to me. Thank you so 
much for doing so. I know the information 
is a year old, but I thought you'd like to read 
it anyway. At the end, you'll see the latest 
that I've received over the past year. Please 
enjoy everyone's notes. I love reading them 
and hearing from you. If you'd like me to 
include your email address at the end of 
your notes, let me know. If you would like 
to send me your updated address, please 
email me at or Thank you so 
much for keeping in touch. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 55 

Mary Blankenship Niles and husband 
Jim spent 3 wks over the Christmas '06 in 
Italy. She teaches a classroom full of 1 st 
graders. She runs into a lot of SBC'ers in 
Richmond where she lives, and her cousin 
is considering the hallowed halls of SBC for 
the future. 

Cata McDonald Fernandez was living 
in Russia in '06 with her husband and 2 
girls (4, 2 Yi). She was expecting her 3rd in 
6/07. Cata loves being a full-time mother, 
but it doesn't leave much time for anything 
else. She was learning Russian and how to 
make Russian meals; her girls love Russian 
food. They attend a Russian preschool as 
well. Her email address is catcourtneym@ 

Julie Brooks moved to Coral Gables 
from Miami Beach and still works at the 
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation 
as Grants Manager. She completed her 
M.A. in Public Administration in 6/06 and is 
working on her M.BA. She keeps in touch 
with Lea Harvey, Vanessa Rhodes and 
Debbie Lee 

Rachel Renzy Meima's daughter Rose 
(8) and son Hughes (5) keep her busy driv- 
ing to/from the ice rink for hockey practice 
and the barn for riding lessons. The family 
moved into the house where husband Steve 
grew up in Bethesda, MD. 

Carole Worthington Lumpkin is still 
in Athens, GA. Julianna Helena joined their 
family on 10/13/06. Carole says she is such 
a joy, and they're happy to have her home. 

Anne Richardson Lackey and 
husband Mark started 2 new businesses in 
'06 — both related to real estate. Her oldest 
stepdaughter and husband had their 3rd boy 
in '06. Her oldest stepson is a sophomore at 
GA Southern and her youngest stepdaughter 
got accepted to U.GA. 

Allison Lea Chaby got married 
1 0/28/06 to a Navy man. She was moving 
to San Diego (hopefully Coronado) where 
he's stationed. E-mail her at alea2122@ 

Stacy Gilmore Hanling remarried in 
1 1/05. Husband Scott adopted her daughter 
Haylie (1 1) in 4/06. They were expecting 
their 1 st child together in 3/07. She's still 
active in her church, the Junior League, and 
being a mom. 

Cheryl Bishop Gilmans daughter 
Jenna turned 1 4 on New Year's Day '07. 
Luke was 13 in 3/07, more late nights 
just like when they were infants. JEB was 
1 1 , Levi 7 and Corrie Michaela 4. They're 
back in school after 3 yrs of classical home 
schooling. Cheryl reunited with Irfan Kiratli 
Latimer and ChrisAnne Spehar at the 
Rotary Crab Feast in 8/06. Another mini-re- 
union at ChrisAnne's with Irf, Meg Caulk and 
Sarah Andres before ChrisAnne shipped 
off to Bagdad. Cheryl ran her 1st marathon, 
Marine Corps, in the fall of '06 qualifying for 
Boston. Her birth doula practice is taking off. 
She enjoys working with moms of all ages 
during childbirth. She and Beth Babbitt 

Bowen talk about once a month. 

Parker Shultis was busy marketing for 
a computer networking firm and bringing 
along a new young horse as a show pros- 
pect. She sees a lot of Jennie Vance '91 , 
who was expecting in 3/06. 

Dr. Mary Wiley is a licensed clinical 
psychologist in Danville, CA. Her website is 
www. drmarywiley. com. 

Joie Roderick Tankard gave birth to 
4th child Mary Blir on 1/2/07. 

In '06, Amy Elizabeth Burton lost her 
grandmother who had made her education 
at SBC possible. After her passing, Amy 
threw herself into her job and has reached 
new and satisfying goals. She's still with the 
U.S. Senate Commission on Art and keeps 
in touch with Mary Ellen Naff Philpott and 
Suzanne Szak Sohur 

Elizabeth Farrell Berthsavage lives in 
NH with husband Ron and 2 children, Katie 
and Tommy. She has been teaching baking 
classes part time for 5 yrs at King Arthur 
Flour in Norwich, VT. 

Brandi Beck Fowler still lives in 
LA, works in private practice as a clinical 
psychologist. She and her husband adopted 
their 1st child in 6/06: Daria Frances, who 
was born in Russia. 

Amy Kathleen Donnelly Tobik lives 
in Winter Springs, FL, with husband Steve 
and 2 busy daughters, Katie (11) and 
Emily (7). Between driving them to soccer 
practices, games, tennis, violin, art club, 
and Girl Scouts, Amy finds time to write 
the lead feature for the Seminole Chronicle 
newspaper each week. She runs the Ac- 
celerated Reader Program at her daughter's 
elem. and teaches creative writing and an 
art appreciation class as a volunteer. E-mail 
her at 

I have some sad news. Melissa 
Grandle passed away in 3/06. 

In 2004, LuAnn Hunt spent 2 wks in 
Africa with a mission team. It was all and 
more than she expected; she'd love to return 
one day. In 7/06, grandson Josh was born. In 
1 0/06 her daughter married. LuAnn is blessed 
with a wonderful son-in-law. She still works 
for the City of Lynchburg in Communications 
and Marketing and encourages everyone to 
visit: since so much has 
changed since we were all there. 

Tracey Thomas Jones's husband 
Jonathon went back to seminary to 
complete his M.A. in counseling. After 8 yrs 
of ministry, he needed far more training to 
help the hurting folds in their congregation. 
Nathaniel (6) is finishing up kindergarten. 
They had 2nd son Brenna Rhys on 1 1/4/04 
(12 lbs, 1 oz). She isn't sure where they'll 
be lead next, whether her husband will be 
a full-time therapist, a better trained pastor, 
or whether they'll stay in Jacksonville, FL. 
She keeps in touch with Linka Weyrauch 
Parlee, who went to Serbia to teach in a 
seminary. Linka teaches counseling while 
her husband is a theology professor. She 
hears from Abby Osteen Reeder Kristen 

Rider Costello and Amy Offoner She'd 
love to catch up with Kelleigh Klym and 
Taki Kinoshita Austin 

KC Cushman Murphy s son Quint 
(7) is a busy 1 st grader. She also has a 
stepson, Sam (8). KC remarried a guy from 
Richmond and lives there. For 15 yrs she 
has worked for Medco. She belongs to a 
women's leadership organization called 
Women Unlimited. 

Renee Merion Everett is still an attor- 
ney in the Chester County District Attorney's 
Office. She's Chief of the Juvenile Unit. She 
and husband Greg have been together for 
over 1 yrs. Her step-daughters are 1 7 and 
1 8. She and Greg are traveling as much as 
possible ('04, S. Africa, Kenya and Tanzania; 
'05, Egypt; '07, Vietnam, Cambodia, and 
Thailand). They spend every available 
weekend in the summer at the beach house 
on Long Beach Island. 

Lisa Waldrop Hammerschmidt writes 
that Trinity (7) is a first-grader, and Link (5) 
is in his last year of preschool. Kurt keeps 
busy with tennis and work around the farm. 
Their barn is full with 20 horses, 3 foals 
due in 3/07, 4 dogs, 3 cats. She dedicated 
summer '07 to work on her judge's license 
promotion to big "R" status. 

MaryEllen Naff Philpott reports that 
Ben works in the ER and helps "farm" their 
land. They garden heavily and plan fruit 
trees for the future. Her family of 5 (3 girls) 
have been in their new home for a year. 
She lives close to her mom, helps her out, 
and helped plan a heritage journey for their 
family of 20 to Switzerland and Germany 
in 6/06. 

Amy Calandra Davis: "I don't know 
if you remember, but at the last reunion I 
went to, (at least 5 yrs ago) my youngest 
son was ill. As a preemie he had medical 
complications. I lost him not long after that 
and have since then gone on to remarry 
and have another son (1) whose name is 
Devon. So, I now have 2 boys, Nick (1 0) and 
Devon, and 2 step-daughters, Madi (1 1) and 
Lexie (9). A full house. A couple of yrs after 
Zachary passed away I started a business 
called Light of Mine Designs, inspired by 
him. After only 3 yrs, the business has 
grown. My husband works for the company; 
we employ a full-time artist as well as part- 
timers. My work has allowed me the joy of 
sharing Zachary's memory with people from 
all across the country through our hand- 
painted children's keepsakes and our Little 
Star Outreach. Please visit my website if 
you get the chance, you can email me from 
there too ( I'd 
love to hear from any of you. 

Candace Collins Preston opened her 
own law practice in 1/06 and is busy with 
daughter Sylvia (3). She attended the '06 
Homecoming Gala at SBC and enjoyed see- 
ing Claire Williams Navarro and daughter 
Kaitlin. She was excited to see the changes, 
especially the move of the dance depart- 
ment from the gym to the theater building. 

In 8/06, Chiara Ascari Bailey wrote, 
"My baby, Rosalia turned 2 last 7/4 and is 
excited about the upcoming birth of her little 
brother, due on or around 8/29. My hus- 
band, Scott started a new job at EMC and is 
now in a position to do a good deal of work 
from home. This summer we traveled to 
Italy so that the family could meet Rosalia, 
and we also relaxed at the Outer Banks with 
some friends." 

In 2/07, Jacqueline Vonder Haar 
Hanephin wrote: "After I left SBC, I moved 
back home. Then I went to TX where I had 
a bicycle accident. I was in a coma for 
33 days in 1 989. Life is good now. I'm 
married to Simon (Sam); we're on our 4th 
child. Stacy is 1 3, Nathan is 1 1 , and Simon 
the 5th is 22 mos. The new baby boy is 
expected 3/7/07." 

Kelleigh Klym, 4/07: "I'm living 
outside of Calgary, on acreage with husband 
Frank Friesen and my stepdaughter Heather. 
We enjoy living close to the mountains and 
even closer to Spruce Meadows. Heather 
and I share a passion for horses, and we 
both compete on the Hunter and Jumper 
Circuit. We hope to go to Thermal next 
winter and visit SBC in 3/08. 1 enjoy my 
career in Paediatrics. My colleague and I 
developed a clinic for marginalized youth. 
We presented our experience at the Society 
for Adolescent Medicine, in Denver, CO. We 
work with homeless and at-risk youth. Some 
of the children involved in prostitution are as 
young as 1 1 , and the majority have signifi- 
cant chemical addictions. We're embarking 
on a research project based on some of 
our clinical observations related to the 
substance abuse. My chemistry background 
will be helpful in this endeavor. Although I'm 
involved in a variety of other programs, this 
clinic and these patients make the greatest 
difference in my life. I would be happy to 
accept any students/interns pursuing a 
career in medicine or public health or have 
an interest in this population. Our life is full: 
Frank is also a physician, Heather is a teen- 
ager, plus we have 2 Jack Russell Terriers, 
horses, and numerous cats." 

Now for the 2008 News: Ann Beatty 
Malone still works part time for Wyeth 
Pharmaceuticals. Alexandra (4) loves pre- 
school. Sam enjoys m. s. and played football 
for the first time. 

Dolly Garcia writes: "Everything is 
great here in Puerto Rico. Just got back 
from skiing in CO. No one broke anything 
and Miguel Juan made the snowboard black 
diamond club." 

Meg Caulk was married last summer 
and is now Meg Stephens. 

Beth Pesiri Solamita expects her 3rd 
child this year. 

Sonja Gruhl Dupourque accepted 
the position of Recruiting Coordinator at 
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, LLP, 
an AMLaw 1 00, national law firm, based 
out of L.A. (since 1 927), with 500 attorneys 
practicing in 10 offices in CA, NY, DC, and 

56 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Shanghai: "I'll be the Recruiting Coordina- 
tor for the Summer Associate Program and 
Lateral Associate Attorneys in the Del Mar 
Heights and San Diego offices! This is an 
incredible opportunity recommended by my 
friend and a partner at the firm. I'm honored 
and look forward to my new "home away 
from home," taking root and growing in this 
position. As a family, after much thought, 
consideration and prayer, we're excited 
about this new adventure! Hopefully, like 
other dual-career families (make that a 
"multi-career family," since Stephan's also 
in law school), we'll figure out our "work- 
life" balancing act as we go!? Stay tuned." 

Lea Harvey writes: "I left my job as di- 
rector of foundation and corporate relations 
for World Wildlife Fund to become VP for 
Development at BoardSource, an organiza- 
tion working to strengthen nonprofits nation- 
wide by increasing the effectiveness of the 
boards that lead them. My partner, Kiki, and 
I celebrated our 17th anniv. We have a little 
house and a big garden in Falls Church, VA, 
with 3 dogs: Russell (Jack Russell/Beagle), 
Maya (Dachshund/Spaniel), and Frankie 
(long-haired dapple Dachshund). Kiki is a 
personal trainer and fly-fishing guide, so our 
free time is spent biking, hiking, kayaking, 
and fly-fishing. I've not been great about 
keeping up with classmates, with the 
exception of Debbie Lee, who I see once a 
month or so for Chinese food and a movie. 
I keep in touch with Julie Brooks. On the 
family front, younger brother Christopher, a 
lieutenant commander in the Navy, is being 
deployed on the ground in Iraq, despite the 
lack of an ocean. He'll be there from Apr. 
through Jan., so I'd like to ask that everyone 
keep him and all the other amazing men 
and women serving in this terrible war in 
their thoughts." 

Amy Elizabeth Burton: "I love my 
job in the Senate Curator's Office and am 
grateful for SBC leading me to Art History. 
This year I'm documenting the restoration 
of "Henry Clay in the U.S. Senate" and 
identifying the insect species in the frescoed 
corridors of the Capitol building. As a gar- 
dener, however, I've yet to thwart the robber 
bunnies and ravenous deer." 

Amy Kroeger, soon to be Dr. Amy 
Kroeger writes, "Going to Wash U. in St. 
Louis for my Emergency Medicine residency. 
Anyone from St. Louis please get in touch! 
My research project got national recognition 
by the Society for Academic Emergency 
Medicine. Have seen Ann and Chris, love 
Chris for her help when I broke my ankle — 
on the mend and movin' forward." 

Stacy Gilmore Hanling: "I'm well. Son 
Jacob was born 3/9/07. 1 still live in Mount 
Pleasant, SC, with husband Scott and enjoy 
life as a stay-at-home mom. My daughter 
(1 2) is in 7th grade at Ashley Hall. She's a 
year-round swimmer." 

Brandi Beck Fowler: "I still live in LA. 
with my husband and daughter Daria (3). 
This past fall I had the joy of being visited by 

3 lovely vixens: Beth Malloy Butler, Tisa 
Delaney Pearce and Elizabeth Mason 
Horsely. We had fun catching up: I loved 
showing them around L.A." 

Jennifer Chambers Glenn lives in 
Manassas, VA, with husband Steve and 3 
children. She enjoys home schooling her 
2 sons, Daniel (5th grade) and Peter (3rd 
grade), and preschool-daughter Greta. 

Candace Collins Preston: "I'm 
handling family and criminal law cases. 
My daughter Sylvia (4) loves to dance as 
much as I do. Husband Peter is her favorite 
partner. I returned from a Mission Trip to the 
Dominican Republic — incredible. I loved the 
people, the culture, using my Spanish, and 
especially the dancing!" 

Taki Kinoshita Austin: "Husband 
Alastair and I are still in London, and our 
big news is that I had a wonderful late 40th 
birthday present: a lovely daughter called 
Eve Alice (7 lb, 1 3 oz), born 2/1 3/08. Now, 
we're thinking about moving to the suburbs 
for more space." 

Beth Pesiri Solamita, Stamford, CT: 
"Grace (4) and Jack (2) are going to have a 
sister in Jul. Rudy (2) the dog is good. I still 
work at the same job (1 yrs) doing social work 
and admissions at a preschool of 400 children 
(Grace attends). The family is doing fine." 

Faith Harvey Souder: "My 2 daugh- 
ters are growing up fast. Danielle (20) at- 
tends National Business Coll. and helps out 
at the SBC Book Shop. Samantha (1 4) looks 
forward to h. s. next year. I enjoy the girls 
and helping Mom remodel her house on 
weekends. I've been the Personnel Director 
for Augusta County for 5 yrs and have found 
the dream job. I love dealing with people 
and seeing them grow in their careers." 

Julie Brooks is still working on getting 
her MBA and buying a house in Miami. 

Meg Caulk Stephens: "I got married 
in 9/07 to Karl Stephens, and there were 
several SBC alumni in attendance. The 
ceremony was held by the water in St. 
Michaels on MD's Eastern Shore where we 
love to boat. We'll continue to live in the 
D.C. area. I still work at the National Air and 
Space Museum." 

As for myself, Jean L. Spillane 
Benning I still work for Strohl Systems, 
enjoy the travels they send me on. I have 3 
girls, Emma (6), Paige (5) and Tara (3). My 
husband started his own company called 
Peanut Butter Software (www.peanutbut-, a child-friendly computer 
interface that sits on top of Microsoft Win- 
dows. Please visit the site! 

If you need addresses or want a class- 
mate's email address drop me a line and I'll 
do the best I can to get it. If you're looking 
for someone from the class, this is the best 
way to get in touch with them. I look forward 
to hearing from more of you in the future! 


Vickie Campo Byrd 
2800 NE 22nd Street 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 


Ms. Tricia Pheil Johnson 
10359 Church Hill Rd 
Myersville, MD 21773 

Melinda Wick Aufmuth and husband 
enjoy living in Greenville, SC, with Maggie 
(2). They visit with Claire Batson '91 and 
Nicole Gauthier '91 often, and they had a 
girls' weekend in New Orleans without chil- 
dren that they enjoyed (sounds wonderful 
Melinda!). She hosted a baby shower with 
Nicole Gauthier '91 in Mar. for Donna Peters 
'91 due in Apr. Sharon Watts and Ann 
Knoke attended. 

Jackie Geets Henry is busy with 3 
children. Oldest Charlotte starts kindergar- 
ten in Sept., and Jacques (4) and Phelps (19 
mos) will be in preschool. They're excited 
about summer trips to the beach, Vancouver, 
and New England and plan to see Pokey 
Dupont Schiff. Jackie keeps in touch with 
Lisa Crego (who moved to Seattle) and 
Jenny Brodleib Cacioppo 

Kelly Brown Estes teaches 4th grade 
at Rappahannock Elem. Ben is in 6th 
grade, Julia Katherine in 3rd; they're busy 
with soccer and activities. Husband Ken 
started his own business last Jun. running 
a trucking company. They're building a new 
house and hope to move this summer. They 
see Heather Metzler Allen and family 
frequently. Their kids are close in age and 
enjoy playing together. 

Cara Ardemagni Laroche doesn't 
have much to report, but with daughter 
Francesca (2 1/2), I bet life is far from 
boring! Cara still enjoys teaching math at 
The Ellis School. Husband Bob is student- 
teaching and in the process of earning his 
secondary math certif. She hopes everyone 
is healthy and well! 

On 1 0/1/07, Kimberly Olmstead 
Calhoun welcomed Henry Clay into the 
family; it has been wonderful to add some 
blue to all the pink they have! "Henry is a joy 
and we're blessed by him all the time. Lily 
(7), Caroline (5), and Margaret (3) are mom- 
mies and my best helpers." Kimberly home 
schools and enjoys the time it gives them 
together, "even though it can get crazy and 
loud and messy; we know we're right where 
we need to be." She still gets together with 
Holly Caswell King, who lives around the 

Megan Spadaro Proffitt is a stay- 
at-home mom and continues to do lots of 
tutoring in the evenings. She's able to ride 
her 2 horses more often and is competing 

in combined tests and horse trials every 
month. Chase (7) enjoys baseball, and Mag- 
gie (5) loves to ride like her mom! 

Tracy Steele's 2 girls are finishing 
kindergarten and pre-K, will start school in 
fall at Agnes Irwin, an all-girls school! Her 
family enjoys traveling, playing tennis, shore 
weekends, and their Great Pyrenees puppy. 
They visited Kimberley Euston and family 
in Atlanta around Thanksgiving. Tracy has 
been named hiring partner for the Philadel- 
phia office of Morgan Lewis and enjoys her 
professional and personal life! 

Meg Moss Guegan and Sebastien 
bought a house in Ashburn, VA, last summer 
and love the neighborhood and reduced 
commute. Charlotte (3 in Jun.) is "as ador- 
able as ever!" She loves hanging out with 
Auntie Charlotte Bonini! Meg is still the 
director of advancement communications at 
the NRA, enjoys it. They spent Christmas in 
France with her husband's family and look 
forward to their trip to HI this summer to 
visit her folks. Life's good! 

Erica Thomson has had a busy year! 
She changed companies and is now a 
Sales Manager with NICE Systems. She was 
married on St. Patrick's Day '07 to Nathaniel 
Lynch and is pregnant with their 1 st child. 

Stacey Simpson is getting married in 
Sept. to Ed Camelli, "an old friend and not 
so new love." (Sounds like there's a good 
story here Stacey!) She still loves working in 
the Animal Health Industry and fussing with 
her 2 event horses. Her 9-yr-old horse will 
be doing his 1st CO" this spring and her 
4-yr-old is learning the basics. She keeps in 
touch with her SBC friends, but not as much 
as she would like, looks forward to her 
Christmas card from Megan Reed Lind- 
berg and Joan Dabney. "It's fun to watch 
the kids grow up." She talks with Marilyn 
Adams, Tracey Keller, and Catherine 

Kelly Arden Friedman, who attended 
SBC our freshman/sophomore years, keeps 
in touch with Lisa Newman Fransico, Er- 
inne Guthrie Zohlman and Pamela Shea 
She and family live in Atlanta, GA. Kelly 
has son Carter (3 !4 ) and daughter Amelia 
(9 mos). Her husband is a law partner at 
McKenna Long & Aldridge, and Kelly works 
for Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals. She's 
involved in the Junior League of Atlanta 
and Northside/Springlake FRIENDS, an 
organization benefiting Children's Healthcare 
of Atlanta. 

"Our days are busy," writes Kelly 
Morton Robinson Husband Chuck sold 
his precious metals reclamation busi- 
ness and is on a new adventure. Kelly is 
a full-time chauffeur to 3 active children! 
Andrew, going into 7th, runs cross country, 
plays basketball and golf. Hannah, going 
into 6th, plays soccer and basketball on a 
competitive team. Caroline, going into 3rd, 
plays tennis. 

Jennifer Valentine VanNess and Jim 
are still in Richmond with their children, 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 57 

Ashton (8) and Hank (6). They're busy with 
the kids' sports, their own sports, and 
everything else. Jen still sells real estate, 
which is much easier now that the children 
are in school. 

Amy Dickson Riddell and Tim still live 
in Mandeville, LA. They celebrated their 1 5th 
(WOW!) wedding anniversary (1 1/07) and 
can't believe they've been married so long: 
"Time flies when you're having fun!" Their 
girls are growing fast. Lauren (1 1) is in 6th 
grade, Emily (9) is in 3rd grade and Grace 
(7) is in 1st grade. They stay busy with the 3 
of them: Lauren is into dance and on a com- 
petition dance team at her studio (she's re- 
ally good); Emily plays soccer and wants to 
try out for travel team in fall. Grace dances 
and plays soccer, but wants to try softball. 
Amy writes, "If you ask her, she's going to 
be a STAR in Hollywood!" Tim still works for 
Ochsner as a family practice doctor and is 
the lead physician for his department and 
the internal medicine department. He stays 
busy but has time to coach Emily's soccer 
team. Amy is still working as a preschool 
teacher. She teaches 4-yr-olds and LOVES 
it! She's involved at her girls' schools on the 
executive board of the PTA and in the office. 
Tim and Amy play competitive volleyball in 
a league and soccer in a league for adults 
over 30. She keeps in touch with Leigh 
Matzdorf Chancier '91 , Trisha Pollock 
Best, Cara Ardemani LaRoche and Abby 
O'Steen Reeder. Amy was sad to miss 
reunion, but her youngest sister, Alyssa, 
graduated from h. s. that same weekend. 
Amy misses everyone, email her: amyrid- 

As for me, Tricia Pheil Johnson, I still 
own/teach StrollerFit in Frederick, MD, and 
5/08 will mark my 2nd anniversary. I also 
teach a mat-based pilates class, Restore the 
Core. I'm exhausted at night from exercise 
and the "terrible 2s," but I love both! Amelia 
Grace turns 3 in 6/08. She started ballet in 
Jan. and will be a butterfly in The Lion King 
in Jun. We're looking forward to our annual 
trip to the Outer Banks this summer with my 
parents and grandparents. 


Holly Miller Mallos 
14 Barrow Court 
Towson, MD 21204 


Ms. Stacey McClain 
2219 Belote PI 
Jacksonville, FL 


Mary-Linda "Molly" Morris 
6452 Cranston Way 
Dublin, OH 43017 


Mrs. Amy Daugherry Michel 
8185 E. Smooth Sumac Lane 
Tucson, AZ 85710 

Happy spring and summer! I'm having 
a good time putting together our class notes 
and look forward to the 3 times a year when 
I can reach out to y'all and hear about your 
lives. Thank you for being wonderful and 
regular contributors! 

Rachel Briers Bell says '08 has been 
something for the Bell family. Son Jack (2) 
was diagnosed with Stage IV Hepatoblas- 
toma, a very rare childhood liver cancer, on 
1/2/08. He has been undergoing chemo 
since and the family expects to make their 
way to Cincinnati in the future for surgery to 
either remove the tumor, if possible, or have 
a liver transplant. Friends have been able to 
follow Jack's progress on 
visit/thomasjacksonbell. In the midst of this, 
Rachel gave birth to Sam on 2/5/08. He was 
3 wks. early (7 lbs., 14oz., 20.5 in.). Rachel 
and Ed feel blessed to now have 3 beautiful 
boys. Charlie (5) and Jack are terrific big 
brothers and wonderful little helpers. Rachel 
is looking forward to hearing from everyone. 

April Collins Potterfield has wonder- 
ful news! She's still at Westminster Coll. as 
an Assist. Professor and Health Professions 
Program Coordinator, a year away from 
tenure (hopefully). She had 2 professional 
publications accepted this past year and 
gave 8 presentations at biology conferenc- 
es. Russell is in his 5th yr as President of 
Battenfeld Technologies, enjoys it. Benjamin 
(4) is delightful. April and Russell were 
able to travel with him this year, although 
they have slowed down a bit, since they're 
expecting! After struggling with making baby 
number 2 for 3 yrs, they've finally been 
successful. April was 24 wks. at the time of 
this submission in early Mar. and is expect- 
ing twins in late May/early Jun.! They don't 
know whether they'll be boys, girls, or both, 
looking forward to the surprise. The timing 
is good, as April will finish this semester (if 
bed rest can be avoided) and return for a 
reduced semester load in the fall. The Pot- 
terfield family has been blessed. 

Wynn Cole Burr tells me that things 
are pretty crazy. Jackson and Ann Mason 
turned 3 on 1 1/01/07. On 1 1/17/07, Wynn 
had Catherine Harrison. They call her Har- 
rison. She was 8 lbs., a big difference from 
the first 2! But life with 3 is great, and Har- 
rison is the easiest baby ever. Jessica Meier 
('98) is her godmother. The Burr family 

will be in Boston this summer visiting Jes- 
sica and husband Darren. They see Katie 
Campbell Brumley, Lee Foley Dolan and 
Buff Barkley Ramsey quite a bit Jessica 

Crowley visited over New Year's; Wynn 
says it was great to see her after so long. 
She has seen Rachael Boyd Belmonte a 
couple of times since Christmas. Wynn says 
she's up to her eyeballs in motherhood and 
hopes everyone is great! 

Robin Fishburne writes: Joe and I 
have a new godson, Mason Paul Bucciero! 
This handsome man belongs to Sarah 
Betz Bucciero '97 and Paul. We attended 
Mason's baptism on Easter weekend in 
Concord, NC. It was wonderful to see every- 
one! Gibbs is now a "true" 3 yr old. She's 
as independent as her mother. Everything's 
great in Greenville, SC! 

Paige Vaught Campion always writes 
her notes directly to you girls, and I try 
to keep them that way, since they're so 
wonderful: "Hey girls! I always love reading 
notes from everyone; please keep up the 
great notes! I had my 2nd baby girl, Olivia 
Layne, 8/04/07, She's a sweet baby like 
Ellie was. Ellis (4) is a great big sister, loving 
Olivia and helping me all the time. I've 
enjoyed being home a lot more; working 
from home doing the mortgage business 
and being a mom, too, has been a great fit. 
Due to my pregnancy last summer and the 
fall with a newborn, I haven't seen any SBC 
friends, which makes me sad. I did go to 
a Raleigh SBC get-together that was very 
nice in Jan. I saw several girls I hadn't seen 
since SBC days (from the classes of '97 and 
'98 mostly). It was wonderful to be a part of 
SB day, meeting a few prospectives and old 
friends, too. I hope you'll call or e-mail me if 
you're in the area; we have plenty of room 
for visitors. Miss you, love to all, Paige". 

Lee Foley Dolan and Duke were 
expecting their 3rd child in May. Brother 
Henry (6) and sister Mattie (3) are excited to 
welcome a new baby. They're hoping for a 
boy, which they've already named Ted! The 
Dolan's hope to move this spring or summer 
to accommodate the growing family. Lee 
completed a 3rd year as president of the 
Children's Museum of Richmond Guild and 
looks forward to serving as a volunteer 
again. In Apr., Lee, Laura Lechler, Katie 
Campbell Brumley Jesse Durham 
Strauss, and Hilary Carlson Katerberg 
met for lunch in Richmond, children in tow. 

Wonderful news from Imogen Slade! 
She married college sweetheart, Chip Rex 
(VMI '95) in 12/07. They live in Warrenton, 
VA, where Imogen continues to teach m. s. 
English at the school she attended growing 
up. Chip works remotely for his family's ap- 
praisal firm based in Chicago. Congratula- 
tions, Imo and Chip! 

Jesse Durham Strauss, Oron, and 
Anna are doing well. Jesse enjoyed seeing 
Hilary Carlson Katerberg s adorable son 
Matthew (born 1/03/08). 

Jen Beck Locke and family are great 

in their new home! Hunter is the General 
Manager for Georgia-Pacific in Chattanooga. 
They love the area and enjoy seeing all the 
sights and taking advantage of arts and 
culture offered in a bigger city. Even more 
exciting, they were looking forward to the 
birth of the newest addition to the Locke 
household, due in late May, gender will be 
a surprise! Marte (4 M>) started t-ball and is 
one of the only girls on the team. She has 
her mom's athletic ability and love of sports 
(Jen is also her head coach). She begins 
kindergarten in Aug. Jen says Marte is as 
melodramatic and vulgar as her and that 
she is amazed by her every day. Thomas 
(2), all boy, goes to "school" 2 days a week. 
He's a little shy, but devious and destructive, 
tons of fun. Jen is still at home full time and 
loves being with the kids. They would love 
to have ANY SBC girls come visit; they have 
lots of room and lots to do in the area. She 
sends love to all! 

Constance Bump Holman and Steve 
live in Charlotte, NC, and became proud 
parents of identical twin boys last Oct. The 
twins are called Steven and Barry, after 
Constance's husband and father. Congratu- 
lations to the Holmans! 

After 9 mos. in the Seattle area, 
working for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, 
Leah Jorgensen returned to Portland, 
OR, in 9/07. She's director of marketing & 
communications at Adelsheim Vineyard in 
Newberg, OR. Leah finished her 1st novel, 
The Vale ofEnna, about an Italian-American 
workaholic vintner who mourns the loss of 
her daughter, following the myth of Demeter 
and Persephone, and is seeking a literary 
agent. She's excited about attending writers 
workshops this summer at the Sitka Center 
for Arts & Ecology on the OR coast. Leah 
was thrilled to attend Mary Oliver's poetry 
reading in Portland this past Feb., and 
cherished the chance to say hello again 
during her private reception. Outside of work 
and writing, Leah is a member of the OR 
Environmental Council, the Portland Culinary 
Alliance and volunteers for the William 
Temple House serving Portland's working 
poor. She was thrilled to reunite with Meg 
Magistro Arcadia, Eileen MacMurtrie, 
and Cindy Rakow Readyhough over the 
holidays, and enjoys getting reacquainted 
with other SBC alumnae on Facebook. 

For Eileen MacMurtrie, life is exciting! 
She graduated from Villanova U. with her 
M.A. in Science of Nursing with a focus in 
Adult Health in 1 2/07. She works for the 
Department of Neurosurgery at the Hospital 
of the U. PA and hopes to transition to nurse 
practitioner soon. Eileen described her won- 
derful visit with Meg Magistro Arcadia, 
Cindy Rakow Readyhough, and Leah 
Jorgenson this past Dec. Meg and Cindy 
introduced their babies, Nico and Sam, 
to each other, and Eileen got to share the 
exciting news that she's expecting her 1st 
baby in 7/08! She says thank goodness for 
her fellow SBC gals to show her the ropes! 

58 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


As for me, Amy Daugherty Michel 
life is good! Sam still works full time and 
goes to school, which keeps me busy taking 
care of everything else, but I love it. On 
3/9/08, Xander turned 1 , and I can't believe 
how quickly the time passed. At the end ot 
Mar. I was able to spend time with Mary 
Copeland Dellinger who was in Tucson 
for work. Not only did I get to host her here 
at the house for an evening, but we also 
got a girls' night out, complete with good 
food, great wine, and excellent conversa- 
tion! Although I talk to Paige, Imo, Mary, and 
others quite frequently in between notes, 
I'm hoping to see more SBC friends in the 
coming months. As always, if any of you find 
yourselves in the area, we'd love to see you. 
Until next time, take care, and my very best 
to you and your families! 


Kerri Rawlings Burtner 
601 N Rosina Ave 
Somerset, PA 15501 

My apologies for not having notes in the 
last 2 magazines. I'm back on track so you'll 
be up to date from here out. Our 1 year 
reunion was wonderful, great turnout. It was 
great to see everyone, but my favorite part 
was watching our children play together. 
Little Kenny Bills (son of Katrina Balding 
Bills) was the token boy; he held his own 
with the young ladies! Lots of future SBC 
gals running around in pink and green. Abby 
Burtner ('25- my daughter), Anna Rexrode 
('25- Amy Cook Rexrode), and Alexis 
Campbell (27- Cassie Thomas Camp- 
bell) proved they can concentrate while in 
a dorm room as they spent an afternoon 
coloring together at the desks in Glass! 
Other future Vixens and SBC husbands at- 
tended, but weren't quite old enough to join 
in the weekend-long play date! 

Jill Meadows reports that Keegan just 
celebrated his 2nd birthday. He's fascinated 
with his shadow, loves to sing "The Wheels 
on the Bus," and has discovered chocolate. 
Jill finishes her IT classes in Jun., then 
it's off to an internship at a still unknown 

Tanya Ketchum writes, "This year has 
been very difficult (with the passing of my 
father) yet interesting. It was nice going to 
reunion and seeing people I hadn't seen in 
a long time and getting to know those that 
I hadn't been acquainted with before. I've 
been finishing a 1 36 unit condo project. 
It has been a great experience, looking 
forward to another one. In summer, the 
Charleston area club had a nice luncheon at 
the Carolina Yacht Club in honor of returning 
students. I was happy to brag to the alum- 
nae about having a reunion and all the new 
and wonderful things happening on campus. 
Through the lovely Nessim Al-Yafi's invite 
on Facebook, I rekindled a friendship with 

Sherine Elbanhawy, She's well In Egypt 
married with 2 sons. Another friend that has 
popped back in my life is Lisa Haas '96, The 
newly engaged Lisa is well in Charleston, 
WV, with daughter. For Christmas, I'm 
looking forward to going to Honduras with 
my mother." 

Checking in from Charlotte, NC, is Cape 
Healey Boyd. The Boyds have been there 
for over a year and have settled in nicely. 
Cape says, "I LOVE it here!" Her twins, 
Aiden and Katherine, turned 2 in Feb. She 
loves staying bpme with them and seeing 
the wonder and amazement every time 
they learn something new. Brian is still in 
pharmaceutical sales and is doing well in 
his new territory. 

Stacey McKimm Stevens earned 
her doctorate in '05 and lives in GA with 
husband, Rick, and baby girl, Mattie, born 
5/07. She keeps in contact via e-mail with 
Cory and Jessica Meier. Jessica got married 
in 6/07. 

Lucinda Polley Howe writes from 
Montgomery that the Howe Family is great. 
Sarah (6) is in 1 st grade and Anne Rollins 
turned 1 in Jun. She plays lots of tennis, and 
is busy with the girls' and Jon's schedule, 
the church, and other activities. They went 
to MN over July 4th to see Jon's family, 
traveled to Sea Island, GA, in Aug. with her 
family, and to Nashville over the holidays. 

Gina Miller Brown was sorry to miss 
Reunion. She saw pictures; it looked like 
everyone had fun. Gina and Marc welcomed 
Mason Tucker on 8/14/07. She had a won- 
derful pregnancy and fairly easy birth. So far 
he has been equally as easy, a happy boy. 
She loves staying home with him and taking 
time away from her teaching career. They 
enjoy getting together with Robin Beaulieu 
Ellef and her 2— Trey (2) and Taylor (5). 

From Atlanta, Maia Pearson Bannan 
says: "I had a wonderful time at our 1 0-yr 
Reunion catching up with Katy McCartney 
Gilliam, Courtney Lammers Hemmer 
Jen Lister Coope, and Kathryn Cun- 
ningham Schweizer, and seeing everyone 
I haven't been in touch with!" She had her 
baby 8/10/07, a son, Casner James. 

Katie Gilliam and Dave have been 
married for 6 yrs and have 2 children. Scott 
is 4 and Anna 2. She works part time as 
director of sales for a children's clothing 
company, Lizajane Baby (www.lizajanebaby. 
com) and finished her 2nd Avon Walk for 
Breast Cancer. She did the walk in Charlotte, 
NC, with Katie Clarkson Robertson — an 
amazing experience. She loved being able to 
do it beside a classmate. She was captain of 
a team called the Pink Pacers and Katie was 
their adopted member. Her team walked 
39.3 mi. and raised $32,000! 

Kathryn Black Watson and family 
welcomed Robert Allen 8/06. After Caroline 
(8) and Elizabeth (5), she's learning that 
boys sure are different than girls! She 
returned from hosting a baby shower for 
Elizabeth Hunter Ferguson at Courtney 

Burt Harper's home in Richmond where 
she caught up with Katie Campbell Brumley 
'96 and Wynn Cole '96. She met Courtney's 
daughter Brooke, a treat! All are great; Eliza- 
beth looked gorgeous with those twins In 
her tummy! Kathryn is still CEO of her home, 
loves it! She misses teaching, but having 3 
of her own calls for tons of patience. She 
likes to spend it all on her own children for 

Leighton Barrett Strong, also in MS, 
married Chris 1 2/1 7/06 after planning a 
big wedding for 4/07. Plans changed when 
Chris' father was diagnosed with cancer. 
It was progressing rapidly so they planned 
a wedding in less than 48 hours and were 
married on the rooftop of the parking garage 
of the hospital at sunset. Despite circum- 
stances, it was perfect. She just hates that 
her SBC friends weren't able to share the 
experience. They're expecting their 1st baby 
2/1/08 and are living in Jack, MS, (popula- 
tion 6) just outside of Jackson. She sees 
sister Susan Margaret '94 often and her 
children, Charlie (2) and Benjamin (4 mo.). 

Lindsy Rollenhagen Zook writes: 
Jimmy and I are well. I've been tutoring a 
home school family this school year which 
I love! I'm still volunteering at the crisis 
pregnancy center where I meet with young 
women and encourage them to choose 
life for their unborn children. It's a ministry 
that I'm blessed to be a part of. Jimmy is 
still at Hoober, Inc. but is looking to change 
jobs soon. In Sept., we headed to Ml for 
Lisa DuCharme's wedding to Tristan Elwell 
and caught up with Katie Gummerson 
Altshuler, Kara Vlasaty Smith, Margaret 
Jenkins, and Katy Seder. I'm looking 
forward to another mini-reunion in Aug. for 
Katy Seder's wedding to Adam Karon. If 
anybody is ever in the Lancaster Cuunty, PA, 
area please let me know. We'd love to have 
you stay for a visit! Hope everyone is well. 

While anxiously awaiting the arrival of 
her twins (boy and girl) in 1/08, Elizabeth 
Hunter Ferguson writes from doctor- 
mandated bed rest (house arrest as she 
called it!) that she and John still live in NYC 
and plan to be here for the long-haul, even 
after the arrival of their babies. They moved 
into a larger apartment in preparation for 
the Ferguson family to double in size! She 
had a wonderful time at her baby shower in 
Richmond and was able to take their annual 
trip to the beach with Courtney, husband 
Eric, and daughter Brooke in Aug. She trav- 
eled to Hattiesburg 4/07 to meet Kathryn's 
new son. 

From Midlothian, VA, Kate Hall Lom- 
bardi says Max started preschool this year 
and Grace is a 1 st grader. She still works for 
Weight Watchers, loves it. She and Ben took 
the kids to SBC where they toured the cam- 
pus and canoed on Sweet Briar lake. Grace 
watched her 1 st horse show and can't wait 
to get to SBC in '19 with her own horse. 

Right next door in Richmond are Nicole 
Kelleher-Linkonis husband Rich, and 

precious Gabriela Marie "Gabi" who arrived 
2/9/07, On 7/1/08 she'll begin her 4th of 5 
yrs of Radiology Residency at the Medical 
College of VA. The end is in sight! She keeps 
up with Kristen McCowan DeLargy Holly 
James Trent, and Gina Miller Brown 
Holly is married to her h, s. sweetheart, 
Jason, 6/2/07, and relocated to Lynchburg 
where she's an attorney for Edmunds & Wil- 
liams. Kristen has 2 beautiful boys, Daniel 
and Davis, and Gina has an adorable little 
boy, Mason. 

Heather Benhard Zander is a 
veterinarian in Northern CA, where she 
and husband Duke care for their one horse 
(training for dressage), 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 
9 chickens (great eggs!). No kids — yet! 
She keeps in touch with Nicole Kelleher- 
Linkonis but hasn't been back to SBC 
since graduation. 

Ticia Harbour Berg and family have 
had major life changes. Scott was medically 
retired from the Navy (multiple surgeries) 
after injuring his back while flying his F-1 8/ 
Superhornet over Iraq on deployment last 
year. He's recuperated and is adjusting to 
civilian life. They're all loving it (no more de- 
ployments!). They've moved back to Vienna, 
VA, and are thrilled to be home again! Their 
little ones, Mary Ashleigh and Austin are in 
morning preschool, Ticia decided to go back 
to work part-time for defense contractor, 
Wyle Laboratories, as a systems engineer 
and cost analyst. She works while the kids 
are in school in the morning and while they 
nap in the afternoon, usually from home, 
the perfect arrangement. They get together 
with Tara Moran Weyer '96 and husband 

Sending a big "hola, hola" from Iraq is 
Alicia Allen! She was sad to miss Reunion, 
but was deployed in Baghdad. "It's hard to 
believe I've been in the country for over 12 
mos.! I'm over half way there! I'm assigned 
to the Psychological Operations Task Force 
(POTF-IZ). I'm not part of the 'surge,' but it 
does affect our mission here." Alicia, we'll 
all be sure to keep you and your fellow 
soldiers in our prayers. 

Amy Yakubinis Adams married 
Andrew Scott Adams of Newton Square, 
PA, on 6/29/07 and honeymooned in Israel. 
Andrew is the General Counsel for an 
internet hosting company based in Phoenix 
and Amy is still at The Center for Arizona 
Policy (CAP) as the director of the grassroots 
network. CAP is a pro-life, pro-family 
nonprofit organization associated with Focus 
on the Family. 

For the 1 st time since graduation I 
received news from Melanie Kilgore 
Tuggle. She and Michael will celebrate 
their 9th anniversary 5/08. They live in 
Charlotte, NC, where Michael is coordinator 
for Hawthorne Management Company. As 
well as being a stay-at-home mom, Melanie 
is an active volunteer with La Leche League 
International. She has been involved with the 
organization for 7 yrs and was accredited as 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 59 

a Leader in '03. Her focus is empowering 
women who are dealing with isolation and 
general lack of support in their mothering. 
The group she chose to serve is in a rural 
area outside of Charlotte. They're proud 
parents to 3 kids. She says, "Our firstborn is 
son Kaleb (7) in 2nd grade. He loves nature, 
music, and learning Kung Fu. Daughter 
Marlie (4) is a ballet princess and just made 
of sugar. Thirdly, we are proud to announce 
another amazing homebirth for the Tuggle 
family! 4/1/06 we welcomed son Jude. This 
birth took great effort on the part of myself, 
of course, midwives, a good girlfriend of 
mine, husband and kids. Everybody played 
a vital role in helping me through! Jude is 
running all over the place now and has won 
everyone's hearts, including his big brother 
and sister's." 

Lisa DuCharme Elwell lives in London 
with new husband Tristan and works for 
Fidelity International. They were married in 
Grosse Pointe, Ml, 9/15/07. In attendance 
from SBC were Lindsy Rollenhagen 
Zook Kara Vlasaty Smith and Katie 
Gumerson Atlshuler as bridesmaids and 
as guests, Margaret Jenkins, Katy Seder, 
Ethel Burwell '57. If your travels find you in 
London be sure to look her up at lisa.duc- Katy will be hearing 
wedding bells of her own when she marries 
Adam Karon fall '08. Best wishes, Katy! 

Gail Mesdag Shrader is full of baby 
news! She and Josh expect #3 on 3/08. 
They welcomed #2, Micah, 7/06. Josh 
deployed again to Iraq in 1 1/07 and will 
return 8/08. They bought their 1st home in 
Juneau last summer; Gail still enjoys being 
a stay-at-home mom. 

Kerry Coleman-Proksch is a stay- 
at-home mom with Jack (2) and an adjunct 
faculty member with Northern Virginia 
Community Coll. They moved to a new home 
(still in Woodbridge) and are busy renovating 
and getting settled. She visited Amy Cook 
Rexrode at her home in WV over the sum- 
mer, and attended Sarah Betz Bucciero s 
baby shower. Amy has returned to teaching 
Title I Reading for K-3rd graders after a 
wonderful 6 mos. of maternity leave follow- 
ing the arrival of Addison Lynne 3/1 1/07. 
Helpful big sister Anna is in preschool and 
Amy says it's fun to have her at school all 
day. She tells me Addie is a happy, bubbly 

Sarah Betz Bucciero and Paul moved 
to Locust, NC, in '06 for his job with Mi- 
chelin Tires. Sarah's working on a 2nd M. Ed 
in Instructional Technology from VA Tech and 
has started an eBay/online children's retail 
business called The Southern Child. They 
welcomed 1st child Mason on 1 1/07. Robin 
Betger Fishburne '96 hosted a baby shower 
attended by Kerry Coleman-Proksch, 
Karn Henderson, living in Arlington, and 
Jack Braun (husband of the late Mary-Byrd 
Schroeder Braun '95). She saw Annette 
Dusenbury, Kerri Rawlings Burtner 

Katie Clarkson Robertson. Alison Hall 
Suzanne Nifong Baker, and Jess Hiveley 
at Melanie Chriscoe Peterson's wedding 
in 4/07 in Greenville, SC. She enjoys her 
position as Region IV Chair on the Alumnae 
Board and returning to SBC twice a year for 

Annette Dusenbury, physical therapist 
at UVA hospital, dabbles in photography on 
the side. She won a blue ribbon at the Char- 
lottesville fair with a photo of Suzanne riding 
her horse. Beautiful! She had the good 
fortune of winning a year's worth of free 
Chick-fil-et when she camped out overnight 
with her friends for a contest! 

Jessica Hiveley still works as a 
financial reporting manager at Travelers in 
downtown St. Paul. She stays busy playing 
soccer 4-5 days each week, and after 1 5 
yrs of playing she finally scored her 1st goal 
last summer! She lives in Little Canada, MN, 
where she recently entertained Alison Hall 
and parents on their venture to the frozen 

Katie Clarkson Robertson keeps 
busy with Chase (4 V2) and Gracie (2). 
Chase starts kindergarten in fall and Gracie 
is her own, strong-willed, independent 
woman already! Mark took a position with 
Carolina Farm Credit while Katie is still at 
Wachovia as IT Project Manager for a $5 
million project. She found time to participate 
in the 2007 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in 
Charlotte. Katy Gilliam was the 1st person 
she saw at registration! Her team graciously 
"adopted" her. They had a BLAST! Katie had 
the honor of being at Reunion, but not really 
at Reunion thanks to a stomach bug! (She 
claims she got better care and more rest at 
SBC than she would have at home!) At least 
Katie had a chance to visit with Jess, Katy, 
Alison, Melanie, Annette, and me when we 
spent a week at Edisto Island 9/06! 

Alison Hall regularly fails to send 
news. One of these days I'm going to make 
up some juicy information, but for now I can 
tell you that she works too much, plays too 
little, and really needs to find a new college 
football team to cheer for! She was able to 
join Melanie Peters and Annette Dusen- 
bury for a visit with my family 1/08. They 
learned a lot about life with toddlers that 
weekend — all seemed to have fun. 

I, Keri Rawlings Burtner, work 
part time for the County Commissioners 
as spokesman and comprehensive plan 
coordinator, a flexible job that allows me 
to spend time with Abby (5) and Eli (3). In 
between ballet classes and soccer practice, 
I volunteer on the committee for a local 
charity 1 0K race and for a fundraising 
dinner for the Boy Scouts. I had a great 
opportunity to chaperone a group of Boy 
Scouts to Sea Base in the FL Keys for a 
week of SCUBA diving 6/07. Chris is busy 
as terminal manager for DM Bowman truck- 
ing and teaching our kids how to snow ski! 
He's desperately trying to teach Abby to say 
"Go Mountaineers" but she's sticking to her 

guns and telling him she's going to Sweet 
Briar when she grows up! Class of 2025! Be 
well my friends. I'll catch you this summer 
for an update! 

Expecting babies in '08: Darelle 
Pfeiffer Kindle Samuel Barkus, Emily 
Vlrkus Calle 



Ms. Chantel Nicole Bartlett 
7775 Tiverton Dr 
Springfield, VA 

Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett 
7123 High St 
Floyds Knobs, IN 

Many of us underwent life transformations 
this year with relocating, marriage, babies, 
jobs, or other changes. It's exciting to 
celebrate our 1 0th Reunion and anniversary 
of us meeting the Real World. Now that 
Reunion is over and we have to wait another 
5 yrs to officially get together, please keep 
your news coming. It's the only way we can 
keep in touch as a class. If you'd like to see 
what happened at Reunion, contact me for 
more info on a DVD Anne-Claire Wackenhut 
put together. 

On the saddest of notes, we lost our 
friend Heather Reynolds Cecil to cancer on 
Feb 18. Mary Lea Martin Harris is putting 
together a scrapbook of our favorite Heather 
memories for Heather's daughter. Please 
contact me for more information. 

Diana Jordan Avery: "Brent and 
I are grateful that we get to remain in 
Richmond. Last fall, his company wanted to 
re-locate us to Columbus, GA, but Brent got 
a great offer from Capital One in Richmond, 
so we jumped at it. I'm getting evaluated 
for Lasik and will hopefully have surgery 
4/1 4. To top it off, my sister is due to have 
her baby in late Apr.; I'll get to be an aunt 
for the 6th time this spring. We're looking 
forward to meeting nephew Jack when he 

Allison Gerber bought her 1st home; 
it's on Capitol Hill. She plans to stay in D.C. 
for the foreseeable future. And Mary Lea 
Martin Harris entered the Peep Diorama 
contest this year for the Washington Post 
and was selected as one of the semi-final- 
ists for her diorama "Sesame Peep." Her art 
is on display at: http://www.washingtonpost 

Dana Woodbury Purcell and Lem 
(HSC '97) welcomed Catherine Kimball 
Purcell into our world on 1 1/27/07 at 6lbs, 
21 in. They're great in Gainesville, FL, and 
call her Cakki. 

Brent and Pam Fine Auble birthed 
their baby boy, Joshua Delmont Auble, in 

Mamie Tokaruk Bates had Gillian 
Isabella Bates on 4/6/08, weighing 8lbs, 3oz 
and 21 in. So far Connor loves being a big 
brother. "Let's hope it continues," she says. 

r\c„,,,c-,, 200?: ?/[a<) 22-24. 2001 

Ms. Lindsey Neef Kelly 
15012 Ashby Way East 
Carrollton, VA 23314 

Christy Carl Allison commutes between 
her job in the city and home in the rural 
town of Lovettsville, VA. Hubby James uses 
the long (but worth it!) drive to edit his 1st 
novel and research agents and publishers. 
Christy is still an assistant director at The 
Gift Shop in The Herb Cottage at Washington 
National Cathedral, but plans to moonlight 
as a small business owner/artist. 

Kim Bolz-Andolshek and family 
welcomed 3rd child Gus on 1 1/26/07. Kim's 
family keeps her busy. She's still active with 
the school board and was appointed chair 
of the board for '08, Kim plans to run again 
in the general election for another 4-yr term 
this fall. 

After 3 yrs of prosecuting violations of 
real estate agent and inspector licensing 
laws at the Texas Real Estate Commis- 
sion, Devon Vasconcellos Bijansky was 
promoted to assistant general counsel and 
is excited to be doing more complex legal 
work for the agency. She was in D.C. in 
Mar. for Christine Bump's wedding where 
she saw several members of the class of 
'00, but no '99s. Devon looks forward to 
husband Steve finishing his Ph.D. this year 
so they can move out of their condo, which 
they've long since outgrown. 

Kenton and Amy Gibbs Brown live 
in Boulder, CO, with sons Cooper (3) and 
Malcolm (1). 

Angela Suzanne Walton is now 
Angela Suzanne Carpita, after a beautiful 
wedding and reception at historical William 
Paca Garden in downtown Annapolis last 
Jun. Friends and family attended including 
dear friend Jessica Tinfo. Although they 
were unable to attend the wedding, Angela 
is in touch with MaryLea Harris Martin 
who has 2 beautiful daughters, Astrid 
Liverman in HI, and Kibby Jane Bryenton 
Furgesson, who is lives in Japan with 
husband Donnie and 2 sons. Angela and 
Chris now live in Annapolis, where Chris is 
in international sales, and Angela teaches 
science and art at an alternative h. s. They 
had a wonderful honeymoon in Cape Cod 
and Martha's Vineyard, and this year Angela 
was able to fulfill her lifelong dream of visit- 
ing the Galapagos Islands. 

Andrea Capano loves being a parent. 
Son Alexander will be 2 in Oct. She received 
her M.S. Ed from the U. of New England and 
will pursue a Certif. of Advanced Study in 
School Leadership in fall '08. She still loves 
teaching m. s. science and is also employed 

60 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

as District Science Curriculum Chair. Andrea 
visited SBC in May to participate in a 
resurvey of COSIP under the direction of Dr. 
Linda Fink. 

Brenda Elze was honorably discharged 
from the USAF as a Captain after 6 yrs 
and was hired by Ethicon-Endo Surgery, 
a Johnson & Johnson affiliate. Her new 
position is market development and sales 
for their surgical devices. She relocated to 
Orlando, FL in Dec. and loves life without 
winter! Friends are welcome; she's NEVER 
too busy for guests! Jen Schmidt Major 
and her children visited in mid- Apr., as will 
Jill Stromberg! She also reconnected with 
Alex Sienkiewicz-Auer (thanks to Abby 
Schmidt!) who is well and lives in Boston! 

Rachel Barnard Fendley and Bill 
are expecting their 2nd boy in Jul. Son Will 
(15 mos.) and Alicia Hart Palmore's ('00) 
son Henry are in the same preschool class. 
Bill became a partner in business tax law 
with McGuire Woods. They're still happy in 
Richmond with their growing family, 

Sarah Kingsley Foley s son Cole (2) 
enjoys gymnastics and music like his mom. 
Sarah resigned from coaching cheerleading 
at VA Wesleyan Coll. last spring and began 
competing with VA Wild Allstar Gym's open 
team. She's excited to announce that she's 
able to do a standing back handspring at 31 
yrs! Sarah will coach next season at the new 
WAVE Allstar cheer gym in Norfolk. 

Kris Harris was able to take some 
much needed time off from work in Jan. 
right before busy season. She volunteered at 
an orphanage in Zambia. It was an amazing 
experience, although at times sad, as all of 
the kids were AIDS orphans. She stopped 
in Bostwana for a safari and then worked in 
South Africa for a few days before heading 
home. Kris is excited that both she and 
sister Rhoda Harris '82 are aunts again — 3 
more nephews this year! This makes 6 

Lindsey Neef Kelly is 2nd in com- 
mand of a 20-person foreclosure depart- 
ment and proud to say she's doing her part 
for the sub-prime mortgage "crisis," even 
while planning her 2nd maternity leave in 2 
yrs. She and Sean are proud of Catherine 
(3/1/07), who's running everywhere and 
loves her cat, dog, bubble baths, and Italian 
food. Lindsey and Sean's current hobbies 
include watching the Sci-Fi channel on Fri. 
nights, skipping work to go to Busch Gar- 
dens, keeping the little climber from falling 
off the furniture, and crossing their fingers 
that their 2nd baby (due 8/29/08) will be as 
easy and fun as Catherine. 

Derek and Valerie Roche Kite's dog 
Zuma Kai had a litter of 7 adorable puppies 
(silver labs). Visit http://zumakai.blogspot. 
com for videos and pictures. Not only did 
they start a puppy blog, but also a blog for 
their baby (since last fall) with a plethora 
of pictures and videos (enough to probably 
make you sick) at http://thekitefamily. Jacob is growing like a weed, 

at 8 mos. his weight has "slowed down" 
to 22 lbs. He got his first passport and 
will become a world traveler (to Greece, 
Australia, and Italy this year starting in May). 
They hope to have another fairly soon. They 
officially launched their coaching business 
( in Jan. 

Meghan Pollard Leypoldt and Sarah 
Kinglsey Foley hosted a baby shower 
for Brandi Whitley Hilder, where Leslie 
Hager Holman and Jocelyn Wiherle 
Griemel joined them — a mini SBC reunion. 
Life couldnl get any more exciting for 
Meghan who has had a huge '08 already. 
She and her husband moved into a beautiful 
new home by Duke's campus and expect 
their 1st baby! Meghan is busy planning a 
babymoon before the little muffin makes his 
or her debut (due date is 9/1 5). She stays in 
touch with Katelin Chmielinski Garland 
and Dana Woodbury Purcell '98. Other than 
finishing her classes this semester, starting 
her thesis, working full time, settling into a 
new home and growing a human, things are 
rather quiet. 

Jen Schmidt Major left her job as a 
financial aid advisor and enjoys her time at 
home again with daughters Anna (8), Emily 
(6), and Allie (6 mos.). She was looking 
forward to seeing Brenda Elze on their 
trip to Disney World in Apr. She enjoys 
traveling as much as ever and has a family 
trip to England on the horizon to visit Mike's 
parents who moved to London. 

Heather McLeod and TJ welcomed 
their first baby, Eamon Griffin, on 9/20/07 
in Austin. They're having lots of fun with 
Captain Poopypants. 

Gina Marie Mondel is in her 8th yr 
of owning and operating her own private 
tutoring business, catering to young eques- 
trians on the horse show circuit. She still 
competes on the circuit and although retired 
from showing, SBC alum "Woodrow" still 
travels extensively with Gina, who winters in 
FL, summers in Lexington, KY, and is always 
traveling to either tutor or compete (often 
both!). She regularly sees Cara Meade and 
keeps in touch with Becky Mansell Wilson 
'00 and Ashley Black Wood '00. 

Emily Sartor Patterson and Brad are 
expecting their 1st child in Oct. Emily and 
Brad live in Durham, NC, where Emily works 
at Duke U. Hospital as a clinical social work- 
er with couples/families who have cancer; 
they have a chocolate lab and a black lab, 
who are excited about the new baby. 

Holly Green Reed and Tom welcomed 
the newest member of their family, James 
Patrick on 2/7/08. Big sister Claire (2) is ex- 
cited to have a little brother. Holly and family 
live outside Baltimore and hope to make it to 
Atlanta this year to visit Leslie Stokes. 

Cassie Ross still lives in D.C. and 
works in marketing for a national com- 
mercial real estate firm. She keeps busy 
with her dachshund Bud, traveling to Africa 
and Europe visiting family and volunteering 
in the metro area. She stays in touch with 

Catherine London Clayton, Becky Ham- 
by Marshall, Connie Paris Sabo Kaki 
Dunbar Pafford, and Elizabeth Melvin 

who are well. She was looking forward to 
going back to SBC in spring '08 to speak 
on a career panel and catch up with Sarah 
Elkins Ince, who works in SBC Admissions. 
She reports that Connie is the mother of 
Emily (2) and about to give birth to another 
baby girl. Connie lives outside NYC, but will 
soon move to MD where her husband, a 
renowned chef, accepted a new job as the 
Chef of a 5-star restaurant. 

Becky Hamby Marshall moved from 
D.C. to Oklahoma City where her husband, 
also a renowned chef, opened a new res- 

Kaki Dunbar Pafford lives in Atlanta 
with her husband (both dentists) and daugh- 
ter Carter (1). 

Catherine London Clayton lives 
outside of Denver, CO, with her husband 
and 2 dogs. 

Elizabeth Melvin teaches and lives in 
Durham, NC. 

In 1/08, Andrea Sharretts accepted 
a position with the U.S. Department of Ag- 
riculture and began training for the position 
of Farm Service Agency County Executive 
Director in Franklin County (Chambersburg), 
PA. She formerly served as the Natural 
Resources Director at Pennsylvania Farm 
Bureau and graduated from Penn State's 
Rural Leadership Program last spring. In 
1 0/07, Andrea was engaged to Andrew 
Waltman, a computer programmer living 
in Northampton, MA. A 12/08 wedding is 

After graduating from W&L Law in '05, 
Amy Smith headed to NYC for a bite at the 
Big Apple. She wasn't crazy about the taste 
of it, though. After 1 5 mos., she returned to 
D.C, where she's an attorney at the Board 
of Veterans' Appeals. Over the holidays, she 
went to Stowe, VT, with her boyfriend to try 
her hand at snowboarding. She's happy to 
report that she lived to tell about it and had 
a blast! 

Jill Triana, Meredith Bonnell Houff, 
and Marlena Dearman McGuire com- 
pleted the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 
3-Day in San Diego, CA, this past fall. They 
walked 60 mi. and raised a minimum of 
$2,200 each. It was a great opportunity to 
spend quality time together while raising 
critical funds for breast cancer research and 
treatment. This was Jill & Marlena's 2nd 
3-Day. In '05 they walked 60 mi. along with 
Katie Leeming Sparkman, Kim Bolz- 
Adolshek and Natasha White Gamboa. 

Erin Vlasaty is happily settled in St. 
Louis, where, for the past 3 yrs, she has 
learned the ins and outs of small business 
and gourmet quiche while running E & S 
Food Products, a small frozen food manu- 
facturer. She has also returned to her the- 
ater roots and has performed with a number 
of amateur theaters. In 3/08, she made 
her "professional" debut at Soundstage 


Lindsay Hicks Watrous was anxiously 
anticipating the birth of a baby boy in 4/08, 
and can't wait to touch her toes once more. 
She's still working as a PR consultant from 
home, but trying to slow her business down 
to prepare for maternity leave. She's looking 
forward to the 10-yr reunion next spring, 
so she can catch up with the '99 grads she 
hasn't seen in years! 


Elizabeth Davis Baker 
1008 S Walnut Dr 
Smithfield, NC 27577 

Hello, Class of '00! A big "holla holla" to 
Evangeline Easterly Taylor and Alissa 
Harris for being our Giving Co-Chairs. Don't 
forget to support SBC and help these girls 
out! Here's what our classmates are up to: 
Kimberly Leach Burge and Christian 
are great, and it's hard to believe this Jun. 
they'll have been married 8 yrs! They visited 
family in Australia 1 2/06 and had a visit with 
Dina Orbison. She's hard at work on her 
2nd degree in interior design. Kim continues 
to work on her grad. certificate in GIS at 
NCSU, work full time for the NC Wildlife 
Resources Commission, teaching riding 
lessons; she owns a small business. She 
breeds and sells green tree pythons under 
the business name is Southern Chondros, She visits 
SBC whenever she can, most recently for 
the annual spotted salamander march to 
Guion pond. 

Susan Bobb married Jamie Clark on 
1 2/22/07 in Richmond, VA. They met at 
Penn St. and were delighted to have Marian 
Spivey-Estrada 01 , Lucy Brooks Thomas, 
Shannon Smith '99, Melissa Henning 
Hill '99, Tina Hansel Snover '99, Melissa 
Rothwell Pembrook '98, Anne Smith Culver 
'98, Annette Dusenbury '97 and Lisa Tedder 
Baker '97 there to cheer them on. After a 
honeymoon in Canada, the happy couple is 
back in PA finishing degrees and applying 
for jobs. 

Nicole Rodriguez had a baby boy, 
Gabriel Kosoko, 2/9/08. She spoke to Liz 
Hyland Swann after the birth of the baby 
and reports that Liz and family are well. 
Nicole attended the wedding of Deona 
Johnson in Raleigh, NC. Deona attended 
SBC freshman year, but transferred to 
JMU. Nicole still lives in Chicago and, after 
finishing law school in '03, works in banking 
regulation and compliance. She passed 
through SBC over Thanksgiving, it's as 
beautiful as she remembers. 

Casey Herman writes from PA, where 
she works for Toll Bros, running a town- 
house community and says winter there was 
too cold. She's excited to be in touch with 
SBC girls through MySpace and Facebook. 

Carol Skriloff is busy working and 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae. 

Spring/Summer 2008 • 61 

completing her M.BA atTulane. Over Easter, 
she planned to go to Chile, then on trips to 
Paris and Madrid to see Susana Bobadilla 
'01 , in Madrid and Singapore, Shanghai, 
Beijing, Xi'an, and Hong Kong. She plans to 
squeeze in a fishing trip with Renee Dupre 
as well. 

Kibbyjane Bryenton Fergusson 
emails from her new home in Japan, 
which she shares with husband Donnie 
and children lain and Anna. They plan to 
be there until 1/10 and have already gone 
on adventures to Kamakura to see a 1 3th 
century Buddha and Yokohama. 

Elissa Pugh and Enil welcomed Ziggy 
Joaquin on 1 2/20/07 and enjoyed visits 
from Sarah Elkins '99 and Kate Kenefick 
After maternity leave, Elissa returned to her 
teaching job and is fortunate to work at a 
wonderful Montessori school where she can 
have Ziggy with her in the classroom. 

Amanda Atkinson has traveled around 
the world working as a resident director with 
Semester at Sea. Noah joined her thanks 
to the writers' strike. They experienced 
Carnival in Brazil, skydive in Cape Town, saw 
the Taj Mahal in India, visited Kuala Lumpur, 
did a home stay in Japan, and sailed the 
Panama Canal — the trip of a lifetime! 

Anne-Ryan Sinnot Craig in Fish- 
ersville, VA, works at JMU. Matt works in 
the city of Alexandria as a firefighter and 
daughter Abbey was 2 in May. She sees 
Kimberly Earehart Coleman and daughter 
Claire often. 

Erin Wright East and John expect 
their 2nd child in Oct. Son Jack will be 3 
in Nov. 

Amanda writes: "I'm in Afghanistan 
working at the embassy in Kabul. I saw 
Evangeline Taylor, Lindsay Perkins, 
and Christine Bump Papasawas on my 
last visit to the States. I was sorry to miss 
Christine's wedding on 3/8, but I was back 
over here by then. Things are going well; I'll 
be stateside in Oct." 

Christine Bump Papasawas and 
Elias were married 3/8/08 at St. Sophia's 
Greek Orthodox Cathedral in D.C. Brides- 
maids included Ginny Gilbert Smith 
Mikal-Ellen Bennett, and "fabulous maid 
of honor" Lindsay Perkins. Dr. Green and 
wife Lynn Buck, Devon Vasconcellos Bijan- 
sky '99, Evangeline Easterly Taylor and 
Eric, Kim Harden Fella and Chad, Lucy 
Brooks Thomas and Mike, and Ginny's 
husband (Mike) attended. Mikal-Ellen's 
daughter Melody Ryanne was the flower 
girl. Christine and Elias live in downtown 
D.C, 2 doors down from Vicki Zak and her 

Evangeline Easterly Taylor recently 
won the First Place Double Helix Award in 
the Oncology Research Technicians Poster 
Session at Johns Hopkins U. She enjoyed 
attending Christine's wedding, as did 
Ginny Gilbert Smith. Ginny and Michael 
are almost finished working on their 1 91 5 
house and hope it'll be complete by sum- 

mer. Ginny accepted a position with the U.S. 
Small Business Administration and looks 
forward to the change from nonprofit to 
government. Anyone is welcome to stop by 
and visit upstate NY; the summers and falls 
are beautiful. 

Amy Hess Snawder's husband Jared 
returned from Iraq in1 1/07 and 3 days later 
they received an assignment to Australia. 
Amy arrived in Australia on 3/1 0/08 and 
enjoys the Melbourne area. She's getting 
used to driving on the "wrong" side of the 
road and having everyone ask about her 
American accent! She says that at Jared's 
Change of Command ceremony she ran 
into Mishja Anthony Williams '99, whose 
husband is also a Signal Officer and who 
is stationed at Fort Huachuca. Amy says 
Mishja is expecting their 1st child in Jun. 

Marilen Sarian has been busy working 
as a photographer (www.ARTINSPIRED. 
com), notably shooting the cover photos 
for the Williamsburg's Next Door Neighbors 
Magazine. Acting is still on her plate; she 
did a little part that will be airing on the 
Discovery Channel this fall. She's been 
working as a Ballroom Dance Instructor for 
Christopher Newport U. and at Amy's Dance 
Studio in Newport News, VA. 

Alison Stockdale and husband Adam 
Newcomer went on a "babymoon" to San 
Francisco in 1 1/07 before Alison was too 
pregnant to travel and on 2/1 7/08, they 
welcomed Annika Lynn to the family! Her 
mother says she's precious and finds it hard 
to sleep alone since family and friends are 
always holding her. Since the baby is here, 
Alison has resigned as Young Alumnae 
Giving Co-Chair, but is proud of Evangeline 
and Alissa for working on the Class of '00's 
behalf to raise money for the Annual Fund. 
Annika went down to SBC in 4/08 for her 
1st visit. 

Kristen Lawlor Steege had her 1st 
baby, Cordelia, at the end of Nov. Kristen 
says she should be in the class of '30! 

Also expecting babies in '08: Lindsey 
Brooker Brooks and Liz Keating 

As for me, Elizabeth Davis Baker, I'm 
hoping to graduate with my M.A. in English 
from East Carolina U. this Dec. I enjoyed go- 
ing to SBC Day in Raleigh in Jan.; thanks to 
Cady Thomas '98 for opening her home for 
the crowd. I look forward to seeing Lindsey 
Brooks and Leslie Hardy Dunville '99 in 
Apr. and can't wait for the wedding of Brook 
Tucker '02 in June. Thank you for your well 
wishes for my father, who has had cancer. 
I'm happy to report that he's enjoying a 
clean bill of health. I wish the same for all 
of you, and I hope to hear from more of you 
next time! Don't forget that you can post 
your class news anytime at http://sbcclas- 
sof2000. blogspot. com/. 


Ms. Amanda Campbell Wright 
1 9304 Anna Kate Ct 
Pflugerville. TX 78660 
swim_Vixen01 © 

Wow, the Class of '01 has been busy! We 
have lots of exciting news to share. 

Ameka Reeves Cruz is finishing her 
3rd year teaching Special Education at 
Jefferson Forest h. s. in Forest, VA. She enjoys 
her 2 kids, Timbre (10/7/02) and Jeremiah 
(6/1 3/07). They're growing so fast; it's hard 
to believe that Jeremiah's 1 st birthday is 
right around the corner and that Timbre will 
finish kindergarten. Ameka 's husband, Scott 
is well. He finished his degree in Mechanical 
Engineering and has enjoyed having more 
family time. Ameka and Scott put their house 
in Lynchburg, VA, up for sale. They're hoping 
to find something that will have bigger 
bedrooms for the kids and more closet/ 
storage space. Ameka thinks about her SBC 
friends and would like to keep in touch. Her 
e-mail address is 

Emily Black Burns and Roy still enjoy 
Boston, though they try to spend much of 
the winter away, skiing in UT or seeking 
warmer climates. Over the summer, they 
celebrated Roy's 30th birthday in VT with 
friends, including Lys Burdette Paulhus and 
Michael. The Burns kicked off '08 with 2 wks 
in Argentina — Christmas in Buenos Aires, 
then Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, and the Valle de 
Uco, both at the foot of the Andes and the 
principal wine-growing regions of Argentina. 
Emily started a new job in Feb. as a senior 
product marketing manager at Pegasystems 
Inc. in Cambridge. While she misses the short 
commute down the stairs to a home office, 
and sometimes the trips to CA, she enjoys 
being back in an office with all the attendant 
energy and dramas. 

Erin Alberda spends long hours in 
cafeterias and crams for exams all over again. 
She's working on an M. A. in Acupuncture 
and Chinese Medicine. She's also long-listed 
for the US Paralympic Team; fingers crossed 
everyone that she'll represent SBC and the 
U.S. in Beijing! 

Jennifer Lea Lampton started a web 
development company on 1/1/08. After more 
than 4 yrs with her last job in the web, she's 
focused primarily on themes and program- 
ming for Drupal, an open-source content 
management system. Also active in the Drupal 
community, Jen has made lots of friends, 
business relationships, and client connections. 
See for more info. 

This summer, Sarah Belanger is running 
a half marathon to fundraise for the Crohn's 
and Colitis Foundation of America. To make a 
donation, please visit: 

Christy Holterman Ziegler and her 
husband bought their 1 st home last fall in 
Park Slope, Brooklyn. They stay in touch with 

Yana Wagg Gardephe '93 and her husband 
and children who live 4 blocks away. Alison 
Brown Breene and Hillary Herlehy made 
the trip up to NY over Martin Luther King, Jr. 
weekend to celebrate Christy's birthday. 

Lori Kovatch Long and her husband 
enjoy living in KY and running the Bella Vista 
Equestrian Center. They are currently home 
to 4 cats, 1 5 horse.s and a quickly growing 
Great Dane. They hope to start building on 
their new house this summer. Lori started a 
job as the Quality Control Manager at Ken- 
tucky BioProcessing, LLC this spring. 

Jana Putnam Sayler was married 
on 8/4/07 to Erik Sayler in Spanaway, WA. 
They're well in Tallahassee, FL. Jana enjoys 
working in the tax department of the largest 
local CPA firm in Tallahassee, Thomas Howell 
Ferguson P.A. Erik finishes 2 yrs of service as 
a staff attorney at the First District Court of 
Appeal in summer '08. 

Natasha Nickodem lives in Chicago 
with Siamese cat Camille and boyfriend Matt. 
She is an assistant director of development at 
the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Erin Branson is marrying Josh Phillips 
(HSC), 5/10/08 in Key West, FL. 

Dawn Martin gave birth to a baby 
girl, Katherine Marie, 4/22/07. Katie will be 
SBC class of '29! Being a mother is the most 
wonderful thing that has ever happened to 
Dawn. She will visit Liz Parker this spring 
who is expecting her 2nd child this year. 

Megan Thomas Rowe and Matthew 
(HSC '03) celebrated their daughter's 1st 
birthday in Feb. Megan enjoyed spending time 
with Kate Talaber and Jennifer Stringfel- 
low in Mar. Megan looks forward to being 
in Angela Rodriguez's wedding in Sept. 
Megan is anxiously awaiting the birth of Rami 
Achterberg Heer's baby in Aug! 

Lauren Kaplan Slobin married Cary 
on 9/2/07 in Dallas, TX. Her bridesmaids 
included Alison Brown Breene and Ebeth 
McGovern Brann. Also in attendance were 
Hillary Herlehy Lori Kovatch Long, 
Laurna Kaatz and Christy Holterman 
Ziegler. Lauren and Cary live in Dallas and 
expect her 2nd child this summer! Ebeth 
visited a pregnant Lauren this spring with her 
daughter Isabelle. 

Elizabeth "Lizard Haeberle Davis and 
James expect their 1 st child, a boy, in 7/08! 
Elizabeth enjoyed visiting Sarah Herndon 
Sydnor. Melissa Campos Bartolomeo. 
Nikki Gilkison LaRue. Hunter McOwen 
Byrd, and Heather Kacho at Hunter's lovely 
Charleston, SC, home last summer. Elizabeth 
Finch Wright expects her 1st child, a little 
girl! She's due in late Jul. and can't wait for 
her daughter to join the growing number of 

Jenn Graves, Adam, and identical twins 
Gavin and Blake live in Norfolk, VA. They're 
excited to be expecting their 3rd in Jul., a 
baby girl. The Graves have a family Web site 
they keep updated for friends and family 
near and far: 

62 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Spencer and I, Amanda Campbell 
Wright are pleased that we'll be welcoming 
an addition to our family this summer, too! 
Campbell will have a new little brother or 
sister in late Aug! 


Margaret Brooks Tucker 
409 Eagle Bend Dr 
Waxhaw.NC 28173 

Lori Smith Nilan 
7025 Holly Bark Dr 
Midlothian, VA 231 14 

Hi Ladies, the winter has been busy for some 
of you, so Lori and I thought we'd catch you 
up to date. Tamara Metzfield is expecting 
her 2nd child in Jul, another little girl. She 
has been staying home full time since she 
had daughter Emma and absolutely loving 
it! She also celebrated her 5th wedding 
anniversary with Dennis Metzfield (HSC '02). 
She sees Christi Rose Hart and her beautiful 
daughter Kendall often. She's also going to 
TX in Apr to visit Meg Pringle and planning 
a trip to see Meg Anderson and Krista S. 
Ziegenfuss in DC Sophie Wackenhut lives 
in Atlanta with son Hudson, 1 on 5/23. She'll 
be heading up to SBC in early may to attend 
her sister Celeste's ('08) graduation! Katie 
Fraser and her husband moved to Grosse 
Pointe, Ml, expecting a baby boy in April! Liz 
Waring McCracken and Chris just found out 
they were moving to Washington, PA (near 
Pittsburg) in Jun. for 3 years. He's completing 
a family medicine residency while Liz tries to 
find a teaching job. If there's anyone in the 
Pittsburg area, she would love to hear from 
you! Katie McNamara Brown and Jesse are 
expecting a baby girl in Jun! Future SBC Class 
of '30! Her pregnancy is going well, families 
are excited! They still live in Woodbridge, VA, 
where she teaches Biology at Forest Park h. s. 
Little sister Maggie McNamara '1 1 is finishing 
her 1 st year at SBC and this summer will 
be home to work and ride their horses while 
Katie recovers from her pregnancy. Katie is 
also finishing her MA and Jesse will be done 
with his program, 1 2/08. She and Jessie will 
attend Jee Park's wedding this Apr., can't 
wait to see other SBC girls there. If anyone is 
in the area, her home is open for visitors. Sara 
Lopez got engaged to her boyfriend of 5 yrs 
in Oct. She's planning a fall '08 wedding. They 
just purchased their 1 st home. She spoke with 
Sarah Madison Maxey who is pregnant and 
will celebrate her 1st wedding anniversary 
in May Becky Cefaratti is STILL working 
on her dissertation! But it's progressing well. 
It's on the religious activity of Hellenistic and 
Roman Xanthus, a city in modem day Turkey. 
While she's finishing up, Becky teaches in the 
department of History and Classics at Canisius 
Coll. She saw Tia Trout Perez while in 
Chicago in Jan. for a professional conference, 

and Mindy Wolfram 05, professors Eric Casey 
(he won a prestigious teaching award at this 
conference), and Cathy Gutierrez. She and 
her adorable puppy have recently celebrated 
4.5 yers together! Amanda Stevens and her 
husband both passed the CA bar and were 
sworn in in Dec. She is handling misdemeanor 
trials with the District Attorney's office and is 
happy with her job and her life Stacey Ar- 
mentrout Fallah and Eric welcomed their 1st 
child into the world 2/29, a healthy boy named 
Jackson Ahmad Fallah. They're happy and 
excited andslfghtly sleep derpived! Also, fellow 
classmate Rachel Roth and Toby are one pair 
of Jackson's Godparents. Jackson is a special 
blessing to the Fallah family, since Stacy 
lost her father suddenly and unexpectedly in 
Jul. Jackson, named after Stacy's father, is 
definitely a bright light in their lives. Jamie 
Oliver Miller married on 4/21/07. Katie Wood 
Rea '01 was her matron of honor. In 1/08, she 
was appointed Deputy Emergency Services 
Coordinator by the Board of Supervisors for 
Nelson County. Melissa Rudder has a new 
job as event manager at the Blue Smoke/ Jazz 
Standard Restaurant in Manhattan. Otherwise 
things are pretty quiet! Sonya Truman is 
an attorney with the Malm Law Group, PC in 
Atlanta, GA, specializing in insurance coverage 
defense and civil litigation. She spends visits 
Christy Maxwell '03, also an Atlanta resident. 
She had dinner with Lys Burdette Paulhus 
'01 , who moved to Atlanta in 1 0/07. Sonya 
and Lys are working on breathing new life into 
the SBC Atlanta Alumnae Chapter and will be 
contacting SBC alumnae in the area about 
planning events. Jenn Stingfellow '01 visited 
her in Atlanta for a weekend and they had fun 
catching up. Sonya is excited about seeing 
Christi Rose Hart and sweet daughter Ken- 
dall in Greenville, SC, in Apr. for Christi's little 
brother's wedding. Maria Thacker is excited 
about her wedding in May, in Disney World, 
and has a busy spring! For her bachelorette 
party, Lori Smith Nilan. Denise McDonald 
Kelly Monical Brook Tucker, and Ashley 
Johnston McGee '03 helped her celebrate 
in Atlanta. Along with some of Maria's other 
friends, they had a fun time learning how to 
Pole dance and catch up with each other. Lori 
Smith Nilan is going broke from being in 3 
weddings this summer, but enjoying life in 
Midlothian. She and Andrew enjoy their little 
dog Brigit. Lori is glad that Denise McDonald 
moved close by, they enjoy hanging out! And 
lastly I, Brook Tucker, am glad that wedding 
planning is going well and excited that it's 
almost here! Aside from hiccups here and 
there, the planning has gone smoothly! Trey 
is somewhat settled in our new house and 
I'll be moving in Jun! Nursing school is going 
well; we all look like deer in headlights when 
we visit our clinical spots, but it will get better. 
Thanks to all of you who submitted notes. 
Have a great summer! 


Courtney Faith Silverthorn 
501 Palmtree Dr No 4 
Gaithersburg, MD 

Virginia Leigh Uchello married Daniel Lyon 
on 4/26/08 in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. 
Bridesmaids included: Megan Doughtie. 
Kristin Farris Danielle Ross Oberg, and 
Carrie DeShazor. Amy Gardner Adams '02 
and Rachel Craft Hagan '04 also attended. 
The couple honeymooned in Jamaica and 
will reside in their condo near the Pentagon. 
Virginia works in Recruiting for Deloitte and 
Danny is a video journalist for ABC7 in Wash- 
ington, D.C. They met at a TV station in Miami. 

Mara Wegerski graduated from Thomas 
M. Cooley Law School in Ml during winter '07. 
She is currently studying for the bar exam! 

Blair Baigent recently visited Allison 
Albanis, to see her new home in Park Ridge, 
NJ and to celebrate her recent engagement to 
Dax Strohmeyer! Allison and Dax are planning 
a fabulous 5/09 wedding at The Breakers in 
PalmBeach, FL. I'm sure it will be a great mini 
reunion! Congratulations AH girl! 


tiC****™ SOOf: T/lap 33-3<f, 3.001 

Grace Anna Farnsworth 

PO Box 73 

Sweet Briar, VA 24595 

Virginia Van Buren Wood 
1350 Mayfield Ave 
Winter Park, FL 32789 


Ms. Amanda Jane Watts 
4223 S 12th Rd, Apt. 1 
Arlington, VA 22204 


Victoria Chappell 

350 S. Country Rd 

No. 102 

Palm Beach, FL 33480 

Abby Adams '06 is currently in the United 
Arab Emirates completing her Nursing School 
Rotation in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 
She heads back to the U.S. in May to graduate 
on the 22nd. She hasn't accepted a job yet, 
but has been offered one near Baltimore and 
hopes to stay there for a year or 2 before 
heading on adventures elsewhere. Before 
going abroad, she was still living with Joanna 
Meade in Baltimore and spent New Years 

Eve with Lindsey Cline '07 and Jenn Wiley 
Joanna, Lindsey, Meg Shortlidge Freda 
and husband, and Abby have plans to go on a 
cruise the end of May. 

Michelle Badger moves to Boston in 
Jul. and starts graduate school at Suffolk U. 
in Boston this Sept. She's enrolling in a joint 
degree MA program in Public Administration 
and Political Science with a concentration in 
Professional Politics. She's really excited! If 
anyone comes to Boston let her know. She 
hopes to come back for Homecoming and see 
many of you! 

Ellena Bethea teaches h. s. biology in 
Louisville, KY, 

Michelle Clark Bowe and her husband 
are expecting their 1st child, Lillian Grace, in 
Jun. They live in Tampa, FL. 

Spring is here, days are getting longer 
and it's . . snowy? Nicki Brandt reports that 
AK is still under snow, but it makes for great 
snowboarding! Dec. gave her a break, home 
for Christmas vacations and traveling to Disney 
World with Lauren Martin, and meeting up 
with Melissa Massy also home for Christ- 
mas. She attended the Tidewater VA SBC Day 
Alumnae event with Cara Cherry. A current 
student asked if they were prospectives! In 
Feb., Nicki traveled to San Jose, CA, to see 
Julie Drake and interviewed at Moss Landing 
Marine Laboratories. Nicki is applying for 
graduate programs in Marine Biology and field 
positions. If all goes well, she'll get a break 
from the AK winters and head south in fall. 

Victoria Chappell loves Palm Beach, FL. 
She works full time for Newsmax Medias and 
part time for a doctor's office. Besides work, 
she's having fun in the year-round, beautiful 
weather and loves visitors! Suzy Harvey 
Hodge came for a fun whirlwind trip in Mar. 
and one of her best friends from JYF soon 
followed! This summer Victoria hopes to travel 
when her boyfriend comes home from serving 
in the Middle East. Also, she loves running into 
alumnae in the grocery store while wearing 
her SBC shirt! 

Cara Cherry is finishing her 2nd year at 
Virginia-Maryland Regional Coll. of Veterinary 
Medicine. It's has been the hardest academic 
year of her life, so unfortunately she hasn't 
done much else other than study. Keep read- 
ing for more interesting people. 

Jennifer Jones Collins still teaches 
8th grade science in KY and had a wonderful 
spring as the school year entered its final 9 
wks. She's excited for the wedding of her 
close friend Charts Lease-Trevathan to 
Christopher Chase (VMI) on 6/21/08! In Jul., 
Jennifer's husband Thomas will finally be 
granted his 1 8 days leave from Iraq. Thomas 
has been deployed since 9/07 and won't 
return for good until Dec. Jennifer and Thomas 
will travel through Italy and Germany during his 
leave in Jul. They can't wait! 

Kelly Crist returned to the U.S. last 
month after serving as a Peace Corps Volun- 
teer in Mali, West Africa. She began a new 
job at the U.S. Grains Council in D.C. as the 
International Operations Coordinator for Asia. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Spring/Summer 2008 • 63 

She's excited about being back in the states 
and is looking forward to reconnecting with 
any and all of her classmates in the area. 

Kate Dobie works for Cooper-Hewitt, 
National Design Museum in New York, NY. 

Henslee Evans lives and works in 
Charleston, SC, as a Kindergarten Associate 
Teacher at Ashley Hall. She attended Ashley 
Hall, an all girls school. 

Charlotte Formichella's band, Driftwood 
Fire, will be releasing a new CD this Jun. 
and will be on tour in the Rocky Mountain 
and Midwest region, check it out at www. 

Brooke Helburn still works at BET and is 
having a blast in NYC! 

Laura Ann Humphress has been 
accepted into grad school in the UK and is 
excited to be heading over next year to study 
Historic Conservation. 

Julie Jacocks is well and still lives in 
the D.C. area. She's busy with work and toys 
with the idea of law school. She has taken 
the LSATs, but is contemplating the GMAT 
and going to get her MBA, We'll see what she 
finally decides! 

Nancy Kleinhas is working at SBC in the 
Alumnae Office as the Asst. Director and says 
that it's so much fun! She was able to travel 
out to TX in winter for SB Days and met with 
alumnae, it was a blast. She hopes everyone 
is well! 

Charts Lease-Trevathan is planning her 
6/21 wedding to Chris Chase (VMI). Chris gets 
home from Iraq on 5/30 and is stationed at Ft. 
Stewart near Savannah, GA. It's hard planning 
a wedding in VA when the groom is in GA, 
but a whole lot easier than when he is in Iraq! 
When Charts isn't working or planning the 
wedding, she gets to look at apartments and 
for a new job near Savannah. 

Allison Martell still lives in SC and works 
for Westinghouse Nuclear. 

By the time you read this Kerri Faust and 
Melissa Massy will be deep into their 3 mo. 
wilderness expedition called "Living on Earth: 
Naked in the Woods." After living in the big city 
of Denver for 1 .5 yrs they've been challenged 
in many ways and thought that spending time 
away from the city life and getting back to na- 
ture would be a great opportunity to reconnect 
with their inner selves. "We look forward to this 
time to refresh, challenge, spend time sitting 
and pondering big life questions like: who do I 
want to be? what is my purpose? I am on the 
right path? We both look forward to sharing 
these challenging, crazy stories with you once 
we make it out of the woods. Please keep us 
in your thoughts as I'm sure we'll be struggling 
to adjust for a while. We leave you all with this ' 
final quote 'You can't be suspicious of a tree, 
or accuse a bird or squirrel of subversion or 
challenge the ideology of a violet.'" 

Courtney Matthews is finishing her 
1 st year of grad school at the U. of MN. She 
is enrolled in the French MA program and 
enjoys it. 

Maggie Murray is still in the Peace 
Corps in Panama missing SBC girls like crazy. 
She plans to attend a reunion BBQ at Karen 
Denehy's ('05) farm on her visit to the states 
in Apr.! 

Shanthi Ramesh has 9 wks to go in her 
1st year of medical school! She attends the 
Boonshoft School of Medicine at Wright State 
U. in Dayton, OH, and loves it. She has been 
working on developing a PharmFree policy 
for her school and got great ideas at the 58th 
Annual Convention, Healthcare revolution) 
of the American Medical Student Association 
(AMSA), over spring break. This summer, she'll 
be doing clinical research with a local trauma 
surgeon using ultrasound to predict post- 
surgical complications. She makes frequent 
trips to Washington, D.C. and has caught up 
with Sara Coffey, Olivia Ungerer, Laura 

Ann Humphress, Chris Murphy Maureen 
Mcguire, and Alicia Gorman. In Oct., she 
adopted a tortoiseshell cat named Ava who 
keeps her company during her long hours 
studying. She has 4 wks off in Jul. and hopes 
for a reunion with her SB lovelies! 

Stephanie Scherer McCallister moved 
to Williamsburg, VA, to start her job as a riding 
instructor at Stonehouse Stables in Toano, 
VA, September 
'06 changed her life, she had a bad riding fall 
and broke her collar bone, which took 1 1 mo. 
to fix. It delayed her wedding and work at the 
barn. But she married her h. s. sweetheart, 
William McCallister III in Lexington at a bed 
and breakfast on 9/2/07. Freshman year 
roommate Ivey Tabor Godfrey was her 
matron of honor. She teaches at the stables, 
trains her boarder collie puppy for agility, and 
is looking into buying her 1st home! 

Cole Shanholtz bought a house in Mar. 
in downtown Athens. She's still teaching in 
Hart County and plans to travel to Italy with 9 
of her students in summer. She is planning a 
trip to see Susan O'Brien and Sarah Mouri 
in Canada. Samantha Heckert is planning 
a visit to see her new house! Exciting things 

Melanie Stine is a graduate student at 
VATech in the geography department. She's 
earning an M.A. in biogeography. 

Ivey Tabor Godfrey and husband Ryan 
expect Caroline Margaret Godfrey in Jul! 

Jodie Weber still works as a police 
officer with the City of Charlottesville. She was 
appointed as an evidence technician in the fo- 
rensics unit. She doesn't ride much anymore, 
but plans to start when her mare (4) comes to 
VA. She stays busy with work and training to 
run a marathon. 

Joanna Wood and Rob got engaged on 
New Years Eve and are planning a summer 
'09 wedding. They live and work in the D.C. 

area and are excited about getting married. 
She, Chris Murphy, and Alicia Gorman get 
together as often as possible. 

Katie Vaughan currently lives in Old 
Town Alexandria with Joanna Wood and is 
a Financial Advisor with Smith Barney. She 
was elected to the board of directors for the 
Junior League of Northern VA where she's able 
to improve her community through volunteer 
efforts. When not working, volunteering, or 
leading a Bible study, Katie has been traveling 
and keeping in touch with SB friends. Katie 
and Ferrell Lyles '07 enjoyed hosting a dinner 
party; while passing through Atlanta she 
connected with Joyce Scott '05; and she and 
Amy Walker Laughlin have run in a couple 
of charity 5k races. Katie was also able to 
reunite with Amy Walker Laughlin. Ivey 
Tabor Godfrey. Stephanie Scherer McCal- 
lister and Amanda Watts '05 at the wedding 
of Jennifer Sirois '05 and Jake Campbell. 
Katie, Kathy Wilson, and Kim Wilson had a 
wonderful time catching up over Mint Juleps 
at the KY Derby. 

Colleen Karaffa Murray still edits this 
mag. She's busy with wedding preparations 
for her sister and good friend from UVA, 
Annie. She'll become an aunt this summer 
when Brandon's brother and wife have their 
baby girl! Colleen's next big creative project 
is learning to sew. Her puppy Charlie is too 
cute and keeps their little family entertained. 


Eleanor O'Connor 
1420 W Abingdon Dr 
Apt 320 

Alexandria, VA 22314 

64 • Spring/Summer 2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 



[he Sound of Musi 



Madeleine LePine Gipson '33 as a senior at 
Sweet Briar. 

Soft chords of music resonate clearly 
through the spiring chapel at Sweet 
Briar College. This is not an unusual 
occurrence, but the new hand-built 
Schimmel concert grand piano offers an 
exceptional sound, even to those without a 
trained ear. 

Nick Ross, assistant professor of music, spoke at 
the development office staff meeting last year about 
the College's pressing need for a new concert grand 
piano. During a visit to Sweet Briar by a loyal donor, 
and after meeting with Dean Jonathan Green and the development 
office, the acquisition was proposed. 

Robert and Nellie Gipson were considering an appropriate way 
to memorialize the 75" 1 anniversary of the graduation from Sweet 
Briar of his mother, Madeliene LePine Gipson, a member of the Class 
of 1933. Mr. Gipson has always been surrounded by Sweet Briar 
women as both of his sisters are also graduates. Mr. Gipson has been 
generous to Sweet Briar over the years, providing a scholarship for 
study in Bulgaria for the international studies department; funding the 
Gerritsen Collection for the library, a world-wide database on women's 
history from 1543-1945; gifts to the French department; and giving an unrestricted reunion 
gift in his sister's honor last year. This piano is a beautiful gift in memory of Mrs. Gipson. 

"A gift of this magnitude to the department and the College is gratefully received," 
says Rebecca McCord, professor of music. "It boosts our appeal to potential students and 
faculty." She is reverent when she speaks about this piano. "This instrument, this Schimmel 
grand, has an even tone from bass to treble, with a lot of resonance in each register, making 
it easy to handle and a joy to play." 

Nick Ross has taught two students on the new Schimmel. "You can't teach students 
to play really well on a piano that is in poor technical shape," he explains. "The things 
I've been able to teach them about tone, I couldn't do before. There are a lot of technical 
innovations in this piano that make it easier to play. It is as beautiful as any I've played on." 
The professors shopped at two dealers in New York and Richmond including Steinway, 
and played six instruments before making their decision. They did not specifically require 
a Schimmel, but as they narrowed their search, it became clear that it was the best choice. 
Dean Green describes the success of the buying trip: "They went to New York to buy a 
Cadillac, and they came back with a top-of-the-line Mercedes." 

These professors appreciate the importance of having an exceptional piano on which 
students can learn, but it is also necessary in drawing top concert artists for guest recitals. 
"You need a good instrument available for them to be willing to come to your venue and 
perform," Nick explains. "It expands the musical life of the College." 

An inaugural faculty recital was held on Reunion Weekend on Saturday, May 17, at 8:30 
p.m. in the Chapel. Scheduled musicians were Dean Jonathan Green, Professor Rebecca 
McCord, Assistant Professor Nick Ross, and Instructor of Music Jana Ross. 

ie Sweet Briar College International Writers Series 2008-2009, Readings and Lectures 

Sweet Briar College 


Sweet Briar, VA 24595 


SEPTEMBER 18, 2008 

Azar Nafisi is the author of Reading tolita in 
Tehran: A Memoir in Books and recipient of a 
Persian Golden Lioness Award for literature. 

OCTOBER 8, 2008 

Yiyun Li is the author of the story collection A 

Thousand Years of Good Prayers, which received 

the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award, 

the PEN/Hemingway Award, the Guardian First 

Book Award, and the California Book Award for first 


NOVEMBeTi 2, 2008 

Zakes Mda is the author of The Heart of Redness, 

She Plays with the Darkness, Ways of Dying, The 

Madonna of Excelsior, The Whale Caller, and Cion 

and recipient of every major South African literary 


FEBRUARY 1 1 , 2009 

Zhang Er is the author of poetry collections 
Seen, Unseen, Water Words, and Because of 
Mountain. She has six chapbooks in translation: 
Winter Garden, Verses on Bird, The Autumn of Gu 
Yao, Pick Lotus, Carved Water, and Sight Progress. 
She has read and lectured at international festivals, 
conferences, reading series and universities in 
the U.S., China, France, Portugal, Russia, Peru, 
Argentina, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 

MARCH 1 1 , 2009 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, recipient of 
the O Henry prize, is the author of Purple Hibiscus, 
which received the Commonwealth Writers' Prize 
and the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award, and Half 
of A Yellow Sun, which received the Orange 
Broadband Prize. 

APRIL 15, 2009 

Manil Suri is the author of The Death of Vishnu, 
which received the Barnes & Noble Discover 
Award, and The Age of Shiva. 

U.S. Postage 


Permit No. 132 

Liz Kent